Frankie Cocozza: What’s Going On?

Cynical souls that we are here at Sofabet, our first reaction to news appearing in The Sun that Frankie Cocozza had been kicked off the X Factor was to get to Betfair and snap up some 500/1 on Frankie winning the show.

In our post previewing the last elimation betting, we remarked “the weekly dose of Frankie-out-on-the-lash articles is starting to wear as thin as his voice”. Yet, as we observed in our post-Saturday show update, we thought producers did their best to keep Frankie around by giving him a helpful late slot in the running order, a VT which featured him admitting he has no idea why people are voting for him, and a full-frontal attack from Louis in his comments.

It all seemed to us to have been carefully designed to stoke up the sense of irony and mischief which we can only assume explains why enough people had voted for Frankie to see him this far. And if this was indeed the intention, then it succeeded, as Frankie escaped the bottom three.

So we initially suspected that this story might represent a plan (of no little genius) to find a new way of keeping Frankie in the headlines this week. First, kick him out. Then, find a way to bring him back. 500/1 seemed a decent price, our thinking being to lay it off if he was reinstated into the show and then survived the bottom two for a fourth week in a row.

However, it now looks like we may sadly have overestimated producers’ deviousness in this instance.

As noted by Sofabet commenters, some bookies (though not all) have already refunded bets on Frankie, so they seem to be treating the news as final and we must assume they have good reason to do so. At the time of writing, the latest news we’re aware of is that Sky are reporting “sources” alleging the reason was drugs-related.

Certainly, the “golden rule” Frankie broke must be pretty serious, given that we have learned already this series that being accused of bullying or racism by other contestants is apparently entirely compatible with staying on the show.

We also can’t help remembering that last year, Wagner was pictured in the tabloids smoking dope and was even alleged to have introduced his dealer to the other acts – all without being summarily given the boot, as Frankie appears to have been.

Anyway – whatever the reasons for it – if Frankie is indeed gone and never to return, this gives the show something of a headache. With six acts remaining and four live shows between now and the final, we are on course for a two-act final.

There is a precedent for this – Leona Lewis’s 2006 victory over Ray Quinn came in a two-act final, third-placed Ben Mills having departed in the previous week’s semi. But given that this has never been repeated, and indeed last year’s final was expanded to four acts, we can safely assume that it will not be a preferred option.

What else, then? A week without eliminations would ensure a three-act final, but wouldn’t exactly give the viewing public much of a reason to tune in.

The only other route would appear to be reinstating an eliminated contestant. At the time of writing, the two most recent eliminees – Johnny Robinson and The Risk – are trading at 220 and 46 respectively on the Betfair win market. Two of the acts rejected in the big twist in week 1, Amelia Lily and James Michael, are trading 50 and 660 (optimistic fans of Jonjo Kerr or 2 Shoes could still get on them at 1000).

We’re pretty sure they wouldn’t want to take Johnny back, given the lengths to which they went to dampen his support in week 4 and then to get shot of him this week. They might not mind reinstating The Risk, but we struggle to see how they could do so without it seeming unfair not to bring back Johnny, given that The Risk got fewer votes.

Would they dare to bring back one of the big twist eliminees? If so, the phrase that comes to mind isΒ jumping the shark. But producers have made some questionable decisions this series, so we wouldn’t entirely put it past them.

The X Factor website is promising a statement tomorrow (Wednesday) on what will happen this Saturday. What are you expecting, and what’s your reaction to the news? Do let us know know in the comments box below.

79 comments to Frankie Cocozza: What’s Going On?

  • wjwskill

    I wonder if they are gearing to make Charlie from The Risk a solo act?

  • Kieran

    Anything could happen now. How about Simon moving a contestant from the US show over here? How about creating yet another group out of booted off contestants?

    • malcolm

      this is turning into Big Brother , maybe all the previously eliminated contestants have been living in a secret house waiting for a chance to return :oD

      • malcolm

        just spotted that William Hills refunded my Frankie to win money, (which i put on ages ago before you all slate me!) so its worked out ok for me.

  • rmark

    Ashford to come back as a soloist?

    He is clearly immune to elimination

  • BoomBoom

    The 4 that were punted in the early twist would seem to offer the producers their easiest route to adding another contestant – no accusations of reinstating acts that had been voted off by the public (even though voting to save isn’t necessarily ‘voting off’.)

    A public vote between those 4 would also produce some excitement for this weekend, and given the non-existant fan bases of those 4 it would be easily manipulated for the show to ensure it gets the winner it wants.

    As you say Daniel, Johnny being before the risk in the most recent elimination pecking order would seem to suggest neither will be reinstated, unless it was put to a vote between the two(again slightly unfair on Johnny.)

    I’ll stick my neck out and go with a singoff and public vote between the 4 early casualties.

  • Kate

    Reinstating a contestant who’d been removed in the public vote would probably invite another Ofcom enquiry, which I doubt is the kind of publicity The X Factor needs right now. But there’d be no such problem with one of the 4 eliminated after the first live show.

  • I have Β£2 on Amelia @ 680.0 so here’s hoping!

  • bob

    I almost layed amelia (if only) – was just waiting for the timeframe to make it worthwhile over the bank. There was some up at 200 a while ago. The most exciting option would be a sing-off between the eliminated 4 with 1 going back in. However, it could be controversial, and simply having a smaller final may be the way they go.

  • Rob

    wouldn’t any reinstatement of one of the 4 voted off in the first round be unfair on the other 3?

    i think any reinstatement is likely to be considered unfair as the surviving contestants have already beaten them according to the rules. its a bit much to have to take them on again, especially since they’ve not had to endure the slings and arrows of the five previous shows!!

  • Simon "le happy chat"

    Hi Mike Quigley
    I think that could be the price of half pint very well invested. If they have a singoff for a “dogs chance” featuring the first four out, Amelia would win it hands down and then anything could happen because she would be such a colourful breath of fresh air in contrast to the dour Janet and aggressive Mish B.
    Who knows what the show are going to do now.
    Hills are refunding all Frankie bets and I expect the others will follow suit. Whether they would announce a Rule 4 remains to be seen – they would be cheeky buggers if they did but we’ll see.

    The most important thing for the show is the advertising and voting income and they wont want to lose any of that so as Daniel says there has to be a vote this weekend.
    They are probably burning the midnight oil trying to find a way around the problem without bringing Offcom down on them like a ton of bricks.

    I reckon it will be business as usual with one elimination. If they are not having one they will take the vote money first and then announce it.

    The program is a complete farce as a contest but rivetting as a betting opportunity. Looking forward to how they manage to wriggle out of the latest owngoal

  • Donald

    They will loose all credibility (or whatever amount left on this years show)if they bring back acts the public have already paid to vote out.

    I am sure Phonepayplus and Ofcom would have a flood of complaints which is the last thing the producers or Simon will want and they would probably ultimately go after ITV so any decision that would even go near that happening even more unlikely when all considered properly

    As for bringing back one of the four originally sent home by the judges why bother half way through, especially when we can’t be absolutely 100% sure what their Plan A is at the minute.

    It would also ruin their M&S advert which I’m sure they were handsomely paid for not to mind their Charity Single.

    So allot points towards leave it alone and try make the show better after Frankie gone but this crowd up to doing anything but the right thing as they have proved so far on the live shows except get the right one eliminated much to the joy of all here on Sofabet so they maybe not as daft as they let on to be.

    Time to sit tight and see what they do if anything. Big drop in viewers with Frankie gone? Not really I think.

    Having said all the above hard to see live finals at Wembley with two acts?

  • Donald

    One further thought they might let Gary bring back an act as he hasn’t lost one until they put Frankie out.

    Similar situation to Kelly at judges houses but obviously not the same.

    Might be an option for them?

  • Allan

    Surely they are just going to go for a two act final, especially given that’s happened before, anything else would definitely be into the realm of shark jumping!

  • mark (mapps)

    I backed Craig Colton and Misha B at 25s and 16s Sunday night with PADDYpower (max bets 5 quid and 7 quid) shocking limits..only wanted a tenner on each

    anyone else bet those two..have they had them void or will they be left?

    Daniel and everyone do you really think they will bring someone back who has already been eliminated?! I can’t help but think they wont, as it’s a case of making u[ rules and the fact that the phone votes have been cast, and the people already eliminated have had their chance

    Any value in any other @ ladbrokes 5/1 ? I’m feeling tempted by it

    • Noisy

      I don’t think they could bring back an act who’s gone out on the public vote so if they bring back anyone on the Ladbrokes market it would have to be Amelia (5.5) or Other (6.0) so may be some value in backing both (2.87). The market is void if he’s not replaced.

      The other 3 options are The Risk, Johnny and Sophie. Given the effort they went to to get rid of the last two it’d have to be the Risk if any, but how could they justify that if Johnny beat them in the vote?

      That said, they’re a law unto themselves so who knows!

  • mark (mapps)

    My thinking is that surely i they bring someone back who was already eliminated / didnt make it through it makes the show look like an even bigger joke than it already is?

    With numbers dropping, bringing someone back who has had the boot surely could make numbers drop down even lower..thereby affecting revenue (adverts etc) – would they risk this?

  • Pete D

    Blinkin eck ! I only went to town to get some new clothes-pegs and came home to find THIS !
    Girlfriend’s facebook message said THE RISK was back ?? Any truth ?

    Can’t see this though as it would be seen as GROSSLY UNFAIR to JOHNNY who clearly scored better on the last vote. Last out, first back in etc.

    However, FRANKIE going will scupper the plans of any anti-XF activists out there who were going to vote him up. Hmmm? Is this XF’s smart cookie way of sorting THEM out too I wonder ?

    What news sources or decisions has anyone got please ?

    • Phil

      I’ve thought about that too. Before Frankie got kicked out, there was some talk of getting him to win as a protest to the show. I thought at the time that there was no way that they would let him win, and they would find some way to make him leave before that would happen.

      I’m not saying the XF producers actually thought he could win, but they probably wanted him no where near the final. I just think they are selectively applying their rules, since they no longer want him around. I think this points to the producers being more devious, not less, than previously suspected.

  • Dan

    Hello – long time reader, first time poster…
    I can’t see The Risk coming back simply because they are the only ones who were eliminated 100% due to the public vote. That and all the members have been eliminated in one way or another at least twice already!
    It’s too late in the competition to bring back any of the first four eliminated – it wouldn’t be fair to the other contestants and I doubt that the public would connect with them so quickly making their return short-lived.
    I can’t see them forgoing a week of phone and text vote money so if they want to make up numbers, they’ll bring Johnny back otherwise they’ll go for a two act final.
    I’ll probably wait until an official announcement before placing a bet but I’d go for a Kitty/Janet bottom two this week.

    • Andrew

      Welcome, Dan! πŸ™‚ Agree with your reasoning on The Risk and the four twist eliminees (then again fairness has never been this show’s strongest point).

      As Tom21 says below, if they could say they offered Johnny to return and he turned them down, that would give them a perfect reason to bring back The Risk. What’s another elimination between friends?!

    • Pete D

      Welcome too Dan. I agree, as it would be like letting someone join (or re-join) a marathon race halfway through.

  • Pete D

    M&S news just in as I write. FRANKIE has been edited OUT of their advert ‘within hours’ of the news ( source). Saying it was always their intention to update it weekly anyway.

    INTERESTINGLY, why then have they not done this with THE RISK already at the speed they indicate ???

    Do they know something that we don’t perhaps ?

  • Mark

    That throws my bets out the window on the elimination markets this week. Does seem very convenient this balances out the categories especially if as widely speculated the Risk return – making it a 2,2,2,1 race.

  • tom21

    A few thoughts on those being talked about:

    Johnny – last to leave so in that sense would make most sense, but if we take Daniel’s view that the producers spent the last two weeks softening him up/getting rid of him, I can’t see that happening. If nothing else it could give him a massive springboard and make him a potential winner again! On that basis – unlikely.

    The Risk – as they came bottom below Johnny, bringing them back over him would surely be a total joke unless they can arrange for Johnny to somehow ‘turn down’ the offer to return so it moves onto the next in line. So again, very unlikely.

    One of the four cut in week one – avoids the point about bringing back someone already ‘sent home’ by the public. Everyone’s talking about Amelia (presumably as she’s the best of the four) but like Johnny she’d be a danger to the established acts so unless the producers see her as a new potential plan A they’d probably avoid choosing her. Also can’t see how they’d legitimately ‘choose’ her over the other 3 without a vote of some sort, but is there practically time on Saturday for another 4 songs? The only one I can see them choosing without a vote is James (being Gary’s fourth act), and he’s also a better option in terms of someone who’s unlikely to upset the established acts. Worth a cheeky punt?

    Charlie/other rejected group member as a solo – I don’t think even the x factor producers have the guts to try to get away with that.

    No replacement – probably most likely scenario, but if I was a producer I’d be seriously thinking about taking the opportunity to add a bit of extra excitement to Saturday’s show (e.g. announcement tomorrow saying “someone’s returning on Saturday, tune in to find out who it is”).

    • mark (mapps)

      Exactly what I was thinking if ANYONE comes back it surely has to be Johnny, but as Daniel said this show isnt about fairness, so cant be 100%

      Heard a bit of talk about james on twitter..but can’t see it bing him either

      No replacement would be the best call – but nowhere has a price for this

  • Pete D

    A good Yahoo thread reflecting the general public consensus, with going on for a whopping 2,000 comms in just the first few hours of the breaking news (and a vote running at 53% to bring back THE RISK).

    I ask “why the RISK moaners let them go in the first place then’ ?

  • lolhart

    I think bringing any of the contestants back is a bad idea. In the short-term it may be a good idea (revenue from phone voting someone back in, boost in ratings etc), but in the long-term – jumping the shark. It would make a mockery of the concept of contestants being eliminated from the show. I suspect they’ll just carry on as normal as they did when that girl was eliminated for being involved in happy slapping/knive threats a few years ago. But the show has changed quite a bit since then, so who knows what the producers are capable of.

  • Tim

    If James came back, would my bet for him to win still be valid? Although I agree this is unlikely.

  • shoulders

    They could decide not to bring anyone back, still have a vote but with all the vote money going to charity and no contestant goes this week, but the votes then roll over to next week and then a contestant will go, the vote money could go to charity and also coincide with the charity single release??, not as exciting as someone going, but still a way to get people interested and picking up the phone to make sure there favourite act stays in the competition the following week, it would also give the producers a better hand at steering the favoured acts nearer the final by having a second chance to influence the voting percentages before the public have cast all their votes??

  • EM

    I’m putting punting aside for a night and going all Digital Spy Forum.

    This year’s show is a shambles. We’ve joked here before about Cowell taking the seasoned production staff to America and leaving the work experience in charge. Week by week this looks more like the truth.

    The quality of acts is awful. There isn’t one in the final 16 who has any chance of a prolonged recording career.

    The quality of personality of the acts is awful. Not one has an interesting backstory, not even a manufactured not quite true one.

    They’ve made the show a laughing stock by playing loose with the rules. Yes in the past there’s been comments about themes not being stuck to but this year it’s become a running joke.

    The new judges aren’t bad but haven’t been coached properly. The scripted fights feel, well, scripted. Tulisa has been hung out to dry for her treatment of Tulisa. Their comments are as congruent as a kangaroo at the north pole. Louis’s harsh comments to a 18 year old boy and a 20 year old girl make him look like a nasty old man rather than the purveyor of bad acts and poor judgement he used to be.

    They’ve had bad crisis management. The bullying and racism rows have been swept under the carpet. If there was nothing to them surely they would have said so. By failing to deal with them the show loses a slice of morality.

    X Factor has always thrived on controversy, it’s the Cowell way. In the past though Simon has always been there to do his “honest” act and say it’s my fault but I’ll put it right. There’s no one to do that this year.

    Most of us here can read the show like a book, to the non gambling public that is probably coming across as very predictable.

    I think song choices and staging have actually been better this year. Yes individual songs might not have suited certain artists but it’s had a more contemporary feel and the dancing and effects hasn’t distracted as much.

    Like I said its a shambles, there is a way out, my fees are fairly reasonable.

  • Dug

    I too have wondered about the idea of reverting to the Pop Idol days of the public voting in a ‘wildcard’ contestant but I can’t see any possible way of this happening without a public backlash. However manipulated the public are, they are still under the impression that their votes so far have shaped the competition. Not only does entering a new contestant in at this stage negate that, it also places that contestant at a strange non-place of being the winner of one vote and simultaneously a non-deserving contestant in the ongoing competition. Big Brother Favourite Nikki Grahame was placed back in the house toward the final (having been eliminated whilst she was a favourite to win) but came very low in the final vote. Not that the producers would care, I suppose, to reinstate Amelia and see her go the next week, but it might look a tad pointless and embarrassing.

    I wonder about the two-act final. It doesn’t seem appealing at face value but it might have had a hand in asserting Leona’s celebrity and talent. If we look at just how much Rebecca crept up on Matt towards the end of last year’s weekend final, we can see that a two-act final might have secured Simon and the producers the chance to usurp Mr Bore and his plastic ‘guitar’ once they realised that One Direction were out of the running.

    I still think a two act final would be very bad for ratings and generally undesirable/unlikely. But I do think the Rebecca/Matt battle would be a reasonable motive to jump at the chance now that Frankie has left.

    Speaking of which, Frankie has been miserable for a while now. I’m neither convinced by the idea that his lecherous ways got him the boot, nor by the idea that drugs were involved. If anything, I would bet that any 18-year-old, no matter how cocky, could fold under the pressure of public hatred and constant booing. I reckon he asked to leave and the producers decided to make a story out of it. For the past few weeks, Frankie has appeared weighted down by something or other.

    If you were an X-factor producer, which headline would you prefer?




  • shoulders

    not sure what they would do on Sunday, but my thought is to bring back any of the acts that didn’t get put through originally would be like letting someone join a marathon race half way through, it would hardly make them a m

  • shoulders

    More worthy winner than someone going the whole distance, but then again would the show care??

    • Mark

      For this reason I think it will be either Johnny or the Risk if they do bring someone back as they have been through the same amount of shows as everyone else. Have a feeling it will be the Risk just be interesting how they go about this (i.e bringing them back over Johnny) if indeed they are bringing an act back.

  • Boki

    Off topic part 2:
    Hi Daniel, would you like me to post some comments on X-USA or it’s better to wait for your article to get the comments on the right place?

  • Daniel

    Hi Boki, the article will go up tomorrow, so if you could post the comments then, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Boki

      Great, right on time before the next show! I have written my comments already and will post them tomorrow without looking to your article πŸ™‚

  • nugget

    The winner of the X factor should go through a series of weekly shows , performing against the other competitiors and surviving. To allow someone to join that process half way through after the others had gone through 5 gruelling weeks of live shows would make a mockery of the whole competition.
    You could make a case for Johnny coming back having been the second eliminee in the double elimination last week, but even that is a pretty weak argument.

    IMHO they should carry on and have a 2 act final, although the ways this series producers are behaving and ruining the show I doubt thats what will happen.

    I have not had a bet this week yet and probably won’t now. In all truth the prices this week for next elimination seem about right so for the moment at least I cannot see any outstanding bet there……can anyone else spot a stand out bet this week ?? Cos I cannot πŸ™‚

    • mark (mapps)

      Kitty to go not a good lay at even money? sympathy bounce and the theme suits her!

      Or wont she get a bounce big enough to keep her in she has already been b2 before and had 1 sympathy bounce?

      • nugget

        Hi Mark

        That was actually my initial thoughts when I heard it was Lady Gaga week, but a few here raised valid points about the fact that the judges can use the “we want an original popstar, not a copy cat tribute act” arguement.

        I have no doubt that she will perform well this week, but am not sure she will get the phone votes she needs as a lot of people do not like her.

        Its a strange season though and my own thoughts are that none of the remaining contestants should be odds on shots to go “before” the saturday show.

        So yeah, not a bad bet at Evens.

  • nugget

    Betfred have prices and are betting to over 120% on who will replace Frankie…..but there is no price for “no replacement”
    Does this mean all bets are void if they continue with just the remaining 5 wannabes??

  • Curtis

    Clearly if they’re to bring someone back, it has to be Johnny. Bringing back any of the 4 original eliminated contestants would be completely unfair as they would have skipped several weeks of potential eliminations! Then again, since when has X Factor been fair.

  • Jack

    I agree that the most obvious course for the XF producers is to continue on to a 2-man final. I feel it has the potential to be more dramatic, but we will see.

    An interesting idea is to give the contestants a week off this week and have a vote back in between Amelia, James, 2 Shoes and Jonjo to have a 4-man final. However I think that’s stretching the limits of credibility.

    If there are just 6 acts, then the pimp slot becomes very interesting as 5 out of the 6 acts so far have had the pimp slot. The act who hasn’t had it? Marcus. However, I could see them giving it to Janet or Kitty. Whether or not Kitty survives depends on whether they say she was amazing or just a copycat.

    I would predict a Kitty-Craig B2 off the top of my head with Kitty finally going and Louis biting the dust as the first mentor out.

  • tpfkar

    Frankie Cocozza – what’s going on?

    Something really odd. I saw it on Saturday, the VT of him working really hard and toning his excesses down, and then a performance which looked to me like he’d already given up, and was distracted.

    It doesn’t make any sense to spend 2 months (over!) building Frankie up as a rock bad boy, just to kick him out when he crosses the line. And what line? He was featured partying and drinking, as much against the rules as what he’s alleged to have done. And I’d never heard the story about Wagner until today.

    Hard to escape the conclusion that the show could have kept him if they wanted. But until today it really did look like they wanted him to stay. So why the about turn when it causes so many problems with the show format?

    Confused of

  • nugget

    If “The Risk” come back I may invest some of my winnings from Littleix to be top group on Littlemix to be top group PMSL πŸ™‚

  • Simon "le chat""

    FRANKIe had to go because the sheer undiluted awfulness of the monster spawned for effect was beginning to attract a swell of “anti-Syco” votes that threatened to sink the show without trace. A bit like John sergeant nearly did to Strictly a few years ago before he too left although voluntarily and without stain on his character. We’ll never know if Sgt was paid off or just left but when an act clearly of a quality well below everyone else in the competition begins to gather that sort of momentum the producers have to “nuke” it to protect themselves. I am sure the lawyers invoked one of the nuke clauses and paid Frankie off, much to the relief of his supperters here on sofabet although we will find out how close he was to carrying on when the stats are finally released.

    A change of subject- I reckon Kitty has far more talent than Tulisa and Kelly put together – I’d like to see either of them hold a stage on their own singing live. Pah! Fat chance!

    One thing is certain, this lot will bend and twist the rules and make new ones to promote the aim of the show namely to fleece the viewing public and advertisers of as much loot as possible. In that regard they remain totally unscrupulous and while my gut instinct is they will carry on with the remaining acts only, their greed promotes fluid boundaries and I wouldn’t put anything beyond them at the moment

  • lolhart

    I doubt Frankie was axed because they thought he was attracting too many votes. It’s clear from Saturday’s show that the producers wanted him to hang around. My feeling is that he was starting to cross the line from controversial to damaging. It’s fine when the public are complaining about a contestant being on the show because they’re mediocre or lacking talent (for eg. Katie Waissel). But it becomes another matter entirely when people are complaining to Ofcom because a contestant is swearing or using vulgar language on what’s supposed to be a family show. The X-Factor’s main concern will always be that lucrative advertising revenue.

    • Rob

      i agree with this explanation. i think there was probably a crises meeting and it was decided that FC was actually damaging ratings rather than helping them. imo there is ‘good’ controversy e.g. wagner and ‘bad’ controversy where programmes fall into disrepute. i think xfactor crossed the line this time and are desperately trying to row backwards before they go over the waterfall.

  • nugget

    It is becoming a joke….if they did bring The Risk back and they finished bottom 2 again, how could the judges ever justify saving them against anyone, it would just look like pure favouritism and that the judges were keeping them in whether the public liked it or not.

  • Malcolm

    What a mess, remembrance Sunday this week, void last weeks result, give the money to the poppy appeal and start again with the risk and johnny back in. Wouldn’t be surprised if Simon cowell makes some kind of appearance to explain the mess.

  • Noisy

    Maybe they’ll have one show with all the 7 evicted acts competing for one spot. They’d get their phone voting revenue and the rest would get two weeks to try and cobble together a half decent performance (Marcus exluded from that dig).

    Then they’d also be able to go back to a 4 act final. It seemed surprising they’d reverted to 3 act after the trend of recent years…

    It would be tough on Ashford though, as he’d have to learn two songs;-)

  • Boki

    Regarding the eliminations, basically everything points to a 2 step process from producers: 1st week to put an act down and 2nd to pull the trigger. So the last week was Johnny shot but who was prepared for the next: Risk imho but producers didn’t expect the bottom. Another possibility is Janet but not likely. So for the next week they have no one vulnerable for the kill (again except Janet but if she is topping the votes anyway it’s not an option). So options would be to release Kitty or ditch Misha since they were already bottom 2. Otherwise they could try to shoot someone else but there is no guarantee to success.

    • Rob

      i’m not so sure. i think by putting anyone out 2nd with a dodgy song and poor comments (not too poor to trigger sympathy) will about do the trick of putting them in the bottom 2 and once there the trapdoor awaits as all are vulnerable to ‘i’m keeping the one who i think can sell records’ or ‘i’m keeping the one who has entertained me every week’ argument. although janet did survive slot 2 last week…

  • alsy

    the show needs voters money. there will be some sort of vote . johnny wont be back as they cant risk him taking all the frankie protest votes as well as his own. for whatever reason he will withdraw ,sore throat,eurovision entry,world tour take your pick . the producers love controversy when they can control it,they wont be bothered about punters getting creamed if Amelia or whoever comes back.. why has she been hanging around the last couple of weeks anyway?

  • Malcolm

    From twitter, this weeks theme = Lady GaGa versus Queen

  • Adam

    Amelia down to 15-1 on the exchanges now. Something going on? People know something we don’t?

  • Amelia trading @ 17.0 on betfair – not to get back in but to win the show! Get in you little beauty!

  • ganix

    Mass suicides from 1000/1 Amelia layers?

  • Curtis

    Well that throws a spanner in the works. What a load of rubbish.

  • Well Β£86 was traded on Amelia on betfair @ 1000.0 and thousands at three figure prices, Now trading @ 8.4 even though not back in the show (yet).

  • Boki

    Hahahahaha what a joke, instead of losing one week voting they get extra one. Let’s make a campaign to get 2Shoes back πŸ™‚

  • Somebody

    X Factor’s gone stupid!
    why on earth are they bringing back one of the four first eliminated acts?
    They were sent out the first week for a reason. so what if there’s one less contestant why does it matter if the x factor finishes a bit early this year?
    this years x factor is gone shit not because of the new judges but the TWISTS!

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