X Factor 2011 Week 5 Elimination: Double trouble

Double elimination: a phrase that punters don’t want to hear the day before a live show. It throws previous “bottom two” markets into confusion. And if following the format established in previous series, it means that the next to go is based purely on the public vote, with no chance of being saved by the judges.

We at Sofabet have never quite understood why the show doesn’t handle a double-elimination as a triple sing-off. It would create more tension, make for better television, and allow producers more control over who leaves. It would mean they could save the bottom act in the public vote, if they wanted to.

It would even enable them to do so with a 2-1-1 majority verdict if the judges had a “vote to save” one act from the three, whereas they would usually need three judges to save a favoured act from being bottom in the public vote; we speculated earlier in the week about whether Gary, Kelly or Tulisa might conceivably prove to be a loose cannon in such a situation.

Still, producers haven’t shown a great deal of imagination this year, so we don’t see any particular reason to expect them to depart from the previous format – the bottom act goes, then the second- and third-bottom acts sing for survival. So what can we deduce from the announcement that two acts will be leaving?

Primarily, we can deduce that this is a short-term attempt to boost declining ratings for the Saturday programme. This is made clear by the fact that it was announced in plenty of time to be covered in the Saturday newspapers, and accompanied by a media blitz which saw Gary and all three boys sitting on the This Morning sofa.

On the bright side, it is at least a good thing that we found out a day in advance, rather than it being sprung on us by Dermot at the end of the Saturday show.

It does come at a cost for producers. Not only do they have to reconcile themselves to the possibility of losing someone they’d rather keep (as happened last year when Katie Waissel finished bottom of the vote in week 7), it also means we seem to be heading back to the days of a three-act final. We’re surprised as we thought last year’s four-act affair worked well for them, giving them an extra week to lay the foundations for Cher Lloyd’s continuing assault on the charts.

Anyway, of more pressing concern is what this means for punters. With a third of the nine acts facing the danger zone and not much to choose between many of them, the producers’ usual tricks of song choice, running order, judges’ comments and so on could be even more crucial – and revealing – than usual.

We must also consider that the decision to go for a double elimination was presumably made in some kind of crisis meeting to discuss how to breathe life into this series – it has been reported that Simon Cowell personally intervened – and who knows what else may have been decided there? Perhaps some previously favoured acts are to be thrown to the wolves.

If so, the most obvious candidate is Frankie Cocozza. At the time of writing, Bwin are the only bookie to have priced up the ‘to be eliminated’ market, and they put him as short as 3/10.

We certainly can’t recommend playing at long odds on given that Frankie has defied being favourite to go for two weeks running. Nonetheless, it is quite possible that even those short odds will look generous in retrospect come Downton Abbey time on Sunday. We would not be at all surprised to see the show cut him loose with a Wagner ‘Creep’ style treatment – after all, the weekly dose of Frankie-out-on-the-lash articles is starting to wear as thin as his voice. Producers may well have decided that he has served his purpose and it’s time to reassert a modicum of credibility for the show as a singing contest.

Also odds-on to go on Sunday is Kitty Brucknell. She’s had a bad week in the tabloids, first with a ruckus over the use of voice-changing technology during her performance last Saturday, then – rather more seriously – over allegations that she racially abused Derry from The Risk.

We can’t quite figure out what the show is playing at by allowing this he-said-she-said to play out in public. This is dangerous, Big Brother-esque territory with the potential to drag the X Factor brand even more deeply into the gutter than they managed with bullygate. We will watch with interest to see if the show choose to try to undo the damage in this weekend’s VTs, or ignore it altogether.

Kitty has always struck us as giving producers more options than Frankie, mainly because she can at least sing. But she’ll need plenty of help this weekend, coming down off a sympathy bounce (they usually tend to last only one week) and battling the damaging headlines. It’s hard to know how it will all work out for her.

Interestingly, Craig Colton is next in danger according to the Bwin market. This surprises us given his position as third favourite in the overall standings. Perhaps someone has been monitoring our comments section, in particular this enticing theory from boomboom on Craig being blessed with last week’s pimp slot:

the pimping of Craig is so strange that I wonder if it’s not part of a larger plan to ditch him this week… All signs suggest that he is struggling a little votes wise recently… [the pimping] would ensure he had enough votes to stay clear of B2, so that they could continue with plan A of removing Habibis [and] it makes their job of removing him this Saturday significantly easier.

We’d like to believe it, but we think that the most obvious explanation for last week’s pimping was the accurate one – most probably, and annoyingly for those of us who are on Marcus Collins, Craig is the boy that producers would most like to see in the final.

There is a chance that if Marcus beat Craig in last week’s vote despite the latter’s pimping, they may switch horses. But unless I see evidence in Saturday’s show to back this up, I will stick to the belief that the biscuit boy’s treatment last week suggests he would be saved if he did fall into a sing-off situation.

Marcus himself has had a couple of solid weeks from early draws, and The Sun’s YouGov poll from the week before last suggested he has a reasonable level of support. We would be disappointed to see him fall into the bottom three, but we have to consider it as a possibility if he is again shortchanged with an early slot in the running order.

Our article questioning the credentials of Little Mix to make the final, let alone win the competition, provoked plenty of disagreement in our comments section. In particular, fans of the girlnextdoorband may take solace in reading bunnyman’s comprehensive point-by-point rebuttal of the case we made.

We have yet to be persuaded that they have produced the kind of performance that would broaden their appeal significantly beyond teen girls with a self-image problem, as they will surely have to do if they are to progress to the business end of the competition. Still, they certainly come into this weekend with more momentum than ever before, and it will be fascinating to see how Saturday’s show treats them in relation to their rivals from within the same category, The Risk.

Week 5 has historically been a week when the pimp slot is allotted to a serious front-runner: Alexandra, Joe and One Direction used it as a springboard to the finals over the last three series. My theory that producers are still heavily invested in The Risk means I think they will receive this week’s last-to-sing boost. Right or wrong, we’ll know by 9.30 pm on Saturday.

Market leaders The Risk and Janet both need to up their game after failing to convince in week 3 and disappointing seriously in week 4. If The Risk are not in the pimp slot, I would expect Janet to be there instead (or failing that Kitty – the fact that both Janet and Kitty have already had the honour doesn’t mean it won’t happen again). It’s time for the programme to big up those acts it has previously suggested are its stars, which has been Janet more than anybody.

Misha B is clearly a star in terms of talent, but after last week’s shock drop into the bottom two, she is reliant on a sympathy bounce this week. The phenomenon has proved as durable this year as in previous ones, and I think it is more likely than not to keep Misha safe this week.

This leaves us with the entertaining Johnny Robinson. Following the unhelpful “Johnny Robinson quizzed over benefits scam” stories that appeared in the tabloids in the run-up to the week 4 show, Johnny’s treatment last week felt fondly valedictory. His VT showed that he had gained the popularity and approval of the British public, having managed to win over Gary Barlow the week before with his wonderful rendition of ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’.

The judges reinforced this by telling us that his rendition of ‘That Ole Devil Called Love’, from second in the running order, was the ballad (or “ballid” as Tulisa oddly insists on pronouncing it) he had always wanted to sing to showcase his voice. It all seemed like a clear attempt to suggest to Johnny’s fans that he has already achieved all he set out to do, and thus there is no need for them to support him further.

This strategy didn’t get Johnny into the bottom two last week, and probably wasn’t intended to – we expect that he went into the show from such a high after week 3 that the best producers could have hoped for was to quell the hype around Johnny’s chances in the competition. And it seems to have had the desired effect. Who is talking about Johnny now? He’s been anonymous in this week’s press.

This evident attempt to soften Johnny up leads us to suspect that he may be in line for a middling slot in the running order and middling words from the judges, and that this could just about see him drop into the bottom three, from where he looks unlikely to be saved against many of his rivals. We therefore think there may be a bit of value at 8-1 with bwin for Johnny to be one of the two eliminees this week.

If you buy the theory that the double elimination suggests Frankie’s time is up, you might also be interested in the same firm’s offer of 12-1 about Johnny and Frankie being this week’s two eliminees, a price also available at Paddy Power. This eventuality is only 6-1 with the other three firms to have priced up this market at the time of going to press (Boylesports, Ladbrokes and Hills).

Whatever you do, though, we would recommend keeping stakes small until the Saturday show tells us more about what’s going through producers’ minds at the moment. What are your theories on who will be in double trouble this weekend?

68 comments to X Factor 2011 Week 5 Elimination: Double trouble

  • Allan

    Great article Daniel, been waiting for this since we heard about the double elimination. I think Johnny though is favoured of the two “comedy” contestants and that Kitty is on for the chop. Backed her at 9-2 in the week and coming up for half that price now. won’t be getting involved any more though till we see the live shows…

  • tpfkar

    Janet for the pimp slot. I reckon she’ll not only bring it, but also put it down. And her odds to shorten afterwards.

    I think a boy and an over to go. Little to pick between the two overs and they may well face a sing-off; both very entertaining in their own ways.

    The theme will suit all the boys, but hard to make the case for Frankie over the other two.

    So Frankie last, Johnny voted out over Kitty. More interesting will be to compare the treatment of The Risk and The Mix, to start to unpack who had the right idea on the last article.

  • alexk

    Surely Frankie’s time has come, especially if he is on early. Frankie’s main fan base will be out with their folks watching fireworks.

  • Oli

    I’m still half-expecting a Kitty pimp slot, she’s too good to lose so early. If they want headlines a Kitty pimp slot makes sense as it should keep her above the water line and someone else will drop down into it.

  • EM

    Ah as soon as I heard a story on the news about Johnny being in the running for representing UK at Eurovision I got on him to go thinking his journey is well over but I’m sure he’ll be a judges vote elimination.

    I’d agree Frankie and Kitty are also likely to go but can’t help feeling that the double elimination has been brought in to ensure a shock in a good singer goes at the expense of a dodgy one. That means the producers suspect a Craig, Marcus, The Risk, Janet and Mischa could all be at risk.

    Or once again its around the programme getting its house in order and they’ll double eliminate Kitty away to stop the horrible negative race stories

  • Donald

    Best stay quiet until see the song list at least, been v busy all day so just having read through now.

    It’s a minefield really as voting probably tight amongst 5 or 6 of them at least.

    All down to the night for having a bet is good approach for sure.

  • Noisy

    Assuming same rules as last year with dead last going and next two singing off as opposed to 3 way sing off:

    I think Kitty’s in danger of finishing dead bottom of the vote as she’ll be coming down from a sympathy bounce and Frankie seems to have some support from somewhere if he avoided bottom 2 last week on his own come down.

    If that’s the case and she goes, I can’t see the producers getting rid of Johnny and losing all Louis’ acts by final 7.

    Maybe Kitty and Craig/Little Mix to go? Or Frankie and Johnny if they stitch up Frankie & help Kitty.

  • Chatterbox5200

    According to http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk – who correctly revealed Kitty’s song choice early last week – the latest info on song choices for this week are:

    “Frankie Cocozza – revealed that his song is very ‘different. He also wrote on Twitter: “Don’t think anyone could guess what song I’m singing tomorrow.”
    Kitty Brucknell – Like A Prayer (Madonna)
    Johnny Robinson – A mash up of 3 songs”

    In my opinion, that could mean a desire to lose Johnny, as mash-up’s don’t tend to go well with 2 songs nevermind 3.

    • EM

      Actually mash ups are normally used to keep someone in the contest as they distract people from the fact they can’t hold a tune and tend to go hand in hand with big production another distraction tactic. Then when you see that singer do one song without production you notice repeatedly they struggle with some notes and standing still it isn’t all so appealing.

      It’s the opposite of when people do very different versions of well known songs which tend to jar with the audience

    • Curtis

      Yeah, mash-ups tend to help the person doing them. Note that Wagner did mash-ups nearly every week except the week when the producers assassinated him and he was eliminated.

  • Paul

    Dan have you heard anything about Amelia returning. Price is coming in on Betfair to win suggesting such a move.

  • Boki

    Something else came up, any truth in this !?

    The X Factor 2011 judges could be swapping categories in a new twist to help boost telly ratings, it has been claimed. According to The Sun, the latest change to the format could be announced as early as Sunday.
    It’s the latest twist for the show, after a double elimination was confirmed for tomorrow night.
    A show source told the newspaper: “This move will really put the cat among the pigeons as it’s the last thing the judges will expect.
    “It will be a major test for them as they’ve become too comfortable with their own acts. Producers reckon tearing up the format is just the shot in the arm the show needs.”
    It could mean Gary Barlow having to look after Johnny, while Tulisa may end up with Misha B! That’d be awkward!

    • Daniel

      Hi Paul and Boki, the show is clearly in overdrive in trying to get viewers this weekend, disseminating rumours as well as the double elimination.

      Personally, I’d be very sceptical. It’s easy enough to place a rumour about judges changing categories and very little money has been spent bringing Amelia’s price into 80-1 on the Betfair win market.

      If either the return of Amelia or judges switching categories came to pass, it would reek of desperation and ultimately undermine the long-term future of the show.

      • Boki

        I hope you are right Dan, while Amelia rumour is rubbish imho changing categories would provide a good laugh (I’m speaking as a viewer, it’s a nightmare for some punters).

    • tpfkar

      Judges swapping would be interesting as I’ve a bet with rubbish odds on Tulisa first mentor out. A change in category would help 🙂

      Amelia coming back would be a jumping the shark moment, as the first time an eliminated contestant returns…..but then as I’m typing I realise that’s not true, as they did it last week with Ashford! 2 in 2 weeks would be pretty desperate.

      I agree with Daniel, these would both be pretty desperate moves, but good rumours to keep interest up.

  • Simon "le chat"

    Great article Daniel but NO NO NO so far as Marcus is concerned. Ye of little faith! MARCUS and his captivating smile really isn’t going anywhere, nor will he get anywhere near the bottom three.
    Sometimes it is easy to over speculate on various theories and conspiracies but the one constant we can set our compass on is that this is a money making show that relies on viewers and thus advertisers money therefore ask yourself which acts make the most appeal and would excite the Saturday night viewer to switch on?

    Let’s do them one by one on producerneedability:

    JANET: Yes: Unquestionably
    MARCUS: Ditto
    KITTY: Ditto
    RISK: Ditto

    And the rest?
    MARSHA cannot win. There is too much scandal about her and she is not only unlikeable. she is perceived as an unpleasant person and whether this is a factually right or wrong assessment it is how it is and with the hull of the good ship MISHA being holed two weeks ago she hasnt a cat in hells chance of getting near the final let alone winning this competition.
    JOHNNY has come to the end of his shelf life. He cannot win, no more surprises in store, no new levels or “bacofoil ” moments-he is very vulnerable.
    LITTLE MIX did really well last week but the stable form of girlbands over the last six seasons reads PPF5PP which tells folk such as you and I that this likeable bunch of kids are not going anywhere near the last four either. They just don’t have enough support/votes. Vulnerable.
    CRAIG. I honestly can see passed my cash on the till and if I had backed CRAIG to the exclusion of MARCUs and FRANKIE I would be really really worried about my investment. But I know as sure as MARCUS is marketable and watchable that CRAIG is not. Look at his profile? I dont want to be personal but this is THEE TV talent competition of the year and CRAIG has already gotten further than he should have been projected by his bare talent. The bloke has been pimped and protected week in week out but he has been singing out of his league, puching above even his substantial weight. He is not good enough to win this competition by a country mile. He simply isn’t. VULNERABLE
    FRANKIE: Cut through all the hype and “bad bottom/boy rock boy” image this bloke cannot win because he cannot sing and nailed opn for the bottom two if he survives another week the integrity of the judges and show as a whole come into question. VULNERABLE

    Who goes?
    FRANKIE is definitely one.
    The others in the line up are JOHNNY/CRAIG/LITTLE MIX/MISHA
    I naarow this down to MISHA and CRAIG
    Frankie going already so CRAIG hangs on for another week or two.
    MISHA – bounce or not the public dont like her enough to spend money keeping her in.


  • annie

    time for the traditional week 5 shocker.
    my guess is craig bottom 3 and possibly leaving. from week1 i was sure that misha will get the honor to be the star of week 5 shocker, but I’m guessing she’ll bounce after last week.

    just noticed the judge swapping rumor appeared on daily mail too. if it will turn out true, that’s beyond desperate…

  • Daniel

    Official song list for tonight:

    The Risk – A Night To Remember

    Craig Colton – Heaven

    Johnny Robinson – Hung Up/You Spin Me Round

    Frankie Cocozza – I Gotta Feeling

    Janet Devlin – I Want You Back

    Kitty Brucknell – Like A Prayer

    Little Mix – Please Don’t Stop The Music

    Misha B – Proud Mary

    Marcus Collins – Reet Petite

  • Tim

    Great choices for Johnny. I’m worried about him making it through to next week now, as I took the 8/1 last night on him leaving ‘this weekend’. I just hope they shove him on early.

    Strange choice for Frankie, maybe they want rid of him.

    I’m not sure I know Marcus’s song? Who’s it by?

  • Mark

    Kitty and Misha

    The article and comments suggest to me that the management are trying to clean up – why else would the stories be out there.

    Misha because I believe the voters aren’t turning up for her and they need a shock

    Kitty because she is difficult to like and the article won’t help that. Its sad to see the number of race stories in the press, but there is no smoke without fire and it must not be condoned.

    I am slightly biased by my bet (and daughter’s confidence) on Frankie, which I am now reconciled not to ever to be able to lay off. But I do think that whilst not being a winner, being a lad will be keep him safe

    • mark (maps)

      Misha was unexpectadly b2 last week though, so surely this week she gets the bounce?

      I thought she’d be fine as long as she doesn’t try and add any rap/urban element into this weeks performance

      Kitty/Little Mix/Johnny

  • Chatterbox5200

    Didn’t the final 12 sing “I’ve got a feeling” as a group song a couple of years ago? I’m sure I remember Jedward singing it, and if they can do it, Frankie may even get away with it!

    • Daniel

      Not a bad song choice for Frankie, in my opinion. The lyrics suggest this would be an ideal opener for the show though we’ll find out soon enough.

  • mark (maps)

    Daniel, what do you think about Little Mix/Craig being in the bottom 3?

    • Daniel

      Mark, I find most of the song choices to be a little uninspiring, to be honest, those two among them. It may be best to watch the show, now that it’s so close, and see how they translate on stage.

  • Chatterbox5200

    Mark, as far as I’m aware, the original (or best known) artists are:

    A Night To Remember – Shalamar
    Heaven – DJ Sammy (originally by Bryan Adams)
    Hung Up – Madonna / You Spin Me Round – Dead or Alive
    I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
    I Want You Back – Jackson 5
    Like A Prayer – Madonna
    Please Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna
    Proud Mary – Tina Turner (originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
    Reet Petite – Jackie Wilson

  • Donald

    Craig gets a good song again if it’s the DJ Sammy version.

    Janets song choice is wierd to say the least.

    Little Mix very current song/style again and Rihanna is huge at the minute.

    What are they up to with Fankie? surely he will make a total mess of I Gotta A Feeling it is a wicked little tune though but so not Frankie!!!

    Marcus choice seems inspired but will it work on this show??

    The Risk is going to be as bland as hell, dated tune for todays youth, no umph in it.

    • mark (maps)

      Yes I thought the little mix song would work well – Kitty/Johny/Frankie b3 !

      btw – anyone else notice, no overlap SCD -> XF today?

      strictly has just finished and XF doesn’t start fopr another 8mins – so no overlap period

      how does this change things?

  • Boki

    Quick look/hear of the songs, wtf Risk!?

  • nugget

    Tullisa says “Fireworks” THANK YOU CORALS 🙂 tidy profits

    The rest of night is gonna be fine….canot losr this week now.

  • Curtis

    Johnny opening the show? Rubbish song choice? Mixed judges comments? Oh dear for Johnny.

  • Chatterbox5200

    Paddy Power have just slashed Johnny’s odds of being the next elimination from 12’s to 7/2.

  • nugget

    Johnmy awful and now Janet awful and misses words….looks like being a strange week 🙂

  • Allan

    Yep, think it was the force of my fiver that forced paddies into 7-2, reckon I just got the 12s! He must be in trouble, that was a very valedictory VT and the comments couldn’t have been any worse. With him up first, surely Kitty has a late-ish slot and they are trying to protect her…

    Janet really, really bad, no idea what to make of that and the associated comments…

  • Simon "le chat"

    Not just Johnnie
    Janet was RUBBISH – she hasnt a rock side to her and is exposed as the one trick yodeller.
    CRAIG next. He’ll be useless too.

  • Simon "le chat"

    He was.
    Now what price did I take for MARCUS?
    Ah, 25/1 mrthinks

  • Donald

    Just saw a tweet “I know for fact that wasn’t Janets first song choice so don’t believe that story”

    Says it all.

    This Craig is being well minded again.

  • Allan

    flip flop on some of the winner market, biscuit boy fave with some books!

  • mark (maps)

    listen to all the dross from the risk – cant stand them

    Still not as bad as the rest tonight imo, risk safe

  • Boki

    Omg, how wrong was I about Janet 🙁

  • Simon "le chat"

    The only star in this competition is MARCUS.
    Value gone and while I realise it aint over till its over thing is the lad is streets and streets ahead of any other act.
    He really is.

    • mark (maps)

      Marcus did well, as hoped and expected 5/9 not a bad slot either really — pretty much top 3 in the betting same price

      all around 4/1 – 9/2

      we need some last slots for marcus in the next coming weeeks to get him across the line!

  • Allan

    Janet terrible, but surely she survives this week, 8-1 about elimination with some books too short

  • nugget

    Frankie mught even survive again ?? Some of those comments would just drive his followers to vote even more.

    Its not a good week is it….I would put it down as one of the worst weeks overall I have ever seen in a live finals.

  • Simon "le chat"

    Frankie bloody awful but the anti vote might save him. MISHA safe after that.
    “Jhonnie, remember me”
    That’s a good title for our next write up isnt it Daniel?

  • nugget

    This whole LITTLEMIX thing is being marketted really well….for under 16yo girls they are gonna get a huge following with VTs like that.

    Nice pimp spot this week……fair play to those who got the big prices

    • mark (maps)

      Nice pimp slot and comments – but in all honesty I thought they were VERY poor!! maybe im the only one?

      tonight bad/good:

      Marcus – good
      Misha B – good

      Janet – bad
      Little Mix – bad
      The Risk – ok
      Kitty – good
      Frankie – bad
      Johnny – bad
      Craig – ok

      More bad than good performances tonight imo

      Johnny/Frankie to go

      • Boki

        I found Lmix pretty average despite the modern popular song and Risk pretty solid despite outdated song. Think Risk is better group and Lmix were in danger, therefore pimp slot.

        I can’t stand Craig but must admit he owns the stage. Luckily Marcus was star of the night. Found Kitty below her level and Johnny/Frankie bad as ever (although Frankie was kind of cute said my wife).

  • Simon "le chat"

    This evening:

    BEST: MARCUS and MISHA (well said Louis)
    WORST: JANET (bubble popped this evening- she really is average) FRANKIE (effing awful) and JOHNNIE

    One bet for tomorrow from me.
    JOHNNIE ROBINSON is going.
    Simple as.
    Nowthen andlord, I see JONNIE ROBINSON 4/5 to be in bottom three. This is the once in a series steal and I am lumping on for a 80% return. There. Posted before the results although I dont have balls of steel like you and Andrew so I only had £300 which is a big bet for me.
    What are you guys doing?
    Are you going to tell us before the deed is done instead of after?

    • Andrew

      No balls of steel here, Simon – there’s a reason it’s Daniel’s photo and not mine at the top of this page 🙂

      Our reaction to the show is now up.

  • Donald

    You can see tonight that Simon has had input, Marcus does Bruno Mars / Sammy Davis Junior and the VT for Little Mix all for the teen girls.

    The rest just going through the motion.

    Janet will be lucky to avoid bottom three if performance stands for anything.

    Few journo’s figuring Gary could have two in bottom three.
    His comments all night won’t have helped.

    Johnny, Frankie and ???

  • Simon "le happy chat"

    MARCUS aint in the final yet but the signs are good. Slow burn you see.
    The only act I can see who might beat him is Yodeller Yodeller Yodeller hee hee

    • mark (maps)

      All the comments tonight were very very good

      now hopefully he can start to get some even better slots in the later (MORE important stages) of the contest..to get him to win hopefully

      I’ve been on Marcus OR since day 1 and Top Boy @ 100/30 – I’m toying with backing Johnny bottom 3 Simon, but I’m a bit gutted I didn’t take any of the early prices – the 12s to go first or 8s to just go or 3s bottom 3

      although 4/5 still looks good for bottom 3 –

  • Simon "le happy chat"

    MARCUS 4/1 favourite.
    NOW is the time to lay some off. cash in some of your chips and have a free rise to the final.

  • Curtis

    Best: Kitty. I really enjoyed none of the others. Craig was acceptable I suppose.

    Worst: Frankie and Johnny.

    Prediction: I can look no further than a Frankie, Johnny and Kitty bottom 3. However, if you want an outside flutter, how about The Risk. They were worryingly (for them) forgettable.

    Misha and Marcus are safe. Little Mix probably as well. Janet and Craig are at some risk.

    • Curtis

      Incidentally, I have very little hope for Janet left. The producers seem to have ditched her. If she’s going to have this late assault I mentioned last week, it really needs to start happening soon!

  • Pete D

    WEEK 5…Oh I so wish that it had gone to deadlock and viewer votes on FRANKIE’s b2 a few weeks back. Louis Walsh voting him to stay lost me a nice 22/1 lift from the bookies and THEN last night he did a complete about turn on FRANKIE (which proves that the producers really DO tell them what to say ‘in the event of……’).

    Nevertheless, this Oxygen thief will be gone tonight for sure. Sorry matey but ‘tonight is NOT gonna be a good night ‘ for you.

    If I am wrong with my prediction here on FRANKIE then please feel free to re-open Woolworths so that I can show my tattoo-less a*se in their window (a pretty sight ONLY in my good lady’s ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ eyes ).

    BTW, since when did XF become ‘Stars in their eyes’ ? MISHA BULLY B’s pathetic Tina Turner-esque attempt to soften up her usual hard as nails GRACE JONES image did not wash with me. It was an obvious and desperate rescue package (which did not work).
    I think the damage is already done anyway and the writing is on the wall for her too.

    MARCUS was superb as usual, as were my ‘Steamrolling’ LITTLE MIX darlings who are on his tail to the TOP 2.

    JANET who ?? Well, that’s 2 great big steaming turds behind her now.
    GRAIG ? Sorry Craig fans, he is quite good but I just can’t help thinking about him looking like a cross between PETER KAY and ROBBIE COLTRANE when I watch him. He will never be a popstar.
    JOHNNY ? Same goes, but when he stops shaking like a leaf he WILL make a good game-show host.
    KITTY ? (Daughter of Mr Spock). Quite a good singer for a highly strung OTT fruitcake, but damaged goods now anyway and not a threat.
    THE RISK ? Are their ears painted on ? Someone is permanently off key in the harmonies. Nevertheless a definite threat ONLY because of the gullible swooning teen votes.

  • dan12

    Looking a bit further ahead – what does this double elimination mean for the final? Looks to me like one of the following is going to happen:

    No eliminaton one week
    2 acts contest the final on 17/18 dec
    Some act(s) return(s) to the show.

    Can someone poke a bookie to open a market on

    “Simon returns to the show as a 5th judge with the 4 acts rejected in the first week – and wins!”


    No wonder odds on Amelia are so low…..

    • dan12

      After a bit of poking around, it seems that the XF final is scheduled for the 10/11 weekend, so they can lose 1 act a week and still have 3 finalists.

      Not sure how that is going to gel with the Christmas chart being revealed on Christmas day, maybe XF will just hold back the release of the single.

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