X Factor 2011 Week 4 Update: Bang Bang, did they shoot down Sophie Habibis?

Well, I didn’t see that coming at all: The Risk kicked off tonight’s show, whilst Little Mix and Craig Colton were the last to sing. Was putting The Risk on this early an attempt to explain away the change in personnel as soon as possible, whilst a third of the audience was still watching Strictly, as Euan said in the comments box? After a rather leaden rendition of ‘Thriller’, the judges’ lavish praise rang hollow.

It looks like we were wrong with our speculation that their previous help in the running order suggested The Risk might not be doing as well in the votes as their position in the betting would indicate – sending them out in the death slot looked like a mark of confidence. Or was it? Just possibly producers might not mind too much if The Risk needed saving this week. They would have a perfect excuse for falling into the sing-off zone, after all; it would fit in nicely to a longer-term “reboot” narrative, and it would give them a bounce if they need one.

My intuition that Johnny would be sent on in the coffin slot for Halloween wasn’t so far off the mark, though: he was second to perform. It certainly felt like he did enough to keep himself out of the bottom two, but we stand by our assertion that a long-range mission to dampen enthusiasm for him is afoot. It was notable that his VT suggested he had already accomplished his ambitions to become popular, and the comments too pointed out how long he’d been waiting to sing a ballad. There is a drip, drip, drip effect intended to plant the thought that Johnny’s journey is nearing completion.

So who is in the most trouble?

Step forward Sophie Habibis, who had an early draw and a deathly production of ‘Bang Bang’. Props to Boki, who correctly reckoned, against my initial judgement, that this song choice would just “confirm her ‘boring’ status”. Her VT in which she once again stressed that, “I’m a typical London girl,” only reinforced this. As Shoulders rightly said in the comments, “sending her home to see the hype outside X Factor, only to film her in a dreary empty pub, (save the couple of bored actors in the background) meeting just 1 friend, the X Factor axe is swinging down at an alarming rate, poor girl”.

The judges comments were unkind – “a secretary who sings at the weekend” – but in my view they will have struck voters as fair, and for that reason I suspect they will not get her much of a sympathy vote. Sophie looked like she’d swallowed a wasp as she exited the stage after her interview with Dermot, as well she might – it seems clear that her treatment this week was a case of “bang bang, let’s shoot her down”. If she duly falls into the bottom two, I don’t expect the show to have any interest in keeping her around.

I suspect that programme makers’ apparent effort to drop Sophie into the danger zone could well be because they expect Frankie to be there too. I stated in my pre-show article that I would be surprised to see him out of the bottom two now that he no longer has the sympathy bounce on his side. His vocal performance was as bad as ever, and didn’t convince me that he would steer clear of the sing-off.

Producers have decided to go all out on the bad boy image, which Tulisa reckoned was the “real Frankie”. This is bad news for Sophie fans, because if this pair are in the bottom two the judges’ deliberation writes itself – the one with ‘charisma’ gets saved, and the show has made every effort to let us know who they think that is.

The programme did its very best for some of the other possible elimination candidates, notably Kitty, Little Mix and Craig. Kitty put up the performance of the night and came across sympathetically enough to make me think she will avoid the danger zone, though I did object to the extra boost she got from the vocoder at the start of her rendition of ‘Sweet Dreams’.

I was considerably less impressed than the judges by the performances of Little Mix and Craig Colton. But I have to admit that everything was done to keep them clear of the sing-off. As well as the best slots in the running order (plus, as Donald and Nugget commented, the sound mix seemed better for the later acts), they had very shrewd VTs. Little Mix’s carefully targeted its demographic, which appears to be teen girls who are insecure about their self-image. I found the production for the girlband’s performance of ET a bit alienating, which I suppose was the point. I don’t think they’re totally safe.

There was a very serious attempt to pimp Craig this week: after a couple of average performances, his VT felt the need to go all out about his Week 1 rendition of ‘Jar of Hearts’. Louis called him a “contender”, having said something similar last week. His Adele number didn’t do it for me, but it will put him clear of the bottom two.

Among those I saw as contenders for the prize before the show, I think it was a bad night for Janet Devlin, but with her regional base and position as frontrunner, I would still be very surprised to see her in the sing-off. Misha was excellent and Marcus was solid. If there’s going to be any shock among tomorrow’s bottom two, it is more likely to be The Risk.

My feeling remains that a Sophie Habibis / Frankie Cocozza sing-off looks most likely and I feel that the judges have already prepared their reasons for sending Sophie back to Tufnell Park. What was your impression of who’s in trouble after tonight’s show? Do let us know below.

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  • Boki

    My only worry is that this again looks soooo obvious 🙂 Sophie/Frankie most likely so I guess one of the two might get away from bot2. But at least producers intentions seems to be clear. Btw I again felt the coffin slot is not really the 1st one since a ‘decent’ act with up-tempo song is placed there. They don’t seem to like a ballad as an opener, was that the case in previous years?

    • Daniel

      Hi Boki, it is generally an upbeat song that opens the show, though not always. This is because it is considered useful for ratings if viewers are grabbed by the first song. Still, Wagner’s ‘Creep’ was an example of the first song being downbeat, because by this point producers had different priorities.

      I do see what you mean about the second and third slots sometimes seeming worst than the first. We at Sofabet have made a fuss of the first slot over the last few weeks because this is when viewing figures are down by a third due to the overlap with BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing. That overlap will no longer occur during this series, and with fewer artists, the disadvantage of performing very early will be slightly lessened.

  • Tim

    I think you’re right that Sophie is in the most danger. Boring song choice, bad comments, following a commercial break and with Marcus after her and it doesn’t look good at all. UNLESS of course you have backed her to go which I did on Monday at 9.0.

    Frankie may well be joining her in the bottom 2 on a sympathy bounce comedown. However, do not underestimate a contestant with the ability to make teenage girls excited. Following Janet’s slow performance and directly before a commercial break would have helped him. Louis off of One Direction was also asking his followers to vote for Frankie. Hopefully he would get enough votes to beat Sophie if taken to deadlock.

    Kitty was performance of the night for me once again. I think she’ll be very safe. Everywhere you look she does seem to be popular: forums, twitter. I even had a friend call me in a panic to ask if she had missed Kitty! My lay for her on bottom 2 is looking great!

  • Tim

    Oh I forgot to mention re: Kitty. I think she may even do a ‘Rachel Adedeji’ and top the vote this week. We will see at the end of the series!

  • Simon "le chat"

    Me and the Missus (we are both musicians) had a quiet night in this evening so decided to watch all the acts stone sober and score them independently on the following categories
    VOCALS (out of 100 each)
    DELIVERY (out of 50 each)
    SONG CHOICE (out of 50 each)
    OUTFIT (out of 50 each)
    JUDGES COMMENTS (out of 100 each)
    Acts get 5 additional points for starting position, the first act THE RISK starting at zero (scratch) and CRAIG getting 45 for the pimp slot
    Acts get a 5 point head start from their positioning in the winning betting pre the show so FRANKIE who was the big outsider starts from scratch then add 5 till we get to JANET who has 45.

    I know it seems complicated but an interesting formula and I cant wait to see how close we are to predicting the bottom 2

    Here are our results
    THE RISK: V130 D63 SC63 O70 JC165 Scr0 Fav40 TOTAL 531
    JOHNNIE V155 D67 SC80 O70 JC180 Scr5 Fav20 TOTAL 577
    SOPHIE V130 D62 SC60 O80 JC105 Scr10 Fav30 TOTAL 477
    MARCUS V170 D87 SC87 O75 JC183 Scr15 Fav25 TOTAL 632
    MISHA V172 D70 SC76 O73 JC185 Scr20 Fav40 TOTAL 636
    JANET V130 D60 SC55 O55 JC145 Scr25 Fav50 TOTAL 520
    FRANKY V120 D57 SC62 O70 JC135 Scr30 Fav5 TOTAL 479
    KITTY V177 D83 SC90 O83 JC164 Scr35 Fav15 TOTAL 647
    MIX V163 D75 SC78 O85 JC185 Scr40 Fav10 TOTAL 636
    CRAIG V157 D70 SC77 O68 JC173 Scr45 Fav35 TOTAL 625

    We have a bottom four of SOPHIE, FRANKIE, JANET and THE RISK in that order
    What about that then?
    Here’s the bookies view of who is going – I’m going to have a tiny bit of Janet is the bottom 2 at 20’s


    Other comments
    1. Best act of the night was Kitty
    2. Preferred group now is The Little Mix
    3. Preferred boy seems to be CRAIG but there’s time for MARCUS to overtake him -the bookies liked the performances of both lads.
    4. JANET was terrible -I’m so glad some of the judges are calling her and CRAIg predictable.
    5. Louis Walsh is a complete and utter cretin.

  • Marinamau

    I think your previous post (chaos) was right on. Personally after years of following xfactor very closely, I can’t be bothered to watch anymore, Mostly due to the contestants and Kelly Roland (started loving her, now I can’t stand her). I am still interested in the dynamics though.
    I don’t think Marcus is a prefered contestant by any means, he is what I called in the b class (if after all they win, well not much harm done) I don’t think he has appeal as a recording artist as his voice has nothing unique.. I think his performance vocally was not at all good today (just watched the performances). I just don’t see him as a recording artist. I think Gary should have had kept James instead of him.
    Janet was very bad vocally, slightly boring but the choice, decoration and dress/make up were excellent.
    Frankie… I find him … Can’t think of anything appropriate that would not be offensive.
    I must say that they either could not find real talent or that indeed simon is actually missed, maybe not so much in front but in the background.

    • mark

      What was wrong with Marcus’s performance? Im also surprised you dont see his mpotential as a recording artist – imo he’s got everything needed, the looks, the attitude, the voice, the style – a nice, happy, pleasant young man -=- no bad stories/sleaze surrounding him like with some of the others, and he dealt with the story about him fancying a previous x factor contestant very well

      • Marinamau

        I think he is too shouty, and got a bit lost in the stage because too much was going on and he is not a big guy.
        He is a bit too much of a confident semi camp boy performer, please don’t take that as an offence, but I don’t think many voters will have him as a poster boy. Craig in the other hand is the semi camp boy slightly fat with lovely parents, that makes a lot of mums say oh, isn’t he sweet! Or girls go i wish he was my best friend. And he may be w worst singer but his voice is far more recording artist material.
        however, I CAN see Marcus win, there is a chance with this line up, but imho would make a very mediocre recording artist. As I said his voice is not very unique and a bit shouty. But he is certainly one of the top three four contestants deserving of winning on the overall performance in the lives.

  • Marinamau

    Also, I have the theory that each judge has to have one of this:
    – a real contender –
    – an alternate contender, class b
    – a headline grabberr/ joke act
    – a cannon fodder/ joke act

    Of course the lines between them are a bit blurry.
    At the minute I can only see Janet, Craig and an improved the risk having any recording possible success. Kitty and little mix need to improve dramatically in likability and conection.

  • fiveleaves

    They definitely tried, but I’m hoping she has dodged the bullets.
    Louis isn’t the most popular judge and his comments about what was far from the worst performance of the night (that goes to Janet imo) could get her a sympathy vote.

    She’s also always had plenty of goodwill.

    I make it very open. Any 2 of 5 or 6 for me.

    • mark

      I’m with you on that fiveleaves – I could make a case for 5/6 to be i the b2 this week – which is why atm I haven’t bet on anyone to go

  • annie

    Like I said, I saw the bullet that got her her as the show was progressing and saw the other candidates getting late running slots and other favours. I think seeing how she ends up will be a bit like a testing the value of youtube clicks, where sophie was second (after janet) every week,(i know it’s early but) even this one…

  • tpfkar


    The rough Betfair odds of the top 7. Have you ever seen it so open before? Both Janet and The Risk were very poor for me last night, which might explain why the market is wide open. But the producers favourites don’t seem to be able to pull away at all.

    I agree with fiveleaves, poor Sophie has been trashed, but may just escape. After 2 weeks of being safe singing slow and steady, another week of the same might just be enough for her fanbase. If she does go this weekend, hard to see what the producers have achieved by having her in the live shows.

    • Boki

      Gary came up with a similar comment – it’s an open field and everyone can still win. I’m not sure how to interpret this from him, was he just pimping LMix or something else?

  • Oli

    A first this week, I didn’t think Frankie was worst of the night both Janet and The Risk can fight for that dubious honour.

    I was interested and surprised to see Craig in the pimp slot, I had a quick look back on your article from last year ‘Reading the runes of the running order’, obviously this year is a little different due to the fact there were no votes cast in Week 1. The question is do we think of this week as week 3 or 4. If you think Week 3 it suggests Craig could be struggling in the vote, if you think Week 4 you think strategic boost for someone bubbling under in the votes. I think it’s the latter.

    But I do think Craig was rather underwhelming tonight.

    There is no doubt Frankie improved tonight and he was seventh with a advert break after him and before him was the woeful Janet he might have enough about to survive?

    I think Sophie is in real trouble for all the reasons outlined above but it was my favourite performance of hers to date (on the lives).

    Finally no one really expected Frankie in the bottom 2 week 1 as of the supposed ‘teen girl’ vote but he was woeful. Could the fact that Janet and The Risk were so bad have a similar effect and they didn’t even get really bad comments to encourage sympathy. However I would still be surprised if they were in the bottom 2, happy but surprised.

    Also this weekend could teens be busy at Halloween parties? Possibly bad news for Little Mix, The Risk and Frankie?

  • Simon "le chat"

    Who is in the bottom 2 then?

    On perception here and the multi data formula above it is SOPHIE and FRANKY and SOPHIE being sacrificed.
    On pure performance perceived here and elsewhere it is JANET.

    FRANKY was recognised as truly dire when he sang “The Scientist” and you would think with all the talent and experience BARLOW and THE PRODUCERS have that they knew he could not sing and it would show him up as being a charleton – and so it proved.
    I put that performance by JANET in the same category – a really poor song choice because it was dark and in a minor key. It was also poor because she was telling us there was a “twist” in what she was going to do but the only twsist that came out was her voice that sounded like a cat with a twisted tail. Here is the performance. Listen carefully to the last note I’ll be watching YOU. Listen to the YOU. She sings the “right” note because the performance of the verse is in the minor key however it doesn’t sound at all right and to most of the public who wont know the difference it will put them off -as indeed from DS it clearly has. Also JANEY doesn’t deliver- she just sits there and then at the end there is no smile at all.
    I’m taking a chance he bubble is bursting and am going to avoid the obvious SOPHIE and FRANKIE combo and have a small interest on that performance putting JANET in the bottom 2 – if only because she is 16/1 with HILLs which is wrongly marked up.


  • Stephen

    Re: “if only because she is 16/1 with HILLs which is wrongly marked up.” you can 20-1 with boylesports mate.

  • Curtis

    As a Janet fan, last night really rattled me. I don’t think she was the worst of the night as many are saying (Frankie was much, much worse) but she wasn’t good, that’s for sure. That’s 2 bad weeks in a row now, and I think she’ll survive it without being in the bottom 2, but I’m not sure she can afford another one. Are the producers ditching her? I’m starting to get the feeling that they’re pushing Misha at this stage, but I may be reading it wrong.

    There is the possibility that they do not want her to peak too early, and I hope this is the case. The thing that we’ve learnt from previous X Factors is that to win it, it’s not about how you start, but how you finish. You need to start pumping in performances at the back end of the competition that are significantly better than those at the start (at least, usually you do). Examples of this are Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry. Even Matt last year probably needs his performance of “Nights in White Satin” to push him over the winning line. Mary Byrne is an example of someone peaking too early. So maybe they are setting up a big turnaround for Janet to give her some momentum to take to the back end of the competition. If they are, I’d expect her to do it from the pimp slot.

    Overall, I’m a little confused. I thought I was supporting the producer’s choice, but I get less and less sure of that every week!

  • shoulders

    a great x factor show last night, I’ve decided before the price goes any lower to put all my money on Marcus each way for victory with top three finish at 12’s with a 1/4 for the place, he’s getting better and better week on week, Gary’s comment that anyone can win, shows the original contenders may not be able to stay at the top till the end, I see Marcus as the horse that is in the middle of the back but has started to make his move coming up to the final bend, a pimp slot and another cracking performance is surly going to put in a top 3 position. 
    I think Janet’s limitations are going to grow on the audience in the weeks to come, I love Every Breath You Take, but Janet wasn’t able to hold the long note at the end of the last line in the chorus, leaving too much of a gap before the singing of the next verse,
    Craig was good, but I think his snarl is now more off putting than Diana Vickers claw, so it’s Marcus all the way for me now, he reminds me of seeing early on that Joe McElderry was a better singer and more likeable than the rest of his competitors, I think this is what the voting majority go for on a show like this.
    More evidence of staged arguments was Alexandra telling Kitty that “sometimes what I worry about when watching you performance…….” then ipp butting while see had to look down at her notes to remember to say Kitty was “cabaret” que the argument with Louis,
    any way that’s my thoughts, as a big fan of the show and also liking a bet, I’m really enjoying the articles, then all the comments and opinions,

    • Simon "le chat"

      This should be a night of a surprise where the likes of most of us here will either be vindicated in our appraisals, or will be really surprised.
      I still beleive this program has the capacity to surprise and if ever there was an “Emperor’s new clothes” it is with RISK and JANET.
      People dont like FRANKIE so I guess he could easily be in bottom2 but the twist about this series is there are five acts who could be there.
      I have

      Now one of these acts is going this evening.
      I never “got” Sophie and the knives from the producers were out for her on the messageboards. I think she is very average. Possible.
      RISK. They were bloomin awful but were they batting on a strong base or weak? I beleive strong and the producers felt safe enough to put her in first slot. Safe.
      CRAIG. Well he’s very average.I know the producers want to keep him in but the fact they call in the Liverpool vote, remind us of the “Jar of Hearts” and the hollowness of Garry’s praise and “best act of the night” mean they are doing this to bump him up. I reckon the bloke is on glass legs, possibly this evening but the pimp slot will (proabably) save him- if only just.


      BOTTOM 2 have to be FRANKIE and JANET
      There- I’ve said it.

  • Rob

    completely confused with janet’s song choices, arrangements, and presentation. if you just listen to the middle part of the song last night she’s excellent and gives the impression that she could quite easily belt something out given something more substantial than the worst police song of all time. is she plan a? if not i’m at a loss to say who is? i think like many others that the producers simply don’t have control of the show and don’t know who they want to win (Gary says it ‘seems’ like the most open show but he must have seen the voting ratios – perhaps someone is so far out in front that they have to make it seem like a contest or the viewers will just lose interest?)

    i agree with the article that the risk are a decent outside bet to go. it will be an interesting choice if they land in the bottom 2 with sophie…

    • Curtis

      As I said in an earlier comment, it is possible they’re sabotaging Janet now so that she can make a comeback (likely from the pimp slot) in a later show which could give her the momentum to go on and win.

      Or they could of course just be hanging her out to dry…it’s a tricky one.

  • Allan

    Backed Sophie to go and be B2 earlier in the week, purely on the basis of her being the most obviously disposable contestant left, and her constant “boring” billing. just watching the show now, surprised how far her price has contracted but she was pants. Interested how they work the B2 with that eedjit Alexandra, will she just go with what would be Kelly’s choices (ie save her own act) or will there be some controversy with her ditching Sophie?

  • Mark

    What a great blog and comments.

    As a mug punt I put £20 on Frankie for my daughter (I am explaining how betting / laying works and though I would make it interesting) but 160-1 looked good for a 8 horse race.

    I can’t understand how with Sophie looking the worst she is still at mid 40’s and frankie is still way off at 125-1 on betfair. do you think he will ever come in to 40-1 or 50-1 so I can lay my bet for some return

    She thinks (aged 17) that Frankie will have a lot of support for a few more weeks until its down to the really good acts

    • Curtis

      Frankie’s way out there because there is absolutely nothing he could do to win, he simply doesn’t have the talent. Sophie at least feels like she could have a good performance or two in her if she was given the chance.

    • mark

      I’d say thats a fair price for Frankie if not a bit short..I wouldn’t be backing it – he’s absolutely awful, zero to none are his chances of winning imo – he can’t sing and he also seems to have very little support, lots of negative tweets/facebook statuses – perhaps all the girls are supporting The Risk or maybe one of the other acts?

      Teaching a 17year old to bet..sounds dangerous 🙂

      • Mark

        Thanks – fair enough, I can’t tell if any of them have talent. Not really teaching her how to bet more showing her the maths behind it – all my kids are way more sensible than me

        Will think about laying it back off will make a small amount even at 100-1

  • Tim

    Alexandra is indeed there again tonight. I can only assume she would vote to save Kelly’s girls, as she has made a big deal about being there to support them.

    • mark

      Yep thats what I’d think – it would seem a bit wrong if she didnt tbh – as she’s there for Kellys acts, soi she should in turn save them and if needed force the deadlock?

  • Donald

    Big changes in panel on the way I hear! Simon giving Louis the gig to sort.

    Cheryl back?

    Anyone hear anything?

  • Donald

    The Risk only 27s to go tonight now I got on at 100 last night, never be that lucky though.

    I think Kitty and Frnkie may be bottom 2 but Daniel been right three weeks now going for four in a row so sticking with Daniel and going with Sophie also. If it’s The Risk well just lucky on chancing the song selection.

    Good luck to all tonight.

  • nugget

    Just watched yesterdays Harry Hill…..not a single Xfactor clip?? Is it possible that X factor were not happy with Harry highlighting the miming on the show in the group performance??

  • nugget

    well almost results time.

    I am all green :-)…got rid of some of the 8/1 Sophie to go so now

    Sophie stays small profit
    Sophie bottom 2 bigger profit
    Sophie bottom 2 with Kitty/rhythmix bigger profit
    Sophie goes = RESULT !!!!

  • Chatterbox5200

    Just seen the performances from last night on YouTube, and couldn’t help noticing that both Louis and Tulisa made positive comments about Frankie’s vocals. Does anyone else think this was in preparation for saving him in the sing-off, so they can say something like “who stays in the competition should be based on vocals and performance, not what happens off the stage?”

    It looks like they want to keep him in the competition, if for no other reason to generate press coverage, and keep everyone talking about the show. There is always one act each year that causes debates about if they warrant their place, and although the obvious choices this year to fill that role were Kitty and Johnny, maybe they are proving too popular/unpopular to leave much of a debate.

    I can’t quite identify what the demographic of his voters are… from other posts, it seems as though his target audience of teenage girls don’t like him as much as the show would make us think, so maybe it’s the anti-X-Factor/Simon Cowell protest voters that are keeping him in. Someone is voting for him!

    With everyone talking as though Sophie is a dead-cert to be in the bottom two, it’s making the 6/1 I took earlier in the week for her to be there, quite a good bet.

  • Simon "le chat"

    Huge bet at 80/1
    I’ll have a quid
    JANET survives

  • Simon "le chat"

    Got to be JANET in bottom 2 at 16/1
    RISK at risk too and 7/1
    Fiver on each

  • Chatterbox5200

    Looks like “Bully-gate” definitely had an impact on tonight’s results. Glad I had a small punt at 16/1 on Misha B to be in the bottom two earlier in the week, when it was all over the papers, as I wouldn’t have backed it on the performance itself. Whoever goes, it’s been a good week for me.

  • Donald

    Thanks Daniel, 13/8 at Paddy Powers after show started, Frankie shortened amazingly and Sophie went out from 6/4 .

    Paid to sit tight this week and punt late.

    • mark

      Ive started waiting rather than trying to get on early, well done to those who got on sophie early, but for me it’s just too hard to bet anyone early, better prices but without song coice/runjning order and seeing how they perform..doesnt feel like it’s worth it

      Plenty of mugs saying Frankie had to be going home on forums!

      That’s Misha B done then? I didnt rate her anyway but noone who has been in the b2 has ever won!

  • Boki

    Worst possible match for Sophie in sing-off for live betting, was hoping for better odds but free money was never so free as tonight 🙂

    • mark

      What price did you take? The minute that Tulisa said ‘go with the one I connect with’ you knew it was Misha being that she’s a member of N-Dubz herself

      • Boki

        Different prices ranging from 1.07-1.15 but the most of it @1.08 .

        • mark

          Not too bad pretty free money , and yes nugget I saw Paddys – i was surprised at their prices lol

          So who’s going to be departing next week – we have to assume Misha gets the sympathy bounce and is safe for at least another week, Frankie — not sure about..Johnny still a week or 2 left imo –

          Little Mix/Craig?

  • nugget

    Paddy Power opened up 1/5 3/1 when the 2 were announced for the sing off…..not sure who their odds compiler is or how much they layed but he wants shooting if ever there was a 1/20 shot it was Sophie to go against Misha.

    I never tried to bet at the above price so not sure if you could get much on.

    Although it was a good night for me on the night, the 20/1 I have taken for Misha outright is not looking so good now 🙁

  • Curtis

    So in simple response to the title, Bang Bang, they did shoot down Sophie Habibis. It seems like a lot of us here (myself included) are richer for it as well!

  • Pete D

    Hi All. Found this on my Yahoo news this morning if it helps at all. Yet another thread reflecting the public’s opinion about the result and generally on MISSY BULLY B’s waining support.

    (BTW, that rather rude looking ‘appendage’ on her head would actually have been far better suited on FRANKIE’S head, such is my opinion of his sick-making pathetic Liam-esque antics that Liam does so much better). I now get up an hour earlier every day so that I can detest him for a bit longer. The sooner he is gone the better.


    For me, there is no doubt about MISHA’S obvious talent BUT one needs the whole package to be liked enough for folk to spend money on voting.
    Had my nagging suspicions about her from the start and was hoping for something like this to help scupper her chances against my early favourites MARCUS (and the the ones to watch LITTLE MIX, who are now starting to making a late run for the finish line).

    I’m with Simon “le chat” here as the solid, constantly brilliant MARCUS is just soooo likable, keen and very talented and both of the aforementioned acts are like sponges, gracefully soaking up everything they are taught and are both enjoying the moment without letting it go to their ‘very deserving’ heads. IMHO, both acts are being groomed and tested for greatness (and XF are especially pushing for a band to be up there on reflection of JLS’s instant and lucrative recording contract returns-££’s and awards).

    Not keen on the new MIX name, but as they say “a name is what you make of it”. ‘Rhythm-X’ would have been better as it sounds the same but is different enough for copyright (plus a nice cool looking X in it for a logo). Nevertheless, they will now also be soaking up the stray Misha B text votes, as it is the ‘daft with their money’ teeners who seem to have the spare cash to blow on them.

    There is a mighty BIG gap in the market now for a new ‘updated’ (girl next door type) Spice Girls and win or lose XF these girls will be HUGE. They can ALL sing well. I love their chemistry and at 66/1 I shall have a very nice Crimbo if they come good against my other bet on MARCUS.

    I ain’t gonna ‘risk’ my money on THE RISK (or any other act as I don’t want to end up trying to ‘buy’ money by spreading myself too far). They WILL do well after XF but they do need to work hard on those harmonies as they were cringing on Saturday. Forgivable and redeemable at this moment with the problems they have had.

    CRAIG is great, but has yet to do something stunning to blow my socks off (and to maintain that level too).

    The lovable JOHNNY definitely has something (but is never gonna win or be a pop star). He is comfortably suited to tv and I love the guys fast wit, he will likelty be the next great ‘game/talk show’ Graham Norton-esque host.

    KITTY (is her Dad really Mr Spock ?) has a great powerful voice and is a great LADY GA GA type show-woman, BUT she is strange. She is just far too emotional and intense for me (and the riggers of the fickle show biz) and always seems close to having a breakdown if anything should go wrong or if she got the boot.

    JANET is now getting samey and beginning to grate on me now that the initial novelty value has gone. Her voice/singing style is just too contrived for me. Though a very popular (automatic) choice for most (and hence a real danger to my favs), I never bought into the sweet little Irish girl thing and to keep it up in public is mighty hard.

    The cracks in it appeared recently with some of her ‘over confident’ comments and attitude. Despite this innocent act, she is very aware of herself. You can see it in her eyes on her many ‘un-pro’ YouTube vids (a very amateur ‘self praise’ approach in itself anyway to curry public favour).

    She could do with a bit of ‘grounding’ in a B2 sing-off to bring her back to earth. She was abysmal, weak and embarrassingly off-key this week.

    Viva La MARCUS and/or LITTLE MIX for the title this year !!

    Well thats my humble opinion on it all for what it’s worth and if it is of any use to undecided floating gamblers out there. Its all just a game anyway (which has some surprise endings in XF).

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