X Factor Week 3 Update: The Culling of Frankie Cocozza?

We had speculated that Sami, Sophie, Marcus or Craig would perform first in the Strictly danger zone based on which one producers felt was the most vulnerable and expendable. In the event, as punters hovered over the elimination market, it was Marcus whose name was announced, and his odds immediately dropped for the chop.

Nonetheless, those who have invested in Marcus were to be encouraged by the fact that Sami Brookes endured another poor draw, and by the way judges appeared to put the knife into Frankie Cocozza rather than encourage a sympathy bounce. So poor was the reception for the south coast lad that he leapfrogged the Welsh lass in the elimination market.

That looked unlikely when Sami started ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ disastrously. She missed her cue and her timing was out for the whole of the first verse. However, none of the judges wanted to draw attention to this fact, because there was what felt like a scripted argument between Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh, with the former dismissing Sami’s talent very strongly.

The market was right to see Sami’s elimination odds shorten during her performance and then lengthen when Gary laid into her. Overly harsh criticism from the alpha male judge can create a backlash. It helped Paije last year when Simon explained, “you have zero chance of winning”, by breeding sympathy and motivating support. So why help Sami out in this way?

I was mystified until I watched Frankie’s coverage: he wasn’t in the pimp slot; they played up his bad boy image in the most unflattering way during the VT, showing him give the camera the bird, for example; they provided him with a rock star entrance through backstage corridors which made him look big-headed; and all of this was reinforced by the judges’ comments. If they wanted to save Frankie, as I had assumed before the show, this was a very strange way to go about it.

(But if he felt like he’d been displayed in an unflattering light, it was nothing compared to the drubbing Misha B got at the hands of the judges, with what felt like an unprecedented character assassination claiming she had been mean to other contestants. This is clearly a story that the show wants to see in the tabloids. More on this during the week.)

So how does this all add up? Our theory is that producers would prefer to save another act apart from Sami in a sing-off against Frankie, because they would rather see someone else bounce the following week. After the graveyard slot, Marcus would be one of those potential sing-off rivals. I would add Rhythmix and Sophie to the list.

Rhythmix were not greatly drawn in 4, and also had the drawback of judges focusing on Tulisa’s definition of ‘rock’ more than the girls themselves. This is a classic way of deflecting attention from the performance thus dampening their vote. Sophie was next up, and unfortunately botched the final chorus, which we were reminded of in the reprise.

Kitty and Johnny were two potential elimination candidates according to bookmakers’ lists before the show, but not afterwards. Both were given big productions and kind draws, Johnny in particular. In fact, there was something Wagner-esque about Johnny’s performance and pimping this week (perhaps it was the shaky way he held the microphone). Bookmakers reckon these two and the other acts are safe.

What do you make of our theory – and will it work with the voting public? Do give your opinion on tonight’s events and how it’s changed your approach to this week’s elimination market below.

[UPDATE: Toby’s anlytk stats are in, for those interested in Twitter sentiment analysis].

59 comments to X Factor Week 3 Update: The Culling of Frankie Cocozza?

  • EM

    I gotta Sami Frankie bottom two feeling. Sami’s performance was awful and looked terrible. Her VT made her look big headed too. Is this a nightmare scenario for producers? Nope? Neither can be saved without looking stupid so deadlock here we come.

    I still think the Frankie stuff might be an effort to get support as the anti-establishment, anti X Factor Robbie-esque character. At least his performance was memorable.

    Can’t call it. Hope I’ve got it covered!

    • Daniel

      Hi Euan, if they were trying to keep Sami just clear of the bottom two, her performance will not have helped matters. A Frankie/Sami bottom two does leave the possibility of Frankie staying in the competition.

  • Boki

    Completely agree on danger for Rhytm & Sophie, Marcus was better but still not safe.
    But I also have a feeling (like EM) that Sami’s performance was terrible and she deserved bot2. I just hope Frankie somehow escapes the bottom which is not likely.
    So for me also Sami vs Frankie but who will be saved?

    Rgd the deadlock: do judges know the outcome of the votes before they decide? I assume that producers leave it to deadlock only when the voting outcome suits them, does it make sense?

    • EM

      You got to say deadlock would only be used when the outcome suits the show. Normally that’s when the one they want to go has fewest votes but in a Frankie v Sami case saving Frankie wouldn’t seem credible but giving Sami any kind of life in the show wouldnt be great.

      Not picking up much love for Janet or Craig tonight. Janet should have enough generic support to get by despite boring us to death, Craig, not so sure.

      PS I did mention Janet was one dimensional after show 1!

  • tpfkar

    Good night:

    Johnny & Kitty.
    Sooner or later, I’m hoping for recognition that the overs are deceptively strong – I’ve been a lone voice here saying that, but the evidence is there.

    Sent out first and sang strongly, with enough others who neither brought it nor put it down after him.

    Bad night:

    The Risk
    Was really not convinced by them tonight, awful VT and I don’t believe the issues were just laryngitis.

    Misha B
    To be given the pimp slot, and then have a character assassination out of nowhere…poor girl.

    No comment needed.

    Scripted Judges
    The spiky arguments tonight just looked odd, and Gary Barlow in particular is odd and monotone when trying to get sympathy. He’s a better singer than he is an actor (bit like Madonna…)

    Frankie and Sammi are the obvious bottom 2, if not swap Sammi for Rhythmix, they didn’t remind us to vote for them (in fact, their ‘we beat the curse of the girlband’ was getting cocky)

  • Nicky

    This is very illuminating. I thought Frankie was dreadful and his VT made him look low brow. I still assumed they were pushing him with all the build up but this just created a massive anti-climax when he ‘sung’. Have backed him to go at 4.2.

    Your analysis of the Sami situation – wanting to save someone else in the bottom against Cocklooooza (sorry, i’ll try to be more mature) – makes things seem less confusing. I also thought Rhythmix and Sophie were vulnerable, and have done them in a combo with Frankie, so now feel a bit more confident. I’m still worried about Sami, so much so I’ve voted for her twice – there goes my potential profit! I think she did well considering the song and the dress fashioned from a heavy duty dustbin sack. I agree that Sophie was ropey on the choruses. For me she has a beautiful voice when she sings quietly and plaintively, but it’s not so good on the loud bits. Just when a song’s meant to hot up, she goes off the boil. Rhythmix were ok, I thought, but a bit forgettable. I thought Marcus was on the money and stands a good chance of surviving the unfavourable slot.

    I still like Craig and find his vocal tone quite beautiful.

    Janet: good but forgettable – should be safe.

    The Risk: pretty bad I thought as there were many intonation problems (which the judges pretended didn’t exist), but presumably safe.

    Johnny and Kitty: awesome. Kitty’s a better singer than I thought (as someone else – sorry can’t remember who – has been pointing out). Louis has done especially well with the freaks, sorry, overs.

    Misha: not as good as I thought it would be. Perfect song choice, it should have been amazing. I found her deviations from the melody annoying and her tone, in my opinion, is too harsh and shouty for British tastes. I think she would do well on an American show, but for this competition she needs to explore the different colours of her voice and create some contrast.

    Do you think Misha’s dressing down could see her in the bottom two?

  • Nicky

    Sorry about the essay. Got carried away again!

  • Dug

    In my previous comments, I’ve not been shy about my feelings for Misha B. I’ve gushed about how much I like her as an artist and how I’d happily pre-order an album now. So of course I was disappointed by her character assassination tonight.

    Personal feelings aside, however, I am baffled by the decision to tear Misha down so blatantly in the same week she received the pimp slot and surpassed herself as a vocalist – without the help of clever production or any gimmicks. Of course the tabloid theory makes perfect sense but surely (if they had any interest in Misha’s place in the competition) it would have been more logical to tear her down this week and build her back up with a pimp slot and standout performance at a later stage. Why negate the power of the pimp slot with vicious criticism? Can anyone think of an example of when this has been done before?

    It’s certainly not unusual for judges comments to jar with the quality of the performance (The Risk were at their weakest tonight and yet received nothing but praise) but the quality of Misha’s vocal was unarguably outstanding and any positives from the judges were utterly drowned by the accusation that she was something more terrible than any X-factor contestant has ever been called before – a ‘bully’. Not ‘a diva’, not ‘difficult’ but bully – a word that equates with malice and intimidation. A word that will not sit well with the X-factor’s Janet Devlin-loving, humility-lapping audience. If we take for granted (and I’m sure we will) that the whole show is scripted, then Tulisa and Louis were not genuinely disappointed with Misha’s backstage antics but rather planting a seed that will become a component in Misha’s X-factor journey.

    Could there be any comparison to the journey of Cher Lloyd last year? Cher appeared to be too confident and this element had to be pushed to its limit before Cher seemed to buckle under the pressure, find her humility and storm into fourth place, ready to have her post-show career carved out into the real world. Are we looking the same way with Misha? It seemed clear up until tonight that she was showing the potential of a real recording artist. Even with Cher, though, the pimp slot was never combined with negative comments. It was used as a redeeming tool. It will be a while, at all, before Misha gets another bite at the coveted final spot in a live show. How are they going to turn it around? Or don’t they want to?

    • Nicky

      The best comparison of contestant humiliation I can think of is Danyl Johnson. He was accused of upsetting other contestants also. Maybe the show genuinely feels this sort of conduct needs to be stamped out? Danyl seemed to benefit in the long run, being perceived as being under attack and getting sympathy for it. Personally, I think humiliating someone infront of millions must be worse than anything Misha’s said. But it’ll make good headlines.

      • Dug

        Agreed on the public humiliation front. Were the whole thing less of a pantomime I would have to question the hypocrisy of the judges’ use of words such as ‘professionalism’ and ‘bullying.’

        I can’t see the argument that this type of behaviour needs stamping out. Were that true, there would be plenty of ways of dealing with contestants backstage that would not affect the public vote. With Danyl and Cher, however, the harsh words came as a result of public opinion, not as the cause. Whilst Misha has never been short in the confidence stakes – edging on being just that bit too sassy – I’ve not seen any evidence of her being perceived as arrogant, less still vindictive. I stress again, bully is a huge, huge word that won’t be taken lightly on the show. Whilst Gary and Kelly defended Misha’s performance, neither (not even Kelly, Misha’s mentor and champion of sisterhood) made any attempt to disagree with the bullying issue, only to call it irrelevant. Still baffled.

  • Ron

    They gave Frankie a terrible VT, making it look as if he was out boozing every night and ‘pulling fit birds’. He could well go bottom 2 again, as it looks as if the producers view him as a liability to the show.

    I thought Rhythmix’s performance was decent enough and far from the worst of the evening. It could be the likes of Sami or Sophie (very disappointing) who are in trouble.

  • Dug

    Or, to think another way, could the assassination become a source of sympathy? Misha didn’t get a chance to defend herself tonight but perhaps the way in which she deals with accusations, professionally or otherwise will turn out to be the real test of her character.

  • Boki

    For Marcus lovers: match bet on WiHill Marcus-vs-Sophie, Sophie shortened even more (2.75 : 1.4). Sophie not doing great so if you still love Marcus jump on it.

  • Stableboyuk

    After all that happened to Misha tonight, I do think that hers was the best performance on the night. She was 6.8 on Betfair at the start of the evening and shortened into 4.6 just before she sang. Now she is 7’s after the comments. A total over reaction, methinks! The core voters in XF vote for the best singers at the end of the day and even Daniel with his shocking press continued to the last few in his year. Misha can claw this back if she wants to. The Risk is just another One Direction IMO and I bet you that they are not topping the voting and nor will they ever. Janet showed a slightly dark side to her character tonight (did anyone else pick that up) that I personally did not like and she could start alienating her potential voters with her lack of any real emotion/vavavavoom!

    Misha is still my winner but it’s still all to play for with no real sure fire front runner at this stage of the competition. !

  • Donald

    Another strange show, some of it was just not good viewing.

    They attempted to obviously create new spin on the Misha “bullying” at end of show. But it must be a problem, interview on Xtra Factor was interesting to say the least.

    The twitter mob have had Frankie for breakfast dinner and supper since the show ended. Wouldn’t agree with it all, some of it crossing the line really but that’s where he is at.

    Sami was all over the shop after missing the intro.

    Janet was disapointing and I do like her but being totally honest.

    Sophie is still a puzzle, she was good up to messing up the chorus. But when she was on it very good. Johnny and Kitty rocked as best they could. Fair play.

    Rhythmix were entertaining I thought and better than some may think but ruined by “Rock” debate as Daniel pointed out.

    Marcus and Craig unmemorable really. The Risk the same.

    As on Frankie to be in bottom two and to go already I am upping my bet for him to go, the odds are too tempting but will not go daft. If wrong I’m wrong. Be a shame to see him go without some sort of decent return especially after having no real faith in his chances of survival all week, but no point of turning the week into a bad one either. Shame Sami was so poor tonight, they just might save Frankie again??

  • Jack

    I am very worried that the public seem to buy into the Tulisa attack on Misha. I had hoped that it would come across as bullying, but it seems that most people don’t like Misha and were looking for a chance to attack her and most people have taken Tulisa’s side judging by Twitter.

    I was very concerned with Marcus’s placement in the Death Slot and being followed by heavy hitter Janet Devlin. However, most people seem to think he did a good job and I am inclined to think that he may just be safe after a good performance. It seems that producer plans are going a bit awry at this stage. Frankie must be in the bottom two. His VT suggested that producers don’t want him around any more. He was portrayed as arrogant, unlikable and it was presented as though he didn’t care that people weren’t voting for him. I certainly don’t think that referring to young women as “Fit Birds” will endear him to the female half of the population. Sami, Rhythmix and Sophie are also in real danger of the chop. Sami and Sophie didn’t perform well (I can’t even remember what Sami sung, she was so forgettable) and Rhythmix had classic diversionary tactics as well as Tulisa forgetting to appeal for votes.

    I did feel that much was done to try and attack Janet’s main competitors this evening. Misha had the obvious character assassination, whilst I’m sure that not many people would have been happy to see that Derry from The Risk is willing to steal girlfriends off men. Personally, that really made me dislike him. Janet didn’t stand out, but maybe, tonight, that was a good thing.

    Janet, Craig, Kitty and Johnny (after his performance) should all be safe.

  • Nicky

    Looking at the various polls on the internet, (unreality tv, sunday mirror, digital spy), Frankie is in last place by a long way on all of them. The voting numbers are low however. The other lowest in the polls are Sami and Rhythmix, in that order, mirroring the market. I wonder if Frankie would be saved? Maybe against Sami but not against Rhythmix?

    The odds are a bit skinny, but Frankie to be in the bottom two could be free money!

    • mark

      I wonder if Frankie would be saved against anyone now or if theyd cut their losses and realise he’s done, he’s no ghood and just send him packing?

  • fiveleaves

    The Star are reporting that Kitty was only 0.5% away from the B2 last week.
    That was from the pimp slot.
    With an earlier slot and Johnny surely taking some of her ‘entertainment’ votes, with an excellent performance, I think she’s far from safe.

    ofc it depends whether you believe the Star on these things.
    Given their record I tend to.

  • Pete D

    Sorry Daniel, but we have to be fair here. Sophie did not botch the last chorus. That was the fault of the actual arrangement and finish given to her (crap and unfamiliar as it was). I am a actually a professional performing musician who knows what he is talking about and not just a sofa critic.

  • Oli

    I don’t know what to think after that show!

    Nobody did really well I thought. Misha B was good but if your doing purple rain you have to be amazing. I thought Janet and Marcus were the best of the night actually.

    I think they’ll both be fine and Misha B will be aswell.
    I think Craig and The Risk will both be OK although I think Craig seems to get worse with every week.
    Johnny should be fine aswell, he did a good job from a handy slot.

    We’re left with Kitty, Rhythmix, Sophie, Sami and Frankie.
    I can’t see Frankie surviving after the VT, Performances even Gary was negative surely he’ll be Bottom 2 but who will join him.

    I think Sophie should be ok she gave a good performance I thought.
    I think it’s a close call for the other 3 but I reckon it will be Rythmix, Distraction tactics and they said they’d survuved the curse meaning people less likely to vote?
    Who is voting for Kitty she is good but so unlikeable I think she could be in more trouble than people expect.
    Sami-her performance wasn’t great, possible sympathy after comments but will her desperate plea be effective or merely cringeworthy??

  • nugget

    The Frankie situation has suprised me, he really could not have been presented in a less favourable light if they tried. His VT made him completely unlikeable and his performance was, again, poor.

    Who will vote for him ?

    Gay men – NO, I cannot see him appealing to the pink vote, there is no sense of is he/isn’t he and his song choice and persona have no appeal to this group.
    Straight men – NO, he just comes across as the sort of guy who would bed your girlfriend given half a chance.
    Girls – NO, most girls I know hate his attitude towards women as disposable sex toys, the phrase “fit birds” used in VT shows his complete disrespect for females.
    Mothers/Fathers/Grandparents- NO, not a good role model, no likeable qualities at all.
    Music Lovers – NO, he is clearly lacking vocally and not a strong singer.

    I really thought that they would want to keep him in te show JUST because he does give the much needed XFactor tabloid headlines, but it is fairly clear after last night that they are willing to let him go.

    The whole Misha thing was clearly set up to create headlines, I was expecting something like this to happen last night. She will get through this though purely because she can sing and perform well.

    Still sat on a small bet of Sami to go and Sami bottom 2 with Marcus or Sophie. I will hold out and hope that somehow Frankie avoids the bottom 2, but its not looking good :-(.
    Frankie to go price (at about EVENS)is now too short for me, regardless of all this. He may well go this week but he is nothing like the certainty that Nu Vibe were last week.

  • Shoulders

    when the producers wanted to get rid of Wagner they just got him to ditch the fun medleys and sing a whole song with the lyrics, “I’m a creep, I’m a wierdo, what the hell am I doing here” !!! it seems they have gone to a lot of effort to make Frankie look really bad, if the plan is for him to go this week, the setting up nights on the town and all the filming to go with it, plus his interview comments, instead they could have just given him a song outside his vocal range and have judge comments that said he hadn’t improved dispite being saved. I think without Goldie Chung in the show they need another pantomime character and that’s what they went all out promoting last night, viewing figures are down, they need people talking X Factor, and Frankie is a talking point, if he’s in the bottom two which I think he might be, I think he’ll be saved for the controversy, too much effort to let him go just yet ??

  • Nicky

    I think initially, Frankie was someone the producers were pushing. I don’t think they were expecting him to be so unpopular. Everyone loves an over-sexed teenage chauvinist prick, right? I don’t think he was ever intended to be a polarising, controversial contestant, such as Danyl Johnson or Katie Waisel, and certainly not a joke act. Danyl and Katie were both capable of putting in a good performance, but Frankie’s vocals are so under par, and his support so low, the producers may now see him as untenable.

  • Nicky

    Frankie could be the new circus act who can’t sing and they might save him again. But I agree with Daniel that it would be a short term strategy; if the voting polls prove correct, they’d have to save him every week.

  • Nicky

    1.6 on Betfair for Frankie to be in the bottom two. I don’t usually bet odds on, but feels like free money. If this goes down, I’m going to throw in the towel!

  • Shoulders

    I think the X Factor doesn’t really become a singing competition until the last 2 to 3 weeks, up until that point it is an entertainment show and the more head lines, talking points, controversies and arguments both on the judging panel, homes up and down the country and forums on the net the producers can muster the better. The arguments between the judges last night are a good example, Kelly digged Tulisa for Rhythmix’s song choice not being Rock which prompted a to and throw of different opinions with neither judge backing down. Yet Kelly then went on to hi five Tulisa for her song choice for The Risk of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley…..?? How is that a rock song?, there is no consistency in her comments, my opinion is that it is all part of the pantomime scripted act for the cameras.
    I think the acts that are just fun or divide opinion are kept in for as long as
    they serve their purpose, in the end it will just be the best singers who have the best chance of selling records that are left.

    Daniel, what is your opinion on the part of the show when they announce which acts are safe?? Although they always say in “in no particular order” the first act announced safe can give the impression they are much more popular than they are, likewise if an act is the last to be called safe it can look like they are not so popular and have only just escaped bottom two. On last years series I won some money with this theory betting that the producers favorites, One Direction would be the first act through to the final, could just be luck but I think the producers us all tactics available to steer the show in the direction they want. With this in mind I have a feeling that if Frankie escapes the bottom two he could be the first act announced safe, I don’t think they have gone to all the effort in his VT for nothing, I’m in total agreement that his shelf life is short but I think the producers defiantly want him in next week for some more of the same, by the same token Johnny could be in for the same boost of first act safe, the acts the producers want to be in the final won’t need this help till later in the competition???

  • Daniel

    Hey Shoulders, I agree with many of your points here. Funnily enough we are putting together an article analysing the order in which the acts are announced safe each time. It will be posted on Sofabet during the week. I’m yet to be convinced there’s any pattern based on the research done so far though.

    • Ronnie

      I also believe that the produces use the order in which the acts are announced safe as a method to manipulate the voting. However, I think that by announcing them as the last act safe – as in the case of Marcus last week – it will put an idea in the viewers minds that they were in trouble and fans will want to vote for that act even more the following week (like a mini sympathy bounce). So, on the other hand, by announcing someone safe first, people will think they are as safe as houses and getting loads of votes which could have a negative affect their vote the following week.

  • Shoulders

    Dam!! no first act safe theroy its back to the drawing board for me then, ha ha!!

  • Tim

    I’m not sure Frankie is in much trouble as people think. They gave him his OWN segment of the show and in the second half, suggesting they’d like him around for longer. Maybe this is my wallet talking though as I am on Smai to go…

  • Analysis is up:

    Harder to call this week, a few major negative swings – Not sure whether the last minute nonsense around Misha will affect the voting though. Johnny went down well – Sami looks at risk though.

  • Tim

    Thanks Toby, very interesting. I’ve had a small bet on Rythmix for bottom 2, and Sami. Not confident to do a combo though as Frankie could be in there.

  • Boki

    If we look to the markets Frankie leads on all but:
    For bot2 2nd and 3rd equal favorites are Sami & Rhytm. For elimination Sami is 2 times shorter than Rhytm. So the market suggests Rhytm will be saved if encounters Sami or Frankie while Sami is less sure.

    What you guys think about outcome of Frankie vs Rhytm sing-off? Daniel, you still think Rhytm? This pair particulary matters to me…

    • Daniel

      Hi Boki, saving Frankie against Rhythmix would involve bringing Tulisa down to one act and sacrificing a group they had invested in whilst keeping the non-bouncing Cocozza in for another week of tabloid headlines.

      Last night’s show seemed to indicate they were done with Frankie, but also showed how far it would go for cheap stories. In the circumstances, it’s certainly not a sing-off I would get heavily involved with, just in case.

  • tpfkar

    Two more thoughts from last night:

    1) Why the late hate for Misha B? Well remember the 3 million people who switched off before the end last week? If the major talking point from the show happens right at the end, is it a cheap trick to keep people watching?

    2) Stronger than what I said last night, the Risk were stuffed this week. Awful VT (Rhythmix aren’t the kind of girls to steal your boyfriends but watch out for Derry) reference to ‘issues’ this week – laryngitis didn’t feel like the real reason. And a far from stellar performance. Hard to see why they are so hotly tipped based on the evidence.

  • Nicky

    I seem to have become a bit obsessed this week and have been endlessly mulling it over! The Sami situation is confusing me somewhat.

    Daniel’s article states that Gary’s critique of Sami could have the effect of ‘breeding sympathy and motivating support’, and asks, ‘So why help Sami out in this way?’. Her botched opening was not mentioned by the judges.

    Conversely, it appeared in other ways that Sami was being trashed out: banal song, poor styling, early slot. With such a big voice, rock week should have given Sami a chance to shine and she could have sung a real rabble rouser of a song. On the Xtra Factor, Sami herself was bemused by the song choice. I’m sure Louis would do whatever the producers asked of him. Sami has a big, belting voice but so does Kitty and they don’t really need both of them. Sami has a bubbly, funny personality, but so does Johnny, so they don’t need Sami on this front either. Also, Sami does not appear to have much public following and so is totally expendable.

    Could Gary’s comments have been intended to prepare the way to eliminate Sami and justify keeping Frankie for another week to generate controversy?

  • Simon "le chat"

    Marcus sails on – death slot or not he is a performer and is going all the ay to the final.

    Bottom 2? FRANKIE is one, but who else?
    I would suggest SAMI or MISHA and take a chance on SAMMI who is clealy suplus to the show.
    MISHA was being softened up for next week because she is the main female challenge to JANET, the chosen one.
    FINAL 3?
    YOu read it here first!

    In the meaintime I am investing my winninings on the WILLIAM HILL MP MU over 100 points on MARCUS to be top boy at 3/1.
    NAILED ON im my view.
    The price will be gone tomorrow after FRANKIE goes in deadlock

    • Donald

      Hi Simon, I really must admire your support for Marcus, hell or high water.

      If he gets through tonight you should head up the vote Marcus campaign and we’ll all make a packet.

      Hope Frankie in bottom two at least. If he goes I’ll have had a decent week.

      If he doesn’t hope it’s not Marcus.

      I did consider Gary having two in the bottom early in the week but left it after your great posts.

    • Pete D

      Hi Simon “le chat”.
      I’m with you on all that too for tonight F & S in b2 (great minds etc). I’ve rated Marcus tops too right from his audition. He is made of good pro-attitude stuff and cocked a snoot at the death slot putting in an un-phased sterling performance.
      Frankie’s poor copycat ‘Liam’ antics were as pathetic as his guyliner (whether or not they were engineered and edited by the producers in a desperate attempt to create a more dramatic death or glory exit or a renewed girly interest). Better to burn out rather than fade out so to speak.
      Frankie has had his 15 mins of fame and has abused his one golden chance to make a credible name for himself win or lose. Gary DID try to tell him.

  • Simon "le chat"

    Just watched the show back again.
    Marcus was outstanding from the death slot and liely to be first announced “safe” I reckon.

    FRANKIE was rubbish and could well be on his way. Sophie was nowt special.
    Who do the producers want to stay of those two?
    Keeping FRANKIE will make more headlines so FRANKIe to suvuve and bye bye Sophie-…

  • Stephen

    Frankie is getting shorter and shorter.


  • nugget

    If Frankie goes odds-on on BF I will be looking to lay this, to much uncertainty surrounding this week for him to be considered an odds on shot IMHO

  • Simon "le chat"

    It occrrued to me that after MARCUS is safe, he cannot get the death slot again.
    What does that tell us?
    Here to stay.

  • nugget

    Great result 🙂

  • Simon "le chat"

    I wonder when the bookies will start treating MARCUS as a serious contender?
    Long way to go but better to be quiet in the first few weeks and then pick up steam.
    Now is the time to vote Sammi going.
    Kitty will sell seats on the tour, Sammi wont.
    How much has the landlord had on Sammi to go at 1/5 this wekk?

    • Donald

      Simon, well Marcus still there. Sammi at least saved the week at my end.

      Be interesting how much Daniel got on Sammi for sure.

      Next week going to be real lottery now.

  • Shoulders

    was Marcus getting called out first just a random draw, or is this now the start of the show pushing him towards the finals???, he’s done the death slot, surely now a pimp spot soon and similar performance is going to change shorten his odds dramatically???

  • nugget

    Job done this week 🙂
    Who does everyone fancy for bottom 2 next week??
    Still working through this in my mind…looks like Kitty just isnt getting the public votes which is a pity cos she is a great singer/perfomer and deserves a couple more weeks yet.

  • Panos

    i almost had a heart attack!! my biggest bets were my lay on kitty in the elimination market and my backing sami to be eliminated!!! i used whatever little profits i had made from my last and final bet of frankie not being bottom 2 on sami to go during the singoff – i thought my loss if kitty was eliminated would be so big that the frankie profit wouldn’t make a difference lol! all 3 bets worked out in the end, but literally at the last second of the show, louis i love u!!! next week oh so tricky. i might even stay out after tonight!! silently awaiting for marcus’ explosion too.

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