Dancing on Ice: Why we won’t be

Many thanks to those of you who’ve been in touch to ask if we’ll be covering Dancing on Ice, which starts on ITV1 this weekend. The answer is probably not, and certainly not in any great depth – simply because neither of us has watched it religiously enough in previous seasons to be able to talk confidently about the trends and patterns to look out for.

We might find ourselves getting into it this year and putting in the research – but in the past, the betting market has been relatively small and illiquid. We’ll see. Most likely our next posts will be some in-depth reviews of X Factor 2010, and Daniel’s early thoughts on the emerging picture for Eurovision 2011 – always the defining event of his betting year.

If you have wisdom on Dancing on Ice, though, we’d love to hear it in the comments box – especially from stableboyuk, who correctly called the momentum shifting to Kara and Artem in the week running up to the Strictly final while we kept our colours nailed to the Matt Baker mast. If you’re having a bet on Dancing on Ice, who are you on and why?

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  • stableboyuk

    Hi there guys

    I have decided to stay out of DOI purely because there are too many imponderables caused by contestants fanbases! Sam looks like the natural winner BUT is too short to be backing now (should have backed him earlier when he said in early VT’s that he skated when he was younger…always a good indication of stregnth at the beginning of the show).

    Laura has a natural style on the ice and shows little fear and will only get stronger over the series so watch her at 6.8 on Betfair but she desparately needs to win over the voters as she has already been in the bottom 3! Only she can topple Sam, methinks!

    Hope this helps.

  • stableboyuk

    Only one winner so lump on to Sam! He is tall, athletic and completely in sync with his partner! There is NOBODY coming out of the pack and even with so many weeks to go, the only way he can lose this is to fall over and hurt himself. The others are so bad, I am only watching the results show at the moment! LOL

  • Stableboyuk

    Even tho Laura was in the bottom two in week one, I have once again got the top two correct again! ;D

    Sam did drift in the betting towards the end but he was always the best skater from the start!


    Check out James Durbin in American Idol….and you can back him at 6’s on Betfair.

    He will succeed where Adam Lambert just failed! America loves a rocker!

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