X Factor Week 2 Elimination Market

Damn Simon Cowell. The ‘twist’ in this year’s X Factor has put a dent in my betting strategy, at least during these first four weeks of double eliminations.

Let me explain. Watching the show, you can tell which acts producers are interested in keeping and which acts they are happy to lose. Take Katie Waissel: […]

Midweek refleXions: A-Waisseling we will go

Unlike my sofabet colleague Daniel Gould, I don’t have the balls to risk six-figure sums on light entertainment. The pleasure I take from shows like X Factor lies more in the fascination of trying to reverse-engineer the producers’ script by observing how they appear to be trying to manipulate public opinion. In this “Midweek refleXions” […]

X Factor Week 1 Betting Post-Mortem

I lost a couple of hundred pounds when Nicolo was the first to be eliminated from this year’s final stages of X Factor. I had backed FYD, John Adeleye and Belle Amie for that dubious distinction.

I would have won just over £1,000 had FYD gone first rather than been the second to be eliminated, […]

X Factor Week 1 Elimination Market

This article comes with not one, but two warnings. The unknown variable of the ‘wildcards’ and how they will be included in this weekend’s shows makes betting on the elimination market a riskier proposition than usual.

Secondly, we have to take on trust the rumoured running order of the first show, on which many of […]

X Factor: Twist Rumours Reach Fever Pitch

Rumours are swirling about the nature of the ‘twist’ in Saturday’s show. Most involve the idea of one wildcard being selected by the respective judge of each category. The four chosen are said to be Paije Richardson, Diva Fever, Treyc Cohen and Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho.

My source suggests that the public will vote for one of […]

X Factor: Final 12 Finishing Order Prediction

Rumours abound that next Saturday’s show will see one wildcard from each category added to the final stages of the competition. Later this week, we will consider who else may go through if this is the case, and the impact on the chances of other contestants. In the meantime, however, we know for sure that […]

Strictly Come Dancing: Baker To Deliver

Men do better than women in reality TV shows. My theory why is that the female public is more likely to vote, and more likely to vote for the opposite sex.

Strictly Come Dancing is an excellent case in point. Ali Bastian always outscored eventual winner Chris Hollins with the judges in 2009, but could […]

Predicting X Factor, Part 5: Betting in running

Experience even more intensely the ups and downs of X-Factor, as it happens: bet in-running. You won’t be the only one. Punters are watching the show with Betfair to hand, reacting to events and odds as they unfold. The bottom two and elimination markets in particular become highly competitive every show with the markets fluctuating […]