X Factor: Twist Rumours Reach Fever Pitch

Rumours are swirling about the nature of the ‘twist’ in Saturday’s show. Most involve the idea of one wildcard being selected by the respective judge of each category. The four chosen are said to be Paije Richardson, Diva Fever, Treyc Cohen and Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho.

My source suggests that the public will vote for one of these acts to re-enter the show the following week. The final 12 already selected will go through the usual process of elimination this week, and thus there will also be 12 acts in next week’s episodes.

This makes sense to me. The current X-Factor formula works well: producers will only want to make minor alterations to a winning formula, whilst happily seeing speculation suggest more radical changes. 16 contestants rather than 12 fighting out the final stages risks making the programme over-long. It also raises the joke contestant quotient from 8.33% to 18.75%.

On Saturday, we will give you our advice for betting on the first elimination. In the meantime, it may also be worth working out who may get through out of the wildcards, and the effect this may have. I think it will be a two-horse race between Treyc and Diva Fever.

Treyc will get mileage from last year’s efforts and the sense of injustice created by Cheryl’s selections. But my money would be on Diva Fever because they are so much more entertaining, and having seen the ‘Top 12’ picked, viewers may want to add entertainment rather than credibility to the list.

Diva Fever would add a much needed element of camp and kitsch fun to Saturday night proceedings, and it could be that producers might position them in a not dissimilar way to Jedward. I could see them survive a couple of weeks on that basis.

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