Britain’s Got Talent: The big night

As mentioned in our article this week, the running order counts for a huge amount in BGT. This is not just because phone voters are swayed by what they see at the end of the show, but also for what it reveals about the producers’ hopes.

I’m signed up to email and SMS alerts, and am awaiting news on the running order for tonight. A draw in the first half of the show indicates to me that producers do not want this act to win. A draw in the last three suggests the producers are highly supportive.

Expect odds to change significantly once the running order becomes clear, and this may allow for hedging possibilities on Betfair. My main advice for today is to get in fast. You may be able to get out and make a profit whatever the result.

I am looking to oppose odds-on favourites Spelbound, who don’t convince me as having the wide appeal of Diversity, last year’s winners. A second dance act in a row may not be what producers are hoping for either.

Yet I’m not convinced by the talents of second favourite, the impressionist Paul Burling, either. Third-favourite Janey Cutler will be of interest with a late draw, however.

In a wide open contest, the draw will be of even more importance, and I will wait to put any bets on until I’ve seen it.

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