Eurovision semi-final 2 betting: The morning after

Well, this semi-final promised carnage, and so it proved, with Sweden and Croatia, both fancied for the whole contest, failing to qualify. I was very happy with another five-figure profit due to the success of my two biggest bets, on Turkey and Georgia qualifying.

I watched the late replay on BBC3, and what struck me was that hot favourite Azerbaijan is going to find it very hard to justify those high expectations from the number 1 position in the final.

This is the most open final since 2002, and it will be crucial over the next two days to pay attention to the blogs reporting on the dress rehearsals, to see how the new running order affects the impact of each song.

Only then will I feel able to work out my strategy for the final. Much as I will have to name something as the likeliest winner, as I’ve stressed in one of my posts, it’s not just about working out who gets the prize. There will also be other, maybe more lucrative opportunities.

Later today, I will write the final article of the top tips for Eurovision series. The big day on Saturday will see a couple of blogs on possible ways to make money by betting on the Eurovision final.

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