Eurovision 2017: May 5 rehearsals

Today contained a mixture of the last three acts in the first heat, the first five acts of the second one, and the first rehearsals of the automatic qualifiers. We got off to a very strong start with Armenia’s Artsvik. She’s in a mesh black trouser suit, sounding great, and there’s a very coherent look […]

Eurovision 2017: May 4 rehearsals

Second rehearsals mean getting more judgemental about an act’s progress. Sweden improved on their first effort: Robin Bengtsson had no vocal issues at all; and the shot from the rear during the bridge has been reinstated. There was also a small, positive change from Melodifestivalen – at the start of the second verse, Robin now […]

Eurovision 2017: May 3 rehearsals

It was guilty pleasures morning in the Eurovision press centre. San Marino offered a stage with stripes and shapes in rainbow colours. Jimmie and Valentina were both in black for ‘Spirit of the Night’; he removed his jacket near the finale, though Valentina didn’t do the same with the handbag she was wearing. There was […]

Eurovision 2017: May 2 rehearsals

Serbia’s Tijana was being kind to her voice in this morning’s first rehearsal. There was nothing particularly original about the staging for ‘In Too Deep’, a dark-blue watery concept with bubbles. Tijana in white, was finally joined by a male dancer for the middle eight, and he ran backwards around a whirlpool effect on the […]

Eurovision 2017: May 1 rehearsals

Like Sweden yesterday, today’s first rehearsal from Greece had some early-morning vocals. The rainy dark-blue backdrop was nicely dramatic, and Demy looked amazing in beige as she walked onto a platform which lifted her for the first chorus. She was then joined by two topless male swan dancers. For the middle eight a screen projected […]

Eurovision 2017: April 30 rehearsals

Initial technical problems in the press centre meant only one run-through with audio for today’s very first rehearsal. We knew what we’d be getting from Sweden anyway: a largely facsimile performance from Melodifestivalen for Robin Bengtsson’s ‘I Can’t Go On’.

Robin and his posse still start backstage, once again styling out the fact they’ve […]

Eurovision 2017: Latest on upcoming rehearsals

Eurovision rehearsals begin this Sunday in Kiev – the full timetable is here. I’ll be tweeting from the press centre throughout, and providing an end-of-day summary on Sofabet as usual.

As before, there will only be short, official video clips of first rehearsals on For second rehearsals onwards, many other sites, among the […]

Eurovision 2017: Westerners’ Karma

Fake news isn’t new; we’ve always lived in a constructed reality. I don’t mean your garden fence is a hologram, I mean that stories and symbols shape our societies in ways that are profound but commonly invisible, unarticulated and taken for granted. Money has no intrinsic value, it’s just paper, metal, and figures stored in […]