Eurovision 2017: Westerners’ Karma


Fake news isn’t new; we’ve always lived in a constructed reality. I don’t mean your garden fence is a hologram, I mean that stories and symbols shape our societies in ways that are profound but commonly invisible, unarticulated and taken for granted. Money has no intrinsic value, it’s just paper, metal, and figures stored in […]

Eurovision in Concert 2017 Review


Amsterdam’s Eurovision in Concert event took place on Saturday with a bumper crop of this year’s hopefuls. Having covered many of the artists who participated in the previous week’s London gig, the focus here will be on those seen live for the first time. The YouTube channels of esckaz and Wiwibloggs provide ample footage.

I’ve […]

London Eurovision Party 2017 Review


Uncharacteristically this year, the London Eurovision Party came before its Amsterdam counterpart. Among the acts, we got to compare the leading four in the outright market. You can take a look at the performances for yourselves thanks to excellent video coverage on the esckaz YouTube channel.

The following review comes with the usual caveats. A […]

Eurovision 2017: Semi-final running order announced


This morning, the running order for each semi-final was announced. Sweden gets the competition up and running, with Portugal given the most help in the first half. Latvia gets the pimp slot in that first semi, and Slovenia gets the last slow song in the penultimate berth.

In the second semi, Serbia start proceedings in […]

Eurovision 2017: The search for a second favourite


There’s no doubting Italy’s hold at the top of the market, and we now have the Eurovision edit, which cuts the first verse in half and omits the second. Beyond ‘Occidentali’s Karma‘, the outright market has been trying on different second favourites for size. Betfair was briefly blinded by Belgium’s ‘City Lights’, with Bulgaria’s ‘Beautiful […]

Eurovision 2017: Belgium’s Blanche and other recent selections


As we hurtle towards the mid-March submission deadline, we have one Super Saturday of national finals left – featuring northern luminaries Iceland, Sweden, Lithuania and Norway.

Each is its own conundrum: Iceland’s event seems more open than anticipated after hot favourite Svala was a visual let-down in her heat and some of her rivals stepped […]

Eurovision 2017: Eesti Laul and recent selections


Eurovision season is in full swing. The pace of selections has quickened, even if many songs have maintained a slowish tempo. There will barely be a day between now and mid-March without a reveal: tomorrow brings ‘Gravity’ from Cyprus, and among next Saturday’s finals is an intriguing Eesti Laul.

None of the recent selections are […]

Eurovision 2017: The Big 5 decide


Hot on the heels of an exceptionally early UK selection, the rest of the Big 5 – the largest financial contributors, granted a free pass to the final – followed suit in the last week or so. As did Switzerland.

This time last week, the earliest known entries hadn’t excited the betting market. (That’s often […]