BGT 2015 voting statistics post-mortem

It felt like a curious series of Britain’s Got Talent. In the first two semi-finals, producers seemed keen to dampen down discussion of the significance of the running order by putting the most-pimped acts in the early parts of the show – five of the six podium finishers were among the first five of nine […]

BGT2015: Final preview

A few months ago, a story went out that one of the changes planned for this year’s Britian’s Got Talent was that the semi-final running orders would be randomly drawn. The previous year, a late slot and qualification to the final had become more closely correlated than ever. But the format change never came to […]

BGT2015: Semi-finals discussion thread

With perfect timing, Eurovision ends and the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent begin. Every day this coming working week, the varied acts will go before a public vote for a place in the final. It’s one of the most enjoyable and manipulative TV talent shows for the betting community. Having just returned from Vienna, I’m […]

BGT 2015 auditions discussion thread

Britain’s Got Talent 2015 kicked off last night, with Hull singer Calum Scott the early 6/1 market leader after being golden-buzzered by Simon Cowell. Three further acts from the first show entered bookies’ lists at low double-figure prices: 162-piece Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy, roller-skating siblings Billy and Emily, and French ventriloquist Marc Metral with his […]

BGT 2014: Post-mortem

The voting figures show show that Collabro claimed the crown with 26.5%, ahead of Lucy Kay on 17% and Bars and Melody on 14.3%. Top of the non-singing acts was Darcy Oake in fifth with 8.5%. What can we conclude from the final? Here are five thoughts.


BGT 2014: The final

Britain’s Got Talent is the most manipulative of TV competitions – and that’s really saying something. There’s little time for acts to build up a following before the semi-finals, which gives great power to Cowellian tactics such as running order, staging and judges’ comments. This year the direct qualifiers filled the following slots in the […]

BGT 2014: Semi-finalists revealed

Tonight’s last audition show moved quickly onto the panel deciding who was through to the semi-finals – the first and most historically important of which is tomorrow (as the graphs towards the end of this article indicate).

On the official list is Paddy & Nico, despite reports of an injury to the 79-year-old dancer. Lucy […]

Britain’s Got Talent 2014 Discussion Thread

Britain’s Got Talent has still got it; ratings for the first show in a new season were higher than ever. Our usual approach on Sofabet is to start writing posts during the semi-final week – when the running order and other classic Cowellian techniques, make abundantly clear who is being promoted.

There’s plenty of time […]