X Factor 2018 Week 6 Review: Tetley for one

We’ve rarely had cause to doff our caps to TPTB this series, so it’s nice to have an opportunity to do so – the sequence of the first three VTs on Saturday had us chuckling. The common theme was going on a night out. First up, Brendan met his cousin in a near-empty pub (was […]

X Factor 2018 Week 5 Review: Shan – a KO

They can still do it, then. This weekend saw Bella expertly filleted, then the judges neatly orchestrated to minimise the embarrassment of dragging Acacia and Aaliyah through yet another singoff – Louis got to look willing to take tough decisions, and Ayda turned on the acting skills to work herself into a state of deadlock-justifying […]

IACGMOOH 2018 Discussion Thread

With X Factor looking like a foregone conclusion, our hardy commenters have the celebrity jungle exploits to keep them occupied in the run-up to Christmas. Will Harry Redknapp manage his way to reality TV success? Or can Fleur East go one better than her X Factor second? Let us know your thoughts below as it […]

X Factor 2018 Week 4 Review: Gio-politics

“I feel embarrassed, actually, for the show” – as do we all, Simon. He meant that the show hasn’t yet made the best of Acacia and Aaliyah, and that was his excuse for sending Gio home after a barnstorming singoff performance. “How are they going to do this?” Dermot had said, apparently wondering out loud […]

X Factor 2018 Week 3 Review: Bad Vibe

Truly, I’m a glutton for punishment. I watched the live show three times last weekend: the first, prerecorded version on Saturday afternoon having queued for hours on an industrial estate in Park Royal; I got home on Saturday evening to see the technical shambles of its first television airing; before putting myself through Sunday’s truncated […]