Eurovision 2018: Apr 30 rehearsals

You shouldn’t answer too many questions based on first rehearsals; and today’s action posed even more. FYROM only completed one run-through after technical issues, so should be given something of a free pass. Marija was wearing a pink suit jacket backwards and short shorts, with three female backing dancers in black. There was lots of […]

Eurovision 2018: Apr 29 rehearsals

A reminder that first rehearsals are just that: last year, Belgium’s Blanche scored a big fat zero in the opening-day press poll before coming fourth overall; and Israel’s Imri sounded like a non-qualifier before his third place in the second semi.

Some acts go through the motions, concerned more about getting their marks right on […]

Eurovision 2018: Five points to consider

A few weeks ago, I offered my thoughts on the contenders according to bookmakers’ odds. But there are plenty of other markets out there, and it’s worth looking beyond “who’s going to win?” to find new angles in those other markets. Here are four such questions to help consider different perspectives, before some final thoughts […]

Eurovision in Concert 2018

The Eurovision market on Betfair has the jitters. It feels like there’s a swift reaction to every bit of news or concert footage. Market leader Israel traded as short as 2.6 as Netta took to the stage in Tel Aviv. After an understandably nervous and excitable first live performance of ‘Toy’, the price drifted to […]

London Eurovision Party 2018

We’re in the middle of Eurovision preview party season: Riga, London and Moscow last week will be followed by Tel Aviv tomorrow, then Amsterdam on Saturday and finally Madrid. A reminder that what transpires on a tiny stage in a small venue in front of excitable fans often has little bearing on the main event. […]

Eurovision 2018: Running order for the semi-finals

Eagerly anticipated by the betting community and fans in general, the official website has just published the running order for both semi-finals, found here. Azerbaijan open the first heat, which we round off with Cyprus. Meanwhile, the first dish of the second heat is Norway, where we finish with Ukraine.

A reminder that song […]