X Factor 2017 Series Review: The Housemate’s Tale

We were intrigued to discover, as the screening of Grace’s first-week audition established her as the early betting favourite, that she’s a housemate of Janet Devlin. She must have discussed with Janet whether or not to go on the show. And after Janet’s experience in 2011, it would be astonishing if Janet hadn’t offered some […]

X Factor 2017 Semi-Final Post-Mortem: Linnen Flattened, Lloyd Foiled, Kelvins Cut

All aboard! It’s always a joy to see Dermot sending the X Factor finalists’ battlebuses on the road – indeed, this segment of the show has become a running joke in these parts since he banged the side of Fleur’s bus as it departed the studio in 2014. It will, of course, have been pure […]

X Factor 2017: Semi-Final 2

In yesterday’s show, we said goodbye to Matt Linnen, who finished bottom of the vote after his rendition of ‘Gimme Shelter’. It was enough that he was put on second in the running order, with generally unhelpful staging, and a look of thunder on Sharon’s face as he performed.

Dermot said in-running there was […]

X Factor 2017: Semi-Final 1

The remaining six acts merge for semi-final weekend, where one act will be eliminated tonight, and one tomorrow. The Cool Britannia theme allows a few X Factor staples to be wheeled out – Kevin’s ‘Come Together’ has been covered by Ben Haenow, Matt Cardle and Olly Murs on the show. Lloyd Macey’s ‘Don’t Let The […]

X Factor 2017 Week 4 Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball Metaphors

“They must have been very proud of the Andrea Faustini food takedown, there’s more food discussion than most cookery shows” – Sagand. “Did last nights Prawn cocktail reappearance remind anybody of the Skips rabbit hole?!” – Martin.

If you were reading Sofabet in 2014, you’ll recall the infamous “doughnut deramp”, in which Simon compared […]

IACGMOOH 2017 Discussion Thread

The latest series of the celebrity jungle adventure landed on TV screens at the weekend. If you have any views on who is proving a crowd-pleaser, and who’s a snake, feel free to leave your thoughts below. Unfortunately, we are too invested in X Factor to provide much coverage ourselves, but it’s a fun reality […]

X Factor 2017 Week 4 Post-Mortem: Apollo 16

We are in awe of TPTB this series. Another weekend flawlessly executed: can anyone doubt that Rak-Su and Grace topping the vote, and Rak-Su winning the prize fight, was the plan? It puts the momentum firmly back with those two long-favoured acts as we head into the semi-final, and it retires the prize fight with […]

X Factor 2017: Live Show 8

Producers haven’t been subtle in their use of the running order this series: last night’s show saw the acts appear in ascending order of apparent favour. Rak-Su were on last and won the night; Sam Black along with Sean & Conor were the first to appear and duly eliminated. #3 is the latest slot for […]