BGT 2017: Running Order in the Semi-Finals

It’s Britain’s Got Talent week, with the five semi-finals from tonight through to Friday, and the final on Sunday. This means we get to update our graphs on who qualifies from which slots, and assess the running order’s importance.

One difference this year, already pointed out in our previous discussion thread, is that the judges […]

Eurovision 2017: Grand Final preview

This year’s Eurovision looks like a three-horse race between market leaders Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria. Last year was nail-bitingly close between the eventual top three, where huge disparities between respective jury and televote scores added to the suspense. I think this renewal will be more reminiscent of 2014, where the top three all scored really […]

Eurovision 2017: Grand Final rehearsal

This afternoon the press centre watched the first rehearsal for tomorrow night’s big event. Not everyone was in their battle outfits, and the important pre-show run-through is tonight for the benefit of the juries. Follow us on Twitter for our views on that as it happens.

Israel’s Imri was an example of the Eurovision performer […]

Eurovision 2017: Second semi-final preview

The first heat was a competitive one in which there was enough strength in depth for a shock non-qualifier (Finland). The second semi feels like there’s a bigger group of more secure qualifiers, and a lot of mediocre songs scrabbling for the last couple of places.

Bulgaria is a deserving odds-on favourite to win tonight’s […]

Eurovision 2017: Second semi-final dress rehearsal

After some technical issues, the first dress rehearsal of the second semi-final kicked off with Serbia’s Tijana. After disappointing earlier in the week, ‘In Too Deep’ is now at least meeting its low expectations, with the vocal better than before. But Austria’s Nathan Trent is a much-needed injection of charm and easy listening straight afterwards.


Eurovision 2017: First semi-final preview

This feels like a tricky semi-final. At the time of going to press, the Betfair qualification market has a clear top ten. These are, in descending order: Armenia, Sweden, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Greece, Moldova, Finland, Australia, Belgium and Cyprus.

But there were good vocal performances from Poland, Georgia, Iceland and Slovenia during last night’s jury rehearsal. […]

Eurovision 2017: First semi-final dress rehearsal

What follows are my impressions of the first dress rehearsal of the first semi-final. The opportunity to watch the participants in quick succession theoretically means we can compare them more easily. Later today, I will tweet my thoughts of each act during the crucial run-through that national juries watch and vote on.


Eurovision 2017: May 7 rehearsals

A short rehearsal day started with Ukraine’s second set of run-throughs. Lead singer Yevhen is now in a better grey top, and we got extra polish, with more effects on the big head prop. Moving on, there are little niggles you can make about the Italian rehearsal, but they pale beside Francesco Gabbani’s charisma. He […]