The Voice 2017 Discussion Thread

The Voice starts its new life on ITV at 8pm tonight, after five largely underwhelming outings on the BBC. When it was announced in November 2015 that ITV had acquired the rights to the show, there was speculation that it could replace the X Factor – but it’s since been confirmed that the X Factor will stagger on until at least 2019. To what extent sharing a channel will affect the evolution of either franchise remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the Beeb are launching Let It Shine, a Graham Norton-fronted show featuring XF alums Gary Barlow and Dannii Minogue in casting a musical based on the songs of Take That. It’s currently unclear (reportedly including to Cowell’s lawyers) how exactly the format will work – but there are apparently live shows, so there might be something for bookmakers to price up.

If you’re watching either or both, do let us know what you reckon below.

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  • stoney

    Caught the 1st half of the show last night. I think the producers on itv made a great decision to scrap the turning and talking to the rejected contestants, pointless doing that in the 1st place.
    I thought the guy that sang 1st would be the type of winner that would have won and gone on to flop had the show still been on bbc1. Itv however would not be allowing that to happen. I fully expect the levels of manipulation we see in the x factor to be injected into the voice.

  • Alan

    That’d be the only thing that would make me watch it.

  • Harry

    Thought that lad Jamie who got turned away was quite good, and with the judges apparently ‘wondering if [they’d] done the right thing’, we could be on for some wildcards.

  • Could we have a Eurovision discussion thread please? 🙂

  • The first person on Let It Shine W2 could potentially be a winner, but his voice is weak.

  • Lee is way to cheesy – If he gets through which I am not sure it will be by 1-2 stars.

  • Who is Damien going to play!?

    Update: He is the usual shock good one.

  • This guy is getting through. Especially after that VT.

  • A potential winner.

    Wait, not 20? Hmn, if there was a betting market he would have went down a bit there.

  • Julius will get through but he won’t get that far.

  • About LIS

    The winner will be Matt. A fairly bland singer with a good voice and has been playing in musicals before.
    He is called Matt.

    Simon should be suing, they just copied the X Factor winner.

  • Let it shine, wow. The last group or “The pimp slot” group have all the 5 stars. We all know who is winning.

  • Andy.

    Show 3, Contestants 2. Anyone else thinking Millicent Weaver could get to the business end of the series ? I personally thought she was absolutely brilliant yet only Gavin turned his seat around and she has one of the lowest audition views of the series on YouTube, her other available track on the site, ‘Acid eyes’ hasn’t been searched either, I’m happy with a speculative 28/1 in the hope that Gavin gives her a shout at the lives and hopefully viewers warm to what is one of the most unique voices I’ve heard on this show in 6 years.

  • David Cook

    This year the auditions seem to have been a string of largely worthy but dull acts. With few stand out acts it’s difficult to look past Mo as a potential winner at this stage.
    I’ve got to agree with Andy above that Millicent looks to be the most interesting acts this year. Hopefully Gavin backs her through to the live shows, but whether she would attract votes is another matter.
    One act that seems unlikely to be a vote winner is Truly Ford, but again I think she’s one of the most interesting acts. Her youtube channel has a few decent videos including a good cover Laura Marling’s Rambling Man, and her own track Blue Rose which has a Lana Del Rey meets Florence Welch flavor.
    Strangely despite criticism on DS, Gavin seems to have put together the team featuring the more diverse and interesting acts.

    • Andy.

      Viewers on the voice app voted Millicent 74% v Max 26%.
      7 betting slips into the trash. Cheers Gav.

      • David Cook

        What a joke – it wasn’t even close. Even Max knew he’d been well beaten.

        • Andy

          Mo certainly has producer favour, pimp in Show 1 of the auditions, Pimp in show 1 of the battles, yet if young Jamie Miller gets anywhere near the lives, I suspect he could pull in more votes from the armchair audience. Cautious about getting stung again before I know who reaches the final 12 but Jamie is Plan B for me at the moment. Decent singer, strong regional vote from Wales and guaranteed the grandmothers vote after tears at his battle performance.

          • David Cook

            This seems to be pretty much running to form. I think Jennifer’s three for the finals will be Mo, David Jackson and Jamie Miller. That looks like a pretty strong line up. I’m struggling to see acts in the other teams that could realistically win in the public vote against them.

  • David Cook

    Oops. They’ve changed the format apparently so that the public vote in the knockout rounds too. Top two go through and the coach picks one of the remaining four to join them. So that’ll be all the bland male acts through then.
    Still think that’ll be the line up from Jennifer’s team though.

    • Andy

      Glad you dropped this comment here David, I’ve been taking 9/1 on betfair since Tuesday, I suspect Jamie will be a lot shorter when the market comes back in.

  • My pre show prediction is that Mo Adeniran, Jamie Miller get through then David Jackson is chosen by Jennifer. Tim could get through instead.

  • Death Slot for David? Not a great performance.

    Jack won’t get through.

  • David Cook

    XF standards of voter manipulation tonight. There really were only two acts in it. Jack just fodder making up the numbers.
    We definitely know how this is going now.

  • An X Factor style deramp for Nadine. Fire, first on etc.

  • Andy

    Tom Jones hit the nail on the head when he said Jamie has got the whole package.
    Just been listening to a few of his Youtube posts,

    Leonard Cohen,


    Justin Bieber,

    1, Strong regional Welsh vote, Tick.
    2, Cute Teen, Heartthrob vote, Tick.
    3, Grandmothers favourite, Tick.

    Likable young lad with excellent stage presence who is capable of putting on a fine performance, versatile enough to sing almost anything asked of him and do a damn good job of it, he should have enough supporters onside by the time the final comes around, and then will have a strong duet with Jennifer to cement his victory.

    Could he possibly be the first successful voice artist if he wins ? I’m sure there could be a market for him.

    • Andy

      Jamie sang Hallelujah to classmates of his old primary school this week, guess he has the song lined up for one of the live shows, always a vote winner. A minute clip is on Jamie’s twitter for anyone interested.

  • David Cook

    Last week saw the introduction of the public vote for the knockouts, together with some gentle nudging (or was it more like a sledgehammer) to make sure the public made the correct decision. Mo, Jamie and Into the Ark were very clearly in. David was very definitely out.
    This week looks on the face of it to be a bit more unpredictable, so it’ll be interesting to see how much meddling goes on. Treatment of Jason should be interesting to see – on past performance I would expect him to be first through in the public vote. Team Gavin looks the most varied, so will the acts get an even hand.
    On team Will I’m going for Jason through on public vote, with Tanya and Clara picking up the other two places either way.
    On Team Gavin I think Sarah will get one on the public votes, with possibly Keziah. I think Truly will get through, but she might need Gavin to save her.

  • David Cook

    This week we seem to have twelve diverse – and on the face of it well chosen songs to add into the mix. From an entertainment point of view if everyone performs to their potential it should make interesting viewing.

  • Andy

    Jason hasn’t chosen wisely in my opinion, wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss out on the top 2 tonight, Tanya, Hayley and Michelle could all belt out crowd pleasers. It will be interesting to see who gets pimp slot, my guess is Tanya.

  • Andy

    1 week since Jennifer’s knock out round.

    Jamie Miller, Shape of you – 517,500 views on YouTube.
    Mo Adeniran, Freedom – 191,760 views.
    Jack Bruley, To love somebody – 75,726 views.

    Jamie clearly winning the knockouts.

    • Andy

      1 week since Tom’s knock out round. YOUTUBE VIEWS.

      Into the ark, hold on we’re going home – 98,030 views.
      Nadine McGhee, Secret love song – 81,719 views.
      Craig Ward, Hold on tight – 45.922 views.

  • Andy

    Early days on the 1st Tellymix poll only 160 votes registered.
    Jamie Miller @ 52% at the moment, that’s more than all the other 11 finalist put together.

  • David Cook

    ITV don’t seem to have given to much detail on the format of the live shows this year. Do the coaches still have a fast pass for one act? How does the voting system work?
    What may be significant is the balance between free app votes and paid for telephone votes. For the knockouts it was just one vote, rather than 4 free votes which the BBC used to have. The other factor is that there isn’t a separate results show – and therefore the voting window is likely to be very short. This may favor acts who can garner a strong degree of support – even if that’s from a narrower section of the audience.

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