X Factor 2017: Coming Up Roses

What a difference a year makes. After last year’s final, we were scratching our heads about what exactly producers had been trying to achieve. There was no such uncertainty this year, and we have to doff our caps again to producers for what they’ve managed to pull off. It’s pretty amazing that we had a […]

Rak-Su win X Factor 2017

Manband Rak-Su became the second group to win X Factor. The Watford quartet beat Grace Davies on the final night after a weekend of programmes in which their victory was clearly preferred. When Nicole said, “For me, it’s Rak-Su to win”, the writing was on the wall.

For those wanting to get a sense […]

X Factor 2017 Final Update: Rak on Track?

Producers couldn’t have set out their stall any more clearly last night for a Rak-Su victory, even if it didn’t look like every last moment had been meticulously planned – the duet staging for ‘Dimelo’ was a hot mess, with the never-introduced-on-stage Naughty Boy looking like a random bloke tapping out an email.

Still, […]

X Factor 2017 Final Preview: Rak Pact

An enjoyable series comes to a climax this weekend with the final it deserves. Rak-Su and Grace have been the big names since the very first audition show, often singing their own songs, and have had a noticeable impact on the iTunes charts. Kevin Davy White, whose musicality brings something different to proceedings, is the […]

X Factor 2017 Series Review: The Housemate’s Tale

We were intrigued to discover, as the screening of Grace’s first-week audition established her as the early betting favourite, that she’s a housemate of Janet Devlin. She must have discussed with Janet whether or not to go on the show. And after Janet’s experience in 2011, it would be astonishing if Janet hadn’t offered some […]

X Factor 2017 Semi-Final Post-Mortem: Linnen Flattened, Lloyd Foiled, Kelvins Cut

All aboard! It’s always a joy to see Dermot sending the X Factor finalists’ battlebuses on the road – indeed, this segment of the show has become a running joke in these parts since he banged the side of Fleur’s bus as it departed the studio in 2014. It will, of course, have been pure […]

X Factor 2017: Semi-Final 2

In yesterday’s show, we said goodbye to Matt Linnen, who finished bottom of the vote after his rendition of ‘Gimme Shelter’. It was enough that he was put on second in the running order, with generally unhelpful staging, and a look of thunder on Sharon’s face as he performed.

Dermot said in-running there was […]

X Factor 2017: Semi-Final 1

The remaining six acts merge for semi-final weekend, where one act will be eliminated tonight, and one tomorrow. The Cool Britannia theme allows a few X Factor staples to be wheeled out – Kevin’s ‘Come Together’ has been covered by Ben Haenow, Matt Cardle and Olly Murs on the show. Lloyd Macey’s ‘Don’t Let The […]