X Factor 2016 Week 8 Review: The Curious Case of Saara Aalto

Fudd: “I still think there were enough signs during yesterday’s show to say that producers aren’t fully behind Saara.”

The previously discussed yo-yo treatment of Saara Aalto went into overdrive last Saturday. We learnt at the start of the show that she was drawn #2 in the running order, an unpromising slot from which 5 […]

X Factor 2016 Week 8 Post-Mortem: Sprint Finnish

It couldn’t happen… could it? After the hugely positive response to Saara’s first song last night, Sofabet commenters have spent the day wondering if producers might be tempted to run with the Finn as the ultimate comeback winner. It would certainly be a story – and, let’s face it, she streaks ahead of the other […]

X Factor 2016 Week 8: Honey Dip

Sometimes you just have to hold your hand up and admit you read the runes completely wrong. From the song choices and various other clues, we’d been anticipating that producers would come to bury Saara tonight – instead, they came to praise her. It’s a salutary reminder of the show’s unpredictability, especially when there are […]

X Factor 2016 Week 8 Elimination: Finnish Fifth?

We’ve long wondered how much the acts are aware of their own varied treatment on the live shows. No one’s treatment has been more varied this year than Saara Aalto, yet she has thrown herself into every performance – from a ridiculous Japanese geisha routine in week 5 to a discotastic ‘Enough is Enough’ in […]

X Factor 2016 Week 7 Review: You say Honey, we say Gee!

Jessica Hamby: “I think if you’re going to be a novelty act with any longevity people need to like you. I’m not sure many people like Honey G.” Rose L: “I started off strongly believing she was an act like any one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s personas, but I am now a bit dubious.”


X Factor 2016 Week 7 Post-Mortem: A Coatbridge Too Far

“Surreal”, said Dermot. “Bizarre”, said Simon. Ryan barely hit a note, and Honey G barely remembered a lyric – it was one of the oddest singoffs ever on X Factor. I opted to gawp at the spectacle rather than get financially further involved – though I’d expected Ryan to go on deadlock with one neutral […]

X Factor 2016 Week 7: Broken-down Lawrie?

The much-speculated-about lovers’ singoff seems less likely after another pimp slot for Emily, but it would be a major surprise if boyfriend Ryan gets out of jail. He went into the show odds-on in the elimination betting, and the market now rates him about a 70% chance to be next out. Honey G has shortened […]

X Factor Week 7 Elimination: Iceberg Ahead?

It’s Movies Week on X Factor, and the main talking point in our comments section is the possibility of a romantic drama this Sunday night involving lovebirds Ryan and Emily. Boy meets Girl, Boy and Girl get put through to the live shows, producers engineer it so that Boy and Girl are in the singoff […]