X Factor Week 2 Post Mortem: Ready Freddy Go

The market called the singoff situation correctly, with the top three in the elimination betting occupying the bottom three positions in the vote – and the longest-odds of those three duly being saved by the lifeline vote (go Coatbridge!).

As we’ve now had two lifeline votes and two cute boys being the beneficiaries, it seemed […]

X Factor 2016 Week 2: Freddy Parked?

Matt Terry and 5 After Midnight were the big winners from the second live show – it’s 16.0 bar two on Betfair at the time of writing, and producers’ intentions to have both in the final seem clear enough. Who they’re thinking of as the likely third finalist is a more intriguing question.

Of more […]

X Factor 2016 Second Elimination: Saara Finnished?

There’s a simple way of looking at a next elimination market for the second live show. Are the acts that fell into the first-week danger zone and survived, surplus to the show’s requirements? For the last three years – Kiera Weathers, Steph Nala and Shelley Smith – they have been, and were the next to […]

X Factor 2016 Week 1 Review: Middle-amiss?

Our midweek article is a chance to pivot off your comments, and burrow further down the rabbit hole about what we witnessed at the weekend. This week, we cover Emily’s treatment, Matt’s love life, Sharon’s absent-mindedness, and the reinstatement of Four of Diamonds.

The Remily Files

Cath: “For me, the shock of the weekend was […]

X Factor 2016 Week 1 Post-Mortem: Brat Packing

As the new singoff system debuted, it’s worth remembering that another innovation – the Saturday night “flash vote” in 2013 – was quietly dropped after three weeks. There’s no guarantee that producers will persevere with this one. They were probably as intrigued as we were to see how it would pan out, and what kind […]

X Factor 2016 Week 1: Brooks Away

An eventful night began even before the show, with the news just beforehand that Brooks Way had been suspended from this week pending an ITV investigation. We were told the boys would not perform on the first live show but an elimination would take place as usual.

Being suspicious-minded as we are, we wondered […]

X Factor 2016 First Elimination: Do You Relley Want to Hurt Me?

Over the last three years, the clear pre-show favourite for first elimination has indeed departed: Bupsi, Blonde Electra and Lorna Simpson. Before that, Carolynne Poole was a big price to go first in 2012, but generally speaking, producers’ first target has been correctly identified by punters. I think it’s fair to say Carolynne Poole wasn’t […]

X Factor 2016 Pre-Lives 1-12 Prediction: Middlemas Number One?

Producers have done a good job this year of changing things up a little: going into the lives, what they want to achieve seems much less clear-cut than it did at the equivalent stage of the last two series.

We can reasonably debate who producers are thinking of as their Plan A. That’s unusual. So […]