X Factor 2016 Week 4 Post Mortem: It’s A Wrap For Gifty

The identity of the bottom three – 4 of Diamonds, Gifty and Ryan – wasn’t a shock, with several Sofabet commenters correctly calling it during the day. Nor was it a shock that Ryan was again saved in the lifeline vote – it’s not hard to figure out why he struggles on Saturday but sails […]

X Factor 2016 Week 4: Tricked or Treated?

All credit to producers. In the past, Hallowe’en shows have made their targets hilariously clear – from Belle Amie’s coffins to Jack Walton’s vampire. This time, we felt treatment was much more nuanced. VTs and comments were largely positive for all, and – this being Hallowe’en – staging clues were less obvious. We’ll need to […]

X Factor 2016 Week 4 Elimination: Who Will Be Sacrificed on Fright Night?

Halloween makes a welcome return to X Factor this weekend. Here’s another reminder of our previous analysis of the particular spooky staging to watch out for. There’s been a lively debate in our comments section since the song choices were revealed yesterday, but context will be all. To prove the point here are three examples […]

X Factor 2016 Week 3 Review: Midnight Strike

Plinkiplonk: “Surprised how harsh they were to 5AM… Maybe punishment for bad behaviour behind the scenes?” Fudd: “To me it felt like a shot across the bows from the show”.

How frustrating it must be for X Factor producers when an act they’re actually trying to help is uncooperative behind the scenes. The ingrates!


X Factor 2016 Week 3 Post Mortem: Relley all at C

In a singoff between two acts whose Saturday treatment indicated were both seen as disposable, Sofabet commenters and Betfair punters alike were divided on what the judges would do. You can see why they sent Relley home, though: equalling up the non-girls categories at two apiece, keeping a group around in case 5 After Midnight […]

X Factor 2016 Week 3: Lawrie Under The Bus

Ryan was the clear target tonight – the only act under the Strictly bus, as a bit of padding at the start of the show ensured BBC viewers will have been turning over just as Gifty was singing. It was a full-on hatchet job for the Coatbridge lad, and it would be a surprise if […]

X Factor 2016 Week 3 Elimination: Ctrl-Aalto-Delete?

With the X Factor’s list of song choices this week recycling some familiar numbers, we can recycle one of our favourite Sofabet headlines, right? We first used it regarding Abi Alton. As recounted in our deep-dive retrospective on Abi’s journey, after inadvertently reducing her to tears with their treatment, the show granted Abi a dignity-recovering […]

X Factor 2016 Week 2 Review: I’ll Get My Coatbridge

Ryan Lawrie’s VT this week sent us down memory lane to one of our favourite ever things we’ve seen on this show, Craig Colton’s Incredible Shrinking Hometown. If you weren’t with Sofabet in 2011, start by watching Craig’s week 4 VT, when he was still in favour with producers. Note the establishing shot of the […]