X Factor 2016 6CC: Sofa, so good – but will Caitlyn be Beck?

Last weekend’s six chair challenge was followed by a live episode of Xtra Factor that revealed a previously-discarded wildcard in each category. Among them was Ryan Lawrie, ditched as far back as bootcamp, and who – unknown to ITV viewers until now – had appeared with an unsuccessful manufactured boyband during the 6CC. In the […]

X Factor 2016 Bootcamp: Full Matt-Tel Jacket

Away from the narrative unfolding on screen, the Betfair market is telling its own story about this year’s X Factor – as judges’ houses are being filmed, rumours are swirling about who has and hasn’t made it. Since last week we’ve seen initial favourite Caitlyn Vanbeck drift alarmingly in the betting, despite an excellent edit […]

X Factor 2016 Auditions Week 3: Best-laid Plan A’s

We’ve only got one room audition show left (this Saturday), which usually involves just a few scrag ends for live show contenders. That means we’ve probably seen the winner already, though if we have it’s not obvious: Caitlyn Vanbeck and Matt Terry currently battle it out at the head of the betting market.

We’ve seen […]

X Factor 2016 Auditions Week 2: Celtic Binge

We commented how the first weekend of audition shows made a big play of Scottish singers. Last Saturday’s programme literally made a song and Riverdance about auditions returning to Dublin for the first time in six years, although they didn’t bother to repaint a bus for the occasion of Louis Walsh’s grand homecoming – instead […]

X Factor 2016 Auditions Week 1: Britain’s Scot Talent

Last weekend’s X Factor return featured a new old panel, and the usual mixture of grief porn, funny foreigners and novelties-that-annoy-Simon.

Remarkably, three of the top four in the betting after the opening weekend are Scottish. That’s remarkable because Syco seem to have been running scared of the Scottish regional vote in recent years. Scotland’s […]