Eurovision 2016: Get your hits out for the lads

Everyone’s favourite annual cultural nadir is right around the corner – and this year’s uninspiring songs are putting the homo in homogenous, even by the standards of the 2010s contest (or my old benchmark for blandness, 1994). The samier the lineup, the more important the staging and performance; this being the case, it wouldn’t be […]

London Eurovision Party 2016

The London Eurovision Party is a more informal affair than its Amsterdam counterpart. The usual caveat about not reading too much into fan events definitely applies here: the stage is tiny, and the backing track was often too high in the sound mix. Nonetheless, the organisers did a good job in mixing spontaneity with efficiency, […]

Eurovision In Concert 2016

Twenty-six of this year’s Eurovision acts performed at last night’s preview concert in Amsterdam. It’s always a highly enjoyable event, though performing in a small venue to a group of fans is always a very different experience to the arena setting of the big event.

It’s therefore best to be cautious about extrapolating impressions from […]

BGT 2016 Discussion Thread

Britain’s Got Talent starts on ITV this evening – the tenth outing of a franchise Syco have so far kept in rather better shape than the X Factor. ITV’s press release for this series promises, inter alia, “a dancing polar bear”, “a one-man band on stilts” and “the world’s fastest tortoise”. If history is any […]

Eurovision 2016: The running order for the semi-finals

At last! The running order for the semi-finals has been published – here. Finland open the first semi and Malta end it. Latvia open the second semi and Belgium end it. Russia and Australia got the best draws from their first half positions.

I’ve been as impatient as anyone for the information. But it’s worth […]

Eurovision 2016: Odds and ends

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the running order for both semi-finals, which we’ve now been told will be published this coming Tuesday. What with the Amsterdam Eurovision In Concert gig involving 27 of this year’s acts on Saturday 9th April, it feels like next week will provide plenty of clues.

In the meantime, we have […]