X Factor 2015 Week By Week Voting Statistics

The eagerly-awaited voting stats can be found here. Here’s our take on them.

1. Plan A was on course from the get-go

In 2012, Ella Henderson was 3rd in the first public vote; in 2013, Tamera Foster was 6th; in 2014, Stereo Kicks were 11th. Louisa Johnson won the first public vote. And the second, […]

Louisa Johnson Wins The X Factor

Congratulations to Louisa Johnson, who has justified red-hot favouritism to win the X Factor. Congratulations, too, to X Factor producers – a Plan A has come off at last. And congratulations to Sofabet commenters who were confident from the beginning that Plan A would come off. We’ve been sceptical at times about how effectively they […]

X Factor 2015 Final: Ché Rodded

Ché Chesterman departs the X Factor in third position, after a night of the expected full-on pimping for Louisa Johnson. Before the announcement of who was leaving, the betting markets had put even more distance between the three acts, Louisa shortening and Ché drifting.

We’d wondered how they’d fit in three songs each tonight. […]

X Factor 2015 Final Preview: Foregone Conc-Lou-sion?

What a difference 12 months make. Last year, the final weekend was a feverish one in the Sofabet comments section and the betting markets, as opinion swung back and forth between Ben Haenow and Fleur East. This time, we have the strongest favourite ever in 1/5 chance Louisa Johnson, and the market has also decided […]

Ché’s Journey: From Wine Aisle to Winehouse

Producers have got the final they wanted. As we’ve discussed in our reviews of their journeys, Plan A Louisa and Reggie N Bollie have benefited from some inspired pimpings. Ché Chesterman hasn’t had as much producer favour, but he can have fewer complaints than most about his treatment: he’s been portrayed positively from the start, […]

Reggie N Bollie’s Journey: From Novelty Fodder to Needed Finalist

Nobody expected Reggie N Bollie to get this far. Or, if someone among us did, they didn’t say so: of the 43 Sofabet commenters who joined in the fun of trying to predict the 1-13 finishing order, all but three had Reggie N Bollie leaving between 10th and 13th. The highest predicted finish (take a […]

Louisa’s Journey: From Producers’ Favoured Winner to Producers’ Favoured Winner

Sofabet readers have known since even before the first audition show who the X Factor’s producers wanted to win: in our comments section, Donald displayed some inside knowledge when he said, “The letters L… J… to be watched for”. It turned out Louisa Johnson had auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, and that’s presumably […]

X Factor 2015 Week 6 Post Mortem: Laur Broken

They kept us waiting before confirming that there would be a sing-off, but in the end it was the results reveal we’d all expected after last night’s show: Reggie N Bollie and Louisa straight through to the final, and Ché besting Lauren in the singoff.

It will be fascinating to see, when the statistics are […]