X Factor 2015 Week 5 Post Mortem: Fifth Impact

After VTs which saw them being lauded in the Philippines Embassy and on Filipino news programmes, Fourth Impact get to go home to the Philippines having finished a creditable fifth in the UK X Factor.

The big market move today was for Ché Chesterman, who was as short as evens in places to be next […]

X Factor 2015 Week 5: Ché A Little Tenderness

This felt like a hard show to read, and that’s reflected in the next elimination betting market: it was pretty much a case of “as you were” in the odds for 4th Impact (13/8) and Lauren (2/1) after the show as before. Ché shortened to around 3/1 after his unfortunate ‘Hello’ misstep (chin up, Ché), […]

X Factor 2015 Week 5 Elimination Preview: The Lauren Conundrum

This week, Lauren Murray has seen her elimination price come sharply in and her outright price go the other way. Her treatment remains the most intriguing tonight, with a variety of possibilities. A reminder that the big picture is punters are assuming that producers might want to sideline Lauren as a way of leaving the […]

X Factor 2015 Week 4 Review: Laur-en Order

It was the push seen around the world. A brief, minor moment during the Sunday results show became a viral sensation, after Lauren Murray was seen rejecting a group hug by pushing away the arm of a member of 4th Impact. Soon there were parodies on YouTube, and Twitter vitriol had gone global – though […]

Louisa Johnson: An Anatomy Of A Pimping

It’s been incredibly obvious since the audition stages that Louisa Johnson is the act producers want to win this year – we ran through all the evidence why in a post before the six-chair challenge, as well as the reasons to think that Louisa might not be an easy sell to the voting public. We’ve […]

X Factor 2015 Week 4 Post Mortem: Anton Decked

The recap that starts the Sunday show is always worth keeping an eye on for what producers want you to remember. It was telling tonight that the main talking point of the night, Anton’s flash of anger at Nick implying he was fake, was not referenced at all. It was clear they didn’t want Anton […]

X Factor 2015 Week 4: Noise Reduction

A puzzling X Factor journey came to an end tonight. A meagre 47 seconds of audition screentime; a strop at the six-chair challenge, referencing the meagre 47 seconds of screentime; a controversial return; a neutering; an abject apology; cheese; a return to “cocky” and “arrogant”; and a clinically-executed hatchet job. What was that all about?


X Factor 2015 Week 4 Elimination: A Change is Ghana Come?

We still don’t have official confirmation of whether it’s a single or double elimination this week. In week 1, we only found out for sure at the start of the Sunday results show. That was a contravention of the programme’s own rules, as Sofabet commenter EM pointed out at the time. Those rules state: “The […]