X Factor 2015 Week 1: No Stone Unturned

Earlier in the week we learned the show had ditched the Hallowe’en theme in favour of a “This Is Me” theme. It turned out to be more a case of producers saying “This Is You”, as the VTs showed us the acts turning up to be informed by their vocal coach of what their song […]

X Factor 2015 Week 1 Elimination: Whoopsie Bupsi?

There’s been no news of a flash vote in tonight’s show, or double elimination this weekend. A story appeared in today’s Sun suggesting the franchise would go “back to basics” after the judges’ houses live reveal, which implies no such gimmick. Also, if you’re going to introduce such a measure to boost ratings, better to […]

X Factor 2015 1-13 Prediction: After Haenow, Ché Now?

Sofabet’s traditional speculative attempt to predict the 1-13 finishing order has felt unusually tricky this year. The new judges’ houses format gave everyone roughly equal screentime, with no montages or standout mid-song cuts to interview, reducing its usefulness as a pointer to who goes into the live shows with most and least producer support. The […]

Influence and the X Factor

Influence book cover

After a new judges’ houses format that may need a little more thought, finally we know our final 12, the only significant surprise for punters being the inclusion of Max Stone at the expense of Jennifer Phillips. The Sofabet team is now going into purdah to ponder our traditional pre-lives predictions. White smoke will appear […]

X Factor 2015: Judges’ Houses ‘Overs’ – French Kiss or French Toast?

Cowell managed first and second place with his Overs in 2014, hot on the heels of Sam Bailey’s win the previous year. He didn’t seem so enthusiastic about their prospects this time – cursing when initially told the public had decreed they were to be his responsibility again. He’d apologised long before taking the final […]

X Factor 2015: Judges’ Houses ‘Groups’ – Dun-Rome-in

“This competition is ridiculous”, said Cheryl at the start of Sunday’s episode. Yes, Cheryl. Yes, it is, as today’s name changes across her category reiterated. At long last, though, it’s nearing the interesting part – this weekend we get the live reveals of the final three in each category. Cheryl filmed the groups’ judges’ houses […]

X Factor 2015: Judges’ Houses ‘Boys’ – It’s Grimmy Up North

We really enjoyed Mason Noise making some noise about the X Factor editing process. Apparently he watches the show like a Sofabet reader: if you’re granted only 47 seconds of airtime in the audition show, you’re not likely to get the producer support needed to go far in the competition, so why not make a […]

X Factor 2015: Judges’ Houses ‘Girls’ – LA Confidential

Unsurprisingly, the much-hyped girls were first out of the blocks for the six chair challenge last weekend, and those selected have been rewarded with a trip to Los Angeles to perform for mentor Rita Ora. Rather than merely hark back to each successful performance, we thought we’d look forward to judges’ houses by ranking the […]