X Factor 2015 Boot Camp Week 2: Will Che Go Far(-a)?

“Nerves … nervous … nerves.” The second stage of bootcamp was thematically monotonous. It’s quite an episode of X Factor that makes you miss a maudlin sob story or two. And don’t get me started on the song choices.

In terms of airtime, this phase cemented the apparent alpha status of Louisa Johnson, 4th […]

X Factor 2015 Boot Camp Week 1: A Montage Is Worth A Thousand Words

Being a betting blog, we’re interested in what’s been filmed but not yet aired, so we start this week with our usual warning: if you wish to avoid spoilers, do not read on.

It will not have escaped the attention of readers who have been following spoilers that the montage shown at the close […]

X Factor Auditions Week 3: Weathers Forecast

As last week, we’ll review this week’s shows based on the assumption that spoilers from the filming of the six chair challenges are accurate. If you want to remain in suspense about who’s evidently being set up for a fall at bootcamp, read no further.

That means we can fast-forward through the first half of […]

Book Review: Getting Over The X, by Steve Brookstein

Coming across the Cory Spedding story on Steve Brookstein’s blog reminded us to check out the book that Steve put out towards the end of last year, Getting Over The X.

Some background for readers who need it: Steve Brookstein was the first winner of the UK X Factor, in 2004. After getting six […]

X Factor 2015 Auditions Week 2: Alien Invasion

Last week’s filming of the six-chair challenge with a live audience makes reviewing this weekend’s audition shows much more efficient. This weekend’s programmes provided airplay for plenty who reportedly don’t make judges’ houses, and we can feel reasonably secure that’s the end of their chances. As the pre-Match of the Day newsreader says, if you […]

SCD2015 Discussion Thread

There’s no better time to start a discussion thread on Strictly Come Dancing than during the launch show. Tonight the celebrities are paired with the pros, and the betting begins in earnest. Peter Andre starts the series as the early favourite. Let us know your fancies and thoughts below.