BGT2015: Final preview

A few months ago, a story went out that one of the changes planned for this year’s Britian’s Got Talent was that the semi-final running orders would be randomly drawn. The previous year, a late slot and qualification to the final had become more closely correlated than ever. But the format change never came to […]

BGT2015: Semi-finals discussion thread

With perfect timing, Eurovision ends and the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent begin. Every day this coming working week, the varied acts will go before a public vote for a place in the final. It’s one of the most enjoyable and manipulative TV talent shows for the betting community. Having just returned from Vienna, I’m […]

Eurovision 2015: Sweden wins

Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow was victorious in this year’s contest with ‘Heroes’. In another year’s validation of the betting market, the pre-show top five came to pass: Sweden, Russia, Italy, Belgium and Australia. Other top ten fancies Latvia, Estonia and Norway filled the next places, followed by Israel and Serbia. Austria and Germany were joint-last with […]

Eurovision 2015: Grand final preview

The beauty of Eurovision is that no-one has all the answers. I analyse it to death, yet gut feeling is also part of the final call. That’s particularly the case this year, with five or so worthy contenders and a few dark horses. You’ll hear some differing opinions about who wins tonight. That’s because nobody […]

Eurovision 2015: May 22 rehearsals

The first final dress rehearsal is always a little ragged. The second semi-final qualifiers are getting over a late night, and there are usually technical problems for the new running order.

We started off with Slovenia, which feels like a decent opener: a solid song that’s chilled but has a beat. There wasn’t any […]

Eurovision 2015: Second semi-final preview

One of the easier things to predict about the second semi-final is the winner. I had been chipping away on Sweden at 1.5 on Betfair over the last month, and it’s a shorter price now. The strength of the package would be enough even without considering its decent slot in the running order and the […]

Eurovision 2015: Semi-final 2, first dress rehearsal

The first dress rehearsal of the second semi-final felt like it asked more questions than it answered. It wasn’t helped by the fact that the lead vocals felt a little loud in the sound mix, and there were occasionally off-putting moments of fake applause.

Lithuania remains as bouncy as before. If anything, there was even […]

Eurovision 2015: May 20 rehearsals

No rest for the wicked. Hard on the heels of yesterday’s first semi-final comes a day that includes the second rehearsals of the automatic qualifiers, followed by two dress rehearsals for the second semi-final, including the one that national juries vote on this evening at 9pmCET. Expect a quick write-up of the first dress rehearsal […]