Eurovision 2015: London Eurovision Party review

I love the London Eurovision Party: it’s settled nicely into a better venue, the after-party disco is in the same place, and I can catch the bus home. But it does have less of an impact on my opinions than the Amsterdam concert (and as my disclaimer to that mentioned, I’m wary of reading too […]

Eurovision 2015: Eurovision in Concert review

First, the usual disclaimer about Eurovision preview concerts. It’s a good chance to see many of the performers sing live for the first time, but it doesn’t necessarily give us any indication of how an entry will do on the very different Eurovision stage. For example, whilst Conchita may have been welcomed as a conquering […]

Eurovision 2015: Golden Boys

Having covered the duets and the ladies, it’s now time for me to channel Louis Walsh and cast a greedy eye over the Boys. Memorability hasn’t been a strong point here either: as I start this article, I can’t remember how the songs from Moldova, Belgium, Montenegro, Azerbaijan and Australia go after 1-2 listens each. […]

BGT 2015 auditions discussion thread

Britain’s Got Talent 2015 kicked off last night, with Hull singer Calum Scott the early 6/1 market leader after being golden-buzzered by Simon Cowell. Three further acts from the first show entered bookies’ lists at low double-figure prices: 162-piece Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy, roller-skating siblings Billy and Emily, and French ventriloquist Marc Metral with his […]

Eurovision 2015: Warriors for Nothing

Last time we looked at this year’s duets – this week we’re looking at the gals. Time to enter the snoozedrome…

As I commence writing this article, having only listened to most of this year’s songs once or twice, I have absolutely no idea how the entries from Greece, Netherlands, Albania, Georgia, Hungary, Russia, Ireland, […]

The Voice 2015: The Final

Despite the brickbats, The Voice has chugged its way to another climax tonight at 19.00GMT on BBC1. It’s an intriguing betting heat too. Shading odds-on, at a best-priced 10/11, is attractive Scottish fireman Stevie McCrorie, long-time favourite based partly on the fact he’s, erm, attractive, Scottish and a fireman.

Still, his rendition of ‘Bleeding Love’ […]