Eurovision 2015: Year of Bloke and Bird

[Daniel writes: it’s great to welcome back eurovicious with his thoughts on the 2015 contest. This is the first of a few thematic articles he is penning for us on this year’s entries.]

National final season: it’s like your weird foreign friend who turns up on your doorstep in December with nowhere to go and […]

Eurovision 2015: Mar 21 Update

Caution is a watchword in many of our articles. Perhaps it’s the stirring of Spring, but I feel like being unusually optimistic about some of the last entries selected for Eurovision 2015. Punters agree: in the Betfair outright market, which is the best place to measure current sentiment, five of the breakaway top nine came […]

Eurovision 2015: Mar 14 Update

If the bookmakers and pundits are right, tonight’s Swedish final will be an evening-long coronation for Mans Zelmerlow. I can’t argue with the polls and stats which suggest as much. ‘Heroes‘ promises to be a fan favourite and box-ticking front-runner in Vienna if selected, and Sweden’s Betfair odds have been contracting significantly this week as […]

Eurovision 2015: Mar 7 Update

There’s a slight lull in national finals tonight – just the Portuguese decider and the Swedish second chance round – oh, and the UK reveal on the red button service at 21.30GMT. But we’ve got plenty to mull over from the past week with the Finnish and German results creating news beyond the fan sites.