X Factor 2014: Trick or Treat? Hallowe’en Staging

We take a keen interest in the staging of each song, and the interest needs to be even keener for Halloween. What might usually stand out as a hatchet job by being scary, funereal or monstrous suddenly becomes justified by the theme. Producers must love it. As occasional Sofabet contributor Dug wrote in 2012: “It’s […]

X Factor 2014: Mmm… donuts

Time for our regular weekly pivot off what you’ve been saying in the comments, and where better to start than with the 6/4 favourite to win the series, our lovely, cuddly Italian stallion teddy bear, Andrea Faustini.

Caro: “it was interesting how many close ups of Andrea’s tonsils we had… wearing a classic Versace design […]

X Factor 2014 Week 3 Post-Mortem: Jake Quicklygone

The Strictly bus strikes again. The two acts to perform while Strictly was still on the other side, Jake and Only The Young, duly found themselves singing for survival. After three weeks of pummelling, and given it was about time the show lost a solo male, Jake was understandably made a very short-priced favourite by […]

X Factor Week 3: The Great British Jake-Off?

It was Jake’s turn under the Strictly bus tonight. After a VT which should have delighted his presumed female demo, featuring as it did a playful chastising from Mel for getting his kit off for Cosmo, it all went downhill. Jake’s staging appeared to show him with crosshairs on his torso, and the cutaway shot […]

X Factor 2014 Week 3 Elimination: Jake Quickundone?

With no act coming down off a sympathy bounce (Steph failed to bounce at all) and no confirmation that this weekend will resort to a single elimination (though we assume so, based on the precedent of 2010), there are a few imponderables about who will go this week.

Added to this, there wasn’t a song […]

How scripted is the X Factor?

Our last post sparked a healthy debate in the comments about just how scripted the X Factor is. For the benefit of readers who are new to Sofabet this year, or who don’t read all the comments (which you really should), we thought it might be interesting to summarise and add some thoughts of our […]

X Factor 2014: Is there hope for a Stereo Kick-start?

Often, in previous years, we’ve got the impression that it’s around about this stage of the series that producers are starting to assess the fate of the trial balloons they’ve floated in the first couple of weeks and decide who they’re going to throw their weight behind. In 2011, for example, the Janet Devlin takedown […]

X Factor 2014 Week 2 Post Mortem: Stereo Kicking

It’s fair to assume that wasn’t in the script. After Steph had departed first, no great surprise after her treatment last night, producers were left with the dilemma of a singoff between two acts they had surely earmarked for another few weeks in the competition. They must have been regretting not doing more for Chloe-Jasmine, […]