BBUK, Summer sport discussion thread

Summer is a quieter time for TV betting, but the Sofabet community has a few things to get stuck into, notably Big Brother, back on Channel 5. The power trip theme and an interesting set of housemates holds plenty of promise. Otherwise, some of you may be dipping into the likes of the World Cup […]

BGT 2014: Post-mortem

The voting figures show show that Collabro claimed the crown with 26.5%, ahead of Lucy Kay on 17% and Bars and Melody on 14.3%. Top of the non-singing acts was Darcy Oake in fifth with 8.5%. What can we conclude from the final? Here are five thoughts.


BGT 2014: The final

Britain’s Got Talent is the most manipulative of TV competitions – and that’s really saying something. There’s little time for acts to build up a following before the semi-finals, which gives great power to Cowellian tactics such as running order, staging and judges’ comments. This year the direct qualifiers filled the following slots in the […]