BGT 2014: Semi-finalists revealed

Tonight’s last audition show moved quickly onto the panel deciding who was through to the semi-finals – the first and most historically important of which is tomorrow (as the graphs towards the end of this article indicate).

On the official list is Paddy & Nico, despite reports of an injury to the 79-year-old dancer. Lucy […]

Eurovision 2014: What changed?

Eurovision is an elusive beast. Just when you think you’ve got certain things sussed, the contest turns precedent on its head. The recent rule rethinks – reintroducing the jury vote from the 2009 final, and the full ranking system from 2013 – have accelerated the pace of change.

2014 proved it. Here are five paradigm-busting […]

Eurovision 2014 result

Congratulations to Austria’s Conchita Wurst, who wins the 59th Eurovision Song Contest, ahead of the Dutch act The Common Linnets and Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen. From a betting point-of-view, this was the third year in a row that the top three in the betting filled the first three places. The market was once again remarkably accurate […]

Eurovision 2014: The Grand Final

It’s been a strange year for Eurovision betting. Ante-post plunges on a Norwegian bouncer and Armenian comedian abated by rehearsals, to be replaced by an Austrian bearded lady and a Dutch country and western act. Sweden’s cookie cutter Eurovision entry has just about held fast at the top of bookmakers’ lists as a concession to […]

Eurovision 2014: Grand final first rehearsal

It was difficult to draw too many hard and fast conclusions from a rehearsal bedevilled by technical problems. With the draw and participants decided only last night, this first full run-through of the final is a more rough and ready affair than its semi-final equivalents. Anyway, these were my impressions as it progressed.


Eurovision 2014: Second semi preview

EBU Head Jon Ola Sand announced that three points covered 10th-12th place in Tuesday’s first semi-final, reminding us how thin the margin can be in these heats. Still, with no Albania and San Marino, there probably won’t be any jury-only scores this time, which makes the job of predicting a little easier. Just a little, […]

Eurovision 2014: Second semi first dress rehearsal

No rest for the wicked during Eurovision week. Whilst we’re still digesting the first semi, preparations are well underway for the second heat – the first dress rehearsal has just finished. As before, I will tweet my impressions of tonight’s jury performance.


Eurovision 2014: First semi preview

The first semi-final is here, after months of speculation. It’s main feature being five very strong entries near the top of bookmakers’ lists for the overall prize: Armenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary and Azerbaijan. As a result, it’s a tight race to win the semi. The strength of the former Soviet bloc, Hungary’s pimp slot and […]