Eurovision 2014: April 30 rehearsals

We got the last ten songs of the second semi today. I think it’s a poor heat in general and today only confirmed that impression. The last time we saw a semi even shorter on quality – the first one in 2010 – it’s worth noting that the running order had an even bigger impact […]

Eurovision 2014: April 29 rehearsals

Today’s programme straddled the two semi-finals, with the last six from the first heat followed by the first five from the second one. Whilst there weren’t as many big hitters in the win market featured as in day one, there was intrigue aplenty.

Moldova’s choreography is reminiscent of what they gave us last year. Four […]

Eurovision 2014: April 28 rehearsals

There weren’t any earthquakes in the betting markets, reflecting the fact that the first day of rehearsals largely kept to expectations, except high-concept staging from Russia and Ukraine. My story of the day is that it’s one big mother of a stage: each of the acts has to try not to look lost.

We started […]

Five points from the Eurovision press bubble

In 2010 I offered some advice about following rehearsal blogs. Up till then I’d sat at home and done just that. From 2011, I’ve been lucky enough to write one myself from the venue’s press centre.

Being present doesn’t necessarily make the picture clearer. There are hundreds of different opinions within the Eurovision bubble and […]

Eurovision 2014: Esctips’ latest podcast

Thanks to Esctips’ Andy and Gav, who invited myself and Finland’s Tobias Larsson to guest on their last podcast before rehearsals get underway. In it, we discuss the chances of the six automatic qualifiers: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Denmark.

At the end, we are asked to give a top five and then narrow […]

Eurovision 2014: Five reasons to be cheerful

There’s an air of pessimism among many seasoned Eurovision punters in the build-up to this year’s contest. It’s a weak year, goes the refrain; liquidity is poor on Betfair; bookies have been slow to price up. In a glum assessment, Rob at blames the emergence of sites like his and this one over the […]

London Eurovision Party 2014 review

The Eurovision circus came to London last night with a plethora of Sofabet commenters in attendance. To be honest, there wasn’t much we learnt that we didn’t glean from Amsterdam. Each of the 2014 acts here were also at the Dutch event a week before, with all the caveats mentioned at the start of that […]

Britain’s Got Talent 2014 Discussion Thread

Britain’s Got Talent has still got it; ratings for the first show in a new season were higher than ever. Our usual approach on Sofabet is to start writing posts during the semi-final week – when the running order and other classic Cowellian techniques, make abundantly clear who is being promoted.

There’s plenty of time […]