Eurovision 2014: How far can ‘Running’ get Hungary?

It’s been a slow, subdued start to Eurovision selection season. This time last year, five of the eventual top six songs had already been picked. You’d hope that wouldn’t be the case with the current crop of twelve songs we know will be on stage in Copenhagen.

The Betfair win market has been similarly unimpressed. […]

Eurovision betting – lies, damned lies and statistics

Eurovision season has well and truly begun: this weekend Malta will add its selection to the six we have already. We’re yet to hear the final version of some, and I haven’t yet felt the need to write a lengthy, pre-rehearsal analysis for any of them.

But like other Eurovision punters, I’m already making calculations. […]

Splash, DoI and The Voice Discussion Thread

Our hardy band of commenters continue to dissect the current crop of TV talent competitions. The second Splash semi-final is this Saturday, whilst Dancing On Ice and The Voice carry on. The Oscars are coming up soon too. Can Richard Whitehead overcome Perri Kiely? Is Ray Quinn a justifiably short favourite? Which Voice mentor has […]