Ten Top Tips on Eurovision Betting – Updated

Nearly four years ago, the first articles I wrote on Sofabet were my ten top tips for betting on Eurovision. Given that these still feature in the banner of the site, I thought it was time to revisit them to see which ones were most in need of an update.

The biggest update comes out […]

Eurovision 2014 Semi-Final Allocation Draw

The semi-final allocation draw for Eurovision 2014 has just taken place. We now know which countries will participate in the two heats, and in which half of the draw each will perform. You can see the list here.

With only 37 taking part in total (Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Cyprus have pulled out since last […]

X Factor 2013 Review Part 3: Interview with YouGov’s Joe Twyman

It’s become a habit of our X Factor review articles to include an interview with YouGov’s Joe Twyman. He heads up a team professionally polling viewers throughout the series, and hits the headlines when their last week findings are published by The Sun on the day of the final.

As someone who assesses the opinions […]

X Factor 2013 Review Part 2: Running Order, Sympathy Bounce, Staging

The running order and sympathy bounce have long been staples of our analysis here on Sofabet. In the last series, we also got more into looking at the staging, though always with a nagging feeling that we might be reading too much into it. So in our customary act-by-act retrospective, let’s look not only at […]

X Factor 2013 Part 1: The Tamera, Nick and Semi Singoff Conundrums

Sofabet’s review of 2013’s X Factor series is going to be shorter than our reviews of previous series – this is the first of a planned three articles, which we will publish over the course of this week.

We just don’t feel there’s that much to write about this time around. Usually the revelation of […]

CBB, DoI, Splash and The Voice Discussion Thread

Happy New Year to all our readers. Let’s hope 2014 brings us opportunities galore for profitable punting on TV betting events. The year certainly gets off to a bang with Celebrity Big Brother, Dancing on Ice and Splash starting this weekend. The following weekend, The Voice returns. We will cover the latter stages of the […]