X Factor 2013 Week 8 Live Show: Assumptions Overturned

Two songs each, a game of two halves – punters had a lot to assimilate tonight. As did we here at Sofabet. It was one of those curveball shows that overturned a lot of our assumptions. Here’s how we saw it as it unfolded.

The show seemed to start with further confirmation that producers would […]

X Factor 2013 Week 8 Elimination: Friend no more?

The Strictly overlap returns this week which means any act performing in the first 15 minutes faces a slight disadvantage. But at least they get to perform again. That’s because we now get two songs from each remaining act. This can be a bit of a rollercoaster: remember that the running order can change during […]

Betsfactor podcast out now – X Factor week 7 review, week 8 preview

What better way to spend 62 minutes than in the company of Richard Betsfactor and Daniel on the latest “epic” podcast? Usual instructions: iTunes and Stitcher Radio users search “Betsfactor” and subscribe, other podcast app subscriptions use http://betsfactor.libsyn.com/rss, and here’s a direct download link if you want to listen without subscribing.

And in case you […]

X Factor 2013: Tamera Foster and Conspiracy Theories

When one hears a conspiracy theory, it can be hard to be sure which is more naive and which more worldly-wise: to entertain the possibility that there may be something in it, or to dismiss it out of hand. Indeed, believers in conspiracy theories can sometimes think they are being worldly-wise while in fact being […]

X Factor 2013 Week 7 Staging and Lighting Review

JScouser kicks us off this week with some plinth connoisseurship on Nicholas: “the plinth was bigger than ones we normally see, it made him look higher up (further away from audience) and smaller”. Nick does look more than usually Wee here.

Here’s an interesting effect that can’t be illustrated with a screengrab. Watch the […]

X Factor 2013 Week 7 Post Mortem: Hannah’s End

Poor Tamera doesn’t look to be having a happy time of things backstage, does she? Having looked nervous enough throughout her song on Saturday, she looked on the verge of tears while waiting for Dermot to announce the names.

Once she’d been announced safe, it was a battle of the Croydon acts, and a singoff […]

X Factor 2013 Live Show 7: Tamera’s Mission ‘Impossible’

The highly-anticipated anniversary celebration of a much-loved television institution started with the Doctor’s assistant, Clara a guest performance by Olly Murs. Nothing says “look how much we’ve achieved in ten years” more than Olly Murs singing out of tune.

After that it was time for Matt Smith Nicholas McDonald to come face to face with […]

X Factor 2013 Week 7 Elimination: Birthday surprise for Wee Nick?

This time last year, a James/Ella bottom two shocked the X Factor betting fraternity. There’s a rather open feel about this week’s elimination battle too given that odds-on favourite Hannah has been given a fighting chance with the iconic ‘Hallelujah’. What with a large overlap with the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, that covers all […]