X Factor Week 3 Staging and Lighting Watch

The debut of a new Richard Betsfactor theory is always a red(-and-black) letter day, so do head over to betsfactor.com for Richard to explain the thinking behind his latest insight: colour vomit.

We like it. We know last year’s acts deduced that messy lighting was a sign of producer disfavour, and messy colour makes equal […]

US X Factor 2013 Finishing Order Prediction

[We’re delighted to welcome Nissl, whose astute comments on UK X Factor articles this year have quickly become much-anticipated, as our US correspondent. Here’s Nissl’s take on season 3 of the US X Factor, in the traditional Sofabet format of a wildly speculative finishing order prediction. The live shows start tomorrow].

In what may be […]

X Factor 2013 Week 3 Post Mortem: Why Ratings Are Down

In terms of the elimination, it was one of those damp squib Sundays we’d worried the flash vote might create. Having dodged two bullets, Miss Dynamix’s bottom place on Saturday meant the only drama left for Sunday’s show was who would be saved over them.

That honour surprisingly went to Hannah (well done for calling […]

X Factor 2013 Live Show 3: We’ll be Se-Seing you

Whenever I get it wrong, I like to imagine Cilla Black bursting through a paper wall in a Technicolor parrot costume screaming, “Surprise, Surprise!”

When I get it right, I like to imagine a languid Cilla Black on a mildewed chaise longue in a Victorian opium den, a pipe hanging from the side of her […]

X Factor 2013 Week 3 Elimination: Shattered ‘Dreams’

The frontrunners in this week’s elimination market – Miss Dynamix and Abi Alton – were thrown under the bus in weeks 1 and 2 respectively, yet survived. They look especially vulnerable with the two surplus Overs now gone and Kingsland Road due a sympathy bounce. You’d expect producers to go after one of them this […]

X Factor 2013: Betsfactor Week 3 Preview Podcast

Richard at Betsfactor is going all out with his podcasts – the first of three this weekend is up and running. In it, he and I discuss the movie theme song choices, our elimination fancies and more general news items to do with the show. Here’s how to download it:

* iPod, iOS, iPad, iPhone […]

X Factor 2013: Will South-centricity help Nicholas?

Sofabet commenter Chatterbox5200 emails: “The live shows have a rather ‘South-centric’ feel to them this year… I wonder which act(s) this is likely to assist. Who will those north of London vote for?”

Chatterbox points out that there are no acts from Wales or Ireland. Among the English acts, if you don’t count Manchester-based Rielle […]

Off-topic and Strictly discussion thread

Boki suggested an off-topic thread for the Sofabet community to discuss bets not related to the main articles, such as Andy’s tips on the Mercury Prize and Guildo’s on tennis. Your wish is our command. As the last Strictly thread is getting to an unwieldy length, please feel free to use this clean slate to […]