The Voice UK 2013 – Blind Auditions 5

“When you get someone that’s come out and blown you away, then it’s PITCH TIME”

“I don’t want that person to slip by me”

“I’m holding out for greatness now. It’s ON”

“When I say I’ma fight, I freakin’ fight LET’S GO”


First up to swivel […]

Eurovision 2013: First staging clues

It’s a little-known fact but rehearsals for this year’s contest have already started. Just not with the acts in question but with stand-ins, based on the staging concepts each delegation should have sent. This allows producers to work on matters such as lighting and camerawork.

Pictures from these run-throughs can be found here, with videos […]

Eurovision 2013: The semi discrepancy

I’m going to explain a thesis which is open to debate but I strongly believe in at this pre-rehearsal stage. I have a few betting strategies in mind that are informed by it, though I’d be interested to know just how many people disagree with the idea before we even get to the implications of […]

The Voice UK 2013 – Blind Auditions 4

“Your career is in your hands”

“You get to pick your coach”

“That’s what’s unique about this show”

“I’m a corrugated outhouse” (apparently)

It certainly wasn’t all about the voice for Saturday’s first auditionee, beauty therapist and reductive 40s throwback, Alice. As if to ram the format’s point home like a raw carrot swallowed whole, […]

London Eurovision Party 2013 Review

London’s Shadow Lounge held its traditional Eurovision preview event last night. With fewer artists than last week’s Amsterdam show, a more cramped stage and poorer acoustics, it didn’t feel like as many clues could be gleaned from it as from the Eurovision in Concert event.

Nonetheless, whilst there were only two acts who weren’t seen […]

Eurovision 2013: Further thoughts on the rule change

I’ve learnt to expect the occasional shifting goal-post when ante-post punting on Eurovision. In the all-televote 2009 semis, my spreadsheets indicated that Armenia’s allies guaranteed it qualification. I’d built up about £15,000 of liabilities for a 30% return when the EBU announced it was allowing Armenia’s reliable ally Spain to switch voting to the other […]

The Voice 2013 – Blind Auditions 3

Chairs, lasers and a level so high even Danny O’Donoghue doesn’t think he would enter. Shit’s about to get serious.

First up in the last chance saloon was 90s popstrel Cleopatra ‘Coming at ya’ Higgins of girlband Cleopatra fame. It’s impossible to tell if she was any good because Jessie J spent the duration of […]

Eurovision In Concert 2013 Review

Eurovision In Concert was a blast. I’m just sorry that I didn’t get to see more readers who were also present. Coming in at 6ft2, I assumed I would have no trouble looking out for people, but I forgot this is the Netherlands, otherwise known as the LAND OF GIANTS. Seriously, if you’re under six […]