SCD 2013 Final: Keep the faith in good Reid

It’s been a classic series of Strictly Come Dancing, bolstered by high ratings and a good standard among the leading fancies. It all comes to an end tonight with the first all-girl final in the programme’s history.

It’s a show I prefer to enjoy rather than get involved in. However, one of the rules of […]

US X Factor 2013 – Season Review and Final Preview

After a bumpy, raw-feeling season, the American version of X Factor is now clinging on for dear life. The show has recently been regularly placing dead last or just above it among the four major broadcast networks in every available metric. A showing of under 4 million viewers two weeks ago was a particularly […]

X Factor 2013: Week-by-week voting statistics analysis

Soon after Sam Bailey took the prize, the weekly breakdown of the phone votes was revealed. We like to take our time poring over these to provide a fuller analysis when the dust has settled (see our 2012 review articles). Still, here’s our quick-and-dirty analysis.

As usual, we’ve run these through a spreadsheet to get […]

Sam Bailey Wins The X Factor

To nobody’s great surprise, Sam Bailey is our winner. Congratulations to Sam from all at Sofabet. On the bright side for Nicholas, he’s still alive. I was happy to end the series by recovering some of last week’s losses on Rough Copy, having been sufficiently encouraged by how far clear Sam was in YouGov’s poll […]

X Factor 2013 Final: Is Sam on ‘The Edge of Glory’?

The final can come across as a rather frenetic affair, and tonight was no exception. The evening started with the three contestants trietting on a podium, Sam in the central gold-medallist’s position, and featured the show’s attempts to atone for the lack of a memorable novelty act this year by packing the stage with the […]

X Factor 2013 Final: Second Friend?

Saturday morning of the X Factor final is all about the YouGov poll for The Sun. For those who haven’t yet seen it, the answer to the question, ‘Which of the finalists do you want to win?’ had the following response from 1,219 viewers: 56% Sam Bailey, 24% Luke Friend, 11% Nicholas McDonald, 9% none […]

Sam Bailey’s Journey: Jam Tart Wednesdays to Final Sunday

We’ve heard that members of the production team read Sofabet, and every time we publish a new post it amuses us to wonder what they’ll make of it. We’d like to believe there are at least occasional moments when they think “you worked that out”. But we’re sure there are many other occasions when they […]

Nicholas’s Journey – He Was Sixteen, Going On Seventeen

Nicholas’s journey has been remarkably static. In week 1 of the live shows, we were told that Nicholas was 16 and had never heard of Spandau Ballet; in week 2, we were told he was 16 and had never fallen in love; in week 3, we were told he was 16 and had never used […]