X Factor 2012: Ideas for Celebrity Duets in the Final

With the semi-final looming this weekend, it’s worth looking at the speculation that has surrounded possible celebrity duets in the final and giving producers some of our own ideas. After all, we mentioned dismissively last year the off-the-wall concept that the finalists could duet with their mentors. Here’s hoping.

Celebrity duets are a crucial consideration […]

X Factor 2012: Richard Betsfactor’s Monster Hunch

The lovely team at Sofabet asked if I fancied writing a couple of bits and pieces this year for the site. Why not, let’s share the love.

As ever, a couple of disclaimers – I know nothing and this is just a half baked theory of an article. Feel free to rip it to pieces […]

X Factor 2012: Going Grey?

Yet again this weekend Union J were referenced as the “next big boyband”, and yet again the public vote put them in the bottom two. Instead, if we’re to believe the Daily Star (and results seem to be bearing out the leaks), Christopher Maloney and Jahmene Douglas, who appeal to an older demographic, are leading […]

X Factor 2012 Week 8 Post Mortem: Clark Went

With the overnight publication of yet another leak from the Star showing Chris Maloney continuing to top the votes up to last week, the bottom two combination of Rylan and Union J looked more predictable.

As was the result of the singoff. There was little room for doubt that it was Rylan’s time. He opened […]

X Factor 2012 Live Show 8: Fernand-GO!

And so we returned to the sausagefest that has become X Factor 2012. A pointed recap saw Shaky Maloney’s triumph swiftly edited into a shot of Ella weeping dramatically, aiding the implication that it is Shaky, not Rylan, who is the thief of space intended for talent.

The judges arrived in their usual barf-worthy splendour […]

X Factor 2012 Week 8 Elimination: A right handful

Three weeks ago the judges started name-checking their anticipated finalists. They were headed by Ella and Jahmene, followed by James. With two of them in last week’s bottom two and the show’s ‘little star’ eliminated, there’ll have been a re-think. Tonight we get our first set of clues about out what that has entailed.

Producers […]

X Factor: Track records

The Sofabet readership are well aware of the importance of song choice, especially after the debate that has raged in the comments over whether Ella’s “wedding song in the style of a funeral” (in tpfkar’s summary) was intended to harm or misguidedly intended to help. However, programme makers don’t just pick compositions at will. There’s […]

X Factor 2012: The Monday hangover

To have been a fly on the wall in the producers’ debrief this morning. It felt like a night of firsts. It’s the first time we can remember an act shortening in the win market after hitting the bottom two. And it’s the first time we can remember a pantomime villain act’s clearing of the […]