X Factor USA 2012: In Vino veritas

For those of you not suffering from X Factor fatigue, the first live show of the US equivalent begins Stateside at 8pm ET tonight. Unfortunately, the UK will be an unnecessary week behind when broadcasting the shows from 8-10pm Thursdays on ITV2. If you’ve missed the audition process so far, there’s a quick primer below […]

X Factor 2012: Is Spraggan flagging?

X Factor gossip has centered on Lucy Spraggan in recent days. Let’s recap. At around 2pm last Saturday it was announced that Lucy would miss that night’s show due to illness and be given a bye to the following week, following a precedent set by Diana Vickers. It had been reported on Friday that Lucy […]

X Factor 2012: Assessing the evidence on the new voting system

In the first show of this year, when we realised that the phone lines being open at the start of each show meant that Dermot was telling us the full running order upfront, we thought this would be a great help in figuring out what producers were up to before even the first act had […]

X Factor 2012 Week 4 Post Mortem: Caught in a web, Ellis departs

Well, well, that was a surprise in the bottom two. Whilst we anticipated Jade in the mix, we were not expecting the supposed alpha boyband Union J to be down there with her. I topped up my previous bets on Jade to go as the price on her elimination drifted out to 1.5, and was […]

X Factor 2012 Live Show 4: Feeling Jaded?

Last Halloween witnessed the surprise breakout of Little Mix and heralded the dawning of a brutal spate of assassinations that ran almost to the series’ grim finale. Expecting such similar revelations this year, I had to make do instead with Nicole Sherzinger dressed as the love child of Cher and Beowulf.

Opening the show was […]

X Factor 2012 Week 4 Elimination: Curse of the Jade Sore Throat

Ha, Halloween! It’s the X Factor theme that chimes most closely with the sadistic ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ nature of the live shows. Let’s face it, from early October to mid-December, we’re witnessing a slow-motion slasher movie. The vulnerable cast are put on the altar, face the curse of the judges and are killed […]

X Factor 2012 – Despatches from the Water Cooler

Imagine, if you will, a member of the typical X Factor viewing audience. Did you picture an ex-military single parent eating pork-pies impaled with miniature St George flags? Or perhaps a hormonal, double-dialling tweenybopper high on pixie-sticks? I imagine that the words ‘ITV demographic’ will conjure a different image for everyone.

In my mind, the […]

X Factor: Decoding the subliminal messages

Sofabet commenter Chatterbox5200 drops us a line with an amusing screengrab from one of those TalkTalk adverts on Saturday’s show. The girl on the left is wearing a t-shirt that says “RELAY”, but the R and Y are hidden, so it spells out ELA. The girl on the right is in a shirt that says […]