Big Brother 2012 – Deana V Lydia

“Get Lydia out! Get Lydia out!” chanted the Great British Public during last week’s curry-chair-wank eviction. Sure enough, the pack descended and Lydia was nominated by just under half of the Big Brother housemates. It’s a wonder that she has managed to slip through these first few weeks considering her caniving ways. Benedict was shunned […]

Eurovision 2012: Split results analysis

The announcement of the split results between the juries and televotes is an opportunity for endless analysis. Our readers have made an excellent start on it in reaction to yesterday’s initial quick post highlighting the publication of these results.

The bigger picture for me is that, in general, the jury vote continues to be far […]

Eurovision 2012: Split results announced

The eagerly awaited split jury and televote scores have been published. They can be found here. In the final, Loreen smashed the jury vote; she was a narrow winner over the Russian Babushki in the televote, these two acts quite a distance clear of Serbia in third with the viewing public, who incidentally gave France […]

Big Brother – Chris or Arron?

Last week’s elimination demonstrated the power of the ‘vote to save’ system. It’s hard to imagine the sulking Lydia surviving the boot in a golden age Big Brother but she managed to garner a strong enough combination of sympathy votes and ‘shit-stirrer votes’ to stay in the house last Friday.

Since the first elimination, the […]

Big Brother 2012 – The Housemates

Welcome to this, the eight thousand, three hundred and forty-forth series of the now defunct Big Brother. The show jumped the shark a long time ago but still it pounds our TV screens like a jack-hammer on coke. Its tirade will probably never end and thus I have referred to the old adage, “if you […]

The Voice – How Did She Do It?

26th May, semi-final: Yellow beams of light pull up on the stage. As we go to close up, we see a shot of Leanne Mitchell. Her hair is back and she wears a knee-length, coral dress. She is a wilting bud. Her eyes are on the floor, her hand placed nervously on her chest. As […]

The Voice – The F***ing Final

Well, there you go, Sofabettors. It happened. The show was called The Voice and we were repeatedly told that it was “all about The Voice.” Foolishly, most of us (and the rest of the viewing world) refused to believe that it could be true. “A show that’s ALL about The Voice?” we thought, “It’ll never […]

The Voice – Pre-Show Ponder – The F***ing Final

Tonight is the final of The Whimper – I beg your pardon – The Voice, a show in which sob stories, manipulation and personality have played no part. This show is all about The Voice. Let us review some facts and some opinions in order to discern who will take the crown and who will […]