Sofabet – What’s Next

Now that the Euphoria has died down, what’s next on Sofabet? When the EBU publish the jury/televoting split results for Eurovision 2012, you can expect some reflections from Daniel.

And do join us on Saturday for the final of BBC1’s The Voice, which pits the heavily-pimped Ruth Brown Leanne Mitchell against Jaz Ellington Tyler James, […]

The Voice – Semi-Final – Post-Mortem

So it was a night of spilt milk and erectile dysfunction as two of The Voice’s power players failed to inspire voters. Jaz had felt over-hyped for quite a while and Tyler’s ascension made a kind of sense in the overall narrative of the series but the elimination of Ruth Brown was a true shock […]

Eurovision 2012: Full Results

The official results of the final and semi-finals have just been published. Click on the link for more details.

Sweden won the final by a landslide; congratulations to Loreen. It’s an excellent result for the contest: ‘Euphoria’ looks likely to be a commerical hit. She beat the Russian Babushki and Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic in a […]

The Voice – Semi-Final

Boom, boom, boom, boom, the semi-final was in my living room. And yours, and yours and, yes, even yours. Those remaining, we were told, were the cream of the crop. There are no better singers in the UK, if we are to believe Sir Tom Jones.

Up first was Ruth Brown and I was suddenly […]

Eurovision 2012: Grand Final Win Market

It’s finally here. By the end of the evening, the contest, if not quite the fuss will be over.

I’ve been trying to find an alternative to Sweden’s ‘Euphoria’ for the last two weeks. I’ve expressed a few times now that I wouldn’t want to take short odds about an entry that offers something different […]

Eurovision 2012: Top 10 Market

The Top 10 market has been kind to me over the years, though this year it presents punters with quite a challenge. That’s partly because the draw has placed quite a few no-hopers in the early single-digit slots, leaving a lot of contenders in the middle and a few potential springers near the end.

There’s […]

Eurovision 2012: Grand Final Specials Markets

Today I will write three posts, the first concentrating on some specials markets, the second on the top 10 market and the third on the win market. Regular readers will know that looking outside the traditionally most popular outright betting is often a more interesting hunting ground, as I indicated in one of my top […]

The Voice – Pre-Show Ponder – Semi-Final

The weekend is on the verge of landing and it’s all systems go as The Voice semi-final and the Eurovision Song Contest fill our screens in an epic night of hysterical wailing and longing glances shot down camera lenses. From the little information I have been able to pick from the grapevine, it looks like […]