London Eurovision Party 2012 review

The London Eurovision Party returned to the bunker of the Shadow Lounge last night. Seven of this year’s acts performed live. As with the Amsterdam event, all of them showed an ability to sing and work the stage decently enough, though some shone more than others.

A look back at last year’s article is a […]

The Voice – Lives 1 – Post-mortem

What an absolute disaster, in every sense.

Last night, betting markets were suspended as the results of the pre-recorded Sunday show were inevitably leaked online. Twitter was particularly busy with people sharing the news of Samuel and Sophie’s exits. I’ve had to endure the last 24 hours with an egg dangling above my face like […]

The Voice – Live Show 1

syc·o·phant [sik-uh-fuhnt, -fant, sahy-kuh-] noun a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.

We get that The Voice is all wholegrain and authentic but there are times when you need a pantomime villain in high-waisted trousers to slag everyone off. As well as making great TV, it gives punters a lot of clues as to which contestants […]

Eurovision 2012: Will Azerbaijan win again with ‘When The Music Dies’?

Our country-by-country round-up of the leading contenders for Eurovision 2012 conveniently finishes with last year’s winners and this year’s hosts Azerbaijan. Their representative this year is Sabina Babayeva singing ‘When The Music Dies’. You can see the official video here.

At this stage last year, there was a sense that the former Soviet republic ticked […]

The Voice – And The Winner Is…

For the past two years, Sofabet has thrown caution to the wind and made an educated stab in the direction of X Factor’s finishing order. In 2010 this prophecy was pretty much as close as one can hope to get without a coconut or Simon Cowell’s chlamydia. In 2011, Sofabet fell victim to the unforeseen […]

Eurovision 2012: How turned on are you by Greece’s ‘Aphrodisiac’?

Greece has finished in the top 10 in every single Eurovision final since 2004. That’s an unsurpassed record. Yet there are mutterings in our comments section and elsewhere that ‘Aphrodisiac’ sung by Eleftheria Eleftheriou – watch the winning national final performance here – may not uphold the tradition.

Gert thinks it is this year’s “fanwank” […]

The Voice – Bloody Battles Pt 2

“How do you think Jedward and Wagner would do on the Voice?”

This was the troubling question posed by @stevebrookstein on Twitter tonight. The better question, I think, would be “how well would The Voice to include someone like Jedward or Wagner?” The prospect of the two novelty acts fighting to the death in a […]

Eurovision In Concert 2012 review

Twenty-four of this year’s entrants played to a club packed full of fanboys in Amsterdam last night. This event has quickly become a mini-Eurovision in itself, albeit in a very different arena to the contest. It’s the first chance to assess first-hand the live singing abilities of many of the contestants, though there are always […]