Eurovision 2012: Will Italy’s Nina Zilli be ‘Out of Love’?

Eurovision fans who pore over the national finals and changing versions of selected songs develop a speculative sideline in counterfactual history. They posit theories such as if only country X had chosen song Y instead of song Z, they would have had a much better chance in the contest. Then, was it better to keep […]

Eurovision 2012: What are the UK’s chances with Humperdinck?

These days I don’t stray too far into betting on sports, but there was an opportunity a couple of years ago that I couldn’t pass up. England were under 7/1 on Betfair and vying with Argentina to be third favourites to win the 2010 World Cup. Only Spain and Brazil were more highly rated in […]

The Voice – Blind Auditions 1

This, in case you are from Mars, was THE VOICE. Not the personality, the looks or the stage presence but THE VOICE; the notes and the tunes and the mind-blowing authenticity of hardcore vocals. We at Sofabet hope that you had the foresight to hold on to the parts of your spines what tingle.

The […]

Eurovision 2012: Will the Russian Babushki ‘Party for Everybody’ triumph?

I’m not really a big trader on Betfair, in the sense of someone who makes a bet with the intention of hedging it at an advantageously different price before the result is known. It’s a perfectly valid way of trying to make money that many manage successfully, but my bets are largely ones I want […]

The Voice on Sofabet

UK-based readers may be aware that the much-heralded The Voice starts on BBC1 on Saturday night. As this is the first series in the UK, we don’t really know what to expect in terms of how much interest there will be on Betfair.

There’s also no form guide for us to draw lessons from in […]

Eurovision 2012: Analysis of the draw

This morning the running order for the semi-final and for the automatic qualifiers in the final was decided. You can see it here. The draw in the final may well be crucial in a year where there is no standout song. In 2009, Alexander Rybak would have won from anywhere in the running order, for […]

Eurovision 2012: Can Zeljko Joksimovic go one better for Serbia?

Last night we were presented with this year’s songs from Bosnia and Montenegro. This completed the set of entries from the Balkans. There are a few reasonably big names in regional circles but none as big as Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic, which is reflected in his position in bookmakers’ lists.

His entry, ‘Nije Ljubav Stvar’, was […]

Eurovision 2012: Will Loreen ensure ‘Euphoria’ for Sweden?

Are you for ‘Euphoria’ or against it? The Eurovision chances of the Swedish entry have polarised opinion like nothing else I can remember. Enough think it is an obvious winner to make it a red-hot favourite at just over 2-1 in the Betfair outright market, while many others are confident it’s getting nowhere near the […]