Strictly 2012 Final: King Louis

Another highly successful run of Strictly Come Dancing comes to a close with tonight’s final. The four couples remaining will perform a showdance and a judges’ choice dance in the first programme before one of them is eliminated at the start of the second show. The three pairings still standing will then reprise their favourite […]

X Factor USA 2012: Carly is Simon’s Final Choice

The two-part finale for the second season of X Factor USA begins tonight. For those who invest a lot of time and money in the British show, it’s worth keeping an eye on what happens across the Pond as a way of seeing how the franchise is developing. Despite being much younger, the US version […]

X Factor 2012 Results: Week by week voting statistics

It’s the moment many of us have been waiting for. ITV has now posted the full week by week voting statistics for 2012 X Factor. You can find it here. As usual, we will provide a more thorough analysis in the near future when we do our review of the series. But for now these […]

James Arthur wins the X Factor 2012

The opinion pollsters defied some fierce scepticism from the right-wing blogosphere in the U.S. presidential election last month, and YouGov has likewise defied some fierce scepticism from much of the Sofabet comments section with James Arthur’s win tonight. Although the X Factor is harder to poll than political elections, because the show itself can change […]

X Factor 2012 Final Saturday: Full steam ahead for James Arthur

Daniel put Sofabet’s trust in YouGov’s poll in his preview article, and it has correctly called Christopher Maloney as the third-placed act tonight. It’s an honourable third for Christopher and well beyond anything most of the Sofabet community had predicted for him before the lives. Having taken a lot of stick in the pantomime villain […]

X Factor 2012 Final Preview: Arthur’s Crown

There are just four more hours of earnest ballads, sob stories and comments like “you made that your own” before this series of X Factor limps over the finish line as the winner is crowned.I would never have said this a few months’ ago but thank the Lord that Christopher Maloney is in the final. […]

X Factor 2012: James’ Journey – From Stroppy Fauxbadour To Critics’ Choice

I hated James Arthur. His audition set him up as exactly the kind of angsty, copycat twat-with-guitar that makes my blood boil. “He’s going to fucking win it now,” I commented at the time, “he’s going to win it. I can tell because I fucking hate him.”

The signs were certainly there. James received the […]

X Factor 2012: What will they do to Christopher Maloney?

As well as “so who is going to win this thing?”, the question exercising us on the Sofabet sofa this week has been “just what will they do to Christopher Maloney?”

We may have the interesting prospect of a Sophie Habibis-style homecoming based on reports that only 30 people welcomed Chris on his arrival into […]