X Factor 2011 final duets – who will Little Mix, Marcus, Misha B or Amelia get?

This time last year, Sofabet had some fun speculating about which famous acts the potential finalists would duet with for the show’s climax. It’s worth reading our 2010 article mainly for the first part in which we discussed the impact of various pairings in previous finals. In brief, we suspect a good duet can make […]

How much do the X Factor producers care who wins?

How much do the X Factor producers care who wins? It’s obviously a pertinent question for punters in the win market. In the Sofabet comments box, while it seems everyone has been agreed for some weeks now that producers care very much about getting Little Mix into the final, there has been a sharp divide […]

Value betting and the X Factor

Regular readers will know that this series we have written four articles making the case against certain acts winning the show. All were prompted by acts being heavily backed down towards the head of the market, in what we suspected was an over-reaction to one good performace. Two of the three acts we wrote these […]

X Factor 2011 Week 8 Review: Janet Devlin – the Princess Diana of the X Factor

They thought she was naive and pliable. They assumed she’d be so grateful at having been chosen to join them, she would uncomplainingly play the role they had mapped out for her. By the time they discovered she had a strong will and a mind of her own, they were stuck with her. Then they […]

X Factor 2011 Week 8 Post-Mortem: Janet Devlin dies a death of thousand cuts

Usually, X Factor kills are quick and clinical. Craig Colton last week, for example, was like watching a free range chicken have its throat slit. You winced as the knife went in, but consoled yourself with the thought that he’d had a decent life.

Not so Janet Devlin. By the end she resembled nothing so […]

X Factor 2011 Week 8 Update: Who says this show has become predictable?

Hands up – we got that completely wrong. We had expected Amelia Lily to be tonight’s sacrificial lamb. She got the pimp slot. We had worried that the show’s favouritism towards Little Mix was in danger of becoming painfully obvious. They got the death slot.

Our initial reaction to this show is therefore nicely summed […]

X Factor 2011 Week 8 Elimination: Amelia, you remind me of a young Mary Byrne!

A hat-tip to Dug. Earlier this week he pointed out some similarities between 2010’s last five and the remaining quintet in 2011:

Little Mix, the manufactured group who have come to be Plan A thanks to their charm and some serious help with backing vocals.

Janet and Marcus, the front-running male and female who between […]

Could the “Little Fix” meme become a problem for Little Mix?

The Little Mix steamroller chugs onwards. After last week’s rendition of En Vogue’s ‘Don’t Let Go’ they are the new favourites to win the contest, at shorter than 2/1 in most books. Many of our commenters believe the prize is nearly in the bag: Nugget thinks “only Little Mix can win this now”; while bunnyman […]