X Factor 2011 Week 4 Review: Five questions for win market punters

Despite the chaos preceding it, week 4 at least felt like an attempt to put the wheels back on this series; as Euan commented before the show, “Sounds to me like someone’s gone in and read a riot act to producers”. Rhythmix became Little Mix, Ashley became Ashford, and Kelly became Alexandra – and after […]

X Factor 2011 Week 4 Post-Mortem: Misha’s B2 Surprise

Bang bang, they shot her down – we got our answer, as Curtis said. It was obvious to us after last night’s show that producers had no interest in keeping Sophie Habibis around for long; I wasn’t expecting Misha B to be in the bottom two with her. However, this was another foregone conclusion in […]

X Factor 2011 Week 4 Update: Bang Bang, did they shoot down Sophie Habibis?

Well, I didn’t see that coming at all: The Risk kicked off tonight’s show, whilst Little Mix and Craig Colton were the last to sing. Was putting The Risk on this early an attempt to explain away the change in personnel as soon as possible, whilst a third of the audience was still watching Strictly, […]

X Factor 2011 Week 4 Elimination: Chaos Reigns

I had hoped there would be some sense of clarity in the elimination market by week 4. Fat chance. The series is in chaos. You probably know by now that Kelly Rowland will not be appearing this week – having apparently caught a sore throat in LA, Rhythmix have become Little Mix, and The Risk […]

X Factor 2011: Will Kitty Brucknell benefit from a sympathy bounce?

What are we to make of Kitty Brucknell’s ability to bounce out of the bottom two this week? She’s a one-off by X Factor standards: too fragile to be as much of a hate figure as Katie Waissel was last year, despite the obvious comparisons between the two, but clearly not likeable enough to escape […]

X Factor 2011: How far can Johnny Robinson go?

Let’s face it, Johnny Robinson was the star of last Saturday’s X Factor. In a show full of mediocrity and negativity, his performance of ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ was one of the few joyful moments. It rightly brought the house down. As a result, his odds to win the whole show dropped […]

X Factor: Are there patterns in the order acts are announced safe?

“In no particular order” – these are words we hear emphasised by Dermot every Sunday as he calls out the acts who are safe. But “in no particular order” is not an exact synonym for “in completely random order”. It would be odd if programme makers did not, at the very least, choose the order […]

X Factor 2011 Week 3 Review: Why this series has gone wrong

As punters on the X Factor, we care about the health of the show. And we are worried for it. Three weeks in, has there ever been such an uninspiring collection of potential winners comprising the top five in the betting?

The fact that The Risk are favourites speaks volumes about the mediocrity of their […]