X Factor 2011: 10 Questions for Judges’ Houses

The momentum is building on this season of X Factor. After this weekend’s double bill confirms the lineup for the live shows, we can expect Betfair to open its market on the final 16. This will allow punters to hedge any fancy prices taken during the audition shows, should we wish to do so, as […]

X Factor 2011: James Michael and Melanie McCabe – How Much Does Audition Screentime Matter?

One of the trickiest aspects of this year’s X Factor for punters is the fact that two otherwise strong-looking contenders, James Michael and Melanie McCabe (now named by Judge’s spoilers as the fourth girl through to the lives and down to 11-1 this morning), had such a tiny amount of screentime in the audition shows.


X Factor 2011: Bootcamp Part 2

After weeks of audition shows with too much padding, it felt that the final bootcamp episode represented the start of the competition in earnest. We got some intriguing hints of producers’ intentions, and as such it was an important programme for punters.

This was especially true concerning the groups category, as this was the first […]

X Factor 2011: Bootcamp Part 1

It was a case of more questions than answers after last night’s first bootcamp episode. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the night was the question of who gets the remaining slot in the lives among the girls (if we assume Judge’s spoliers are right that Janet, Amelia Lily and Misha fill three of the […]

X Factor 2011: 10 Questions For Bootcamp

Going into the bootcamp episodes, the main news of the week is that Tulisa’s position is looking a whole lot brighter than it did when we last posted. The main reason for this is because of news brought to us by Judge’s updated spoilers that the band featuring Derry Mensah and Marlon McKenzie is through […]

X Factor 2011: Audition Show 7

The final audition show proved a damp squib for punters and viewers alike. It lacked any potential contenders and there was barely a ripple in the market, with the pretty awful Terry Winstanley at 50-1 doing best in bookmakers’ lists among the show’s performers. It would be a surprise to see any of them in […]

X Factor 2011: Audition Show 6

Audition show 6 was something of an anti-climax. The main event from a punting point of view was the long-awaited appearance of the much-vaunted Melanie McCabe, who had been backed right down towards the head of the betting over the past few weeks on the basis of media buzz conveniently collated on Melanie’s own promotional […]

X Factor 2011: Audition Show 5

In yesterday’s audition show 4 review we pointed you towards Sofabet commenter Judge‘s useful X Factor site, which last year was the fastest in providing accurate information of pre-recorded segments such as bootcamp and judges’ houses, as well as song choices during the live programmes. His list of the four acts in the boys category […]